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Illegal fireworks use now subject to fines
With new code-enforcement laws in place, celebrating with fireworks outside certain dates are now subject to fines of up to $1,000, the Kodiak Island Borough announced in a reminder message to borough residents on Friday. The borough allows fireworks from Dec. 26 to Jan. 1, as well as around the Fourth of July between June 15 and July 15. The borough code does not prohibit fireworks at certain times of day, but Fr...
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Getting out of the mess
Is it possible for Leisnoi's (member of the board of directors) Jana Turvey, Debbie Lukin and Jeff Chester to get out from under the mess they created? The clear-cut land is a tax problem. It will be well more than 50 years before the trees will ever grow back to cover the ugly site. They will not receive any income to the corporation to pay the shareholders any dividends. Some of the shareholders have been crying...
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Around Kodiak: Dec. 17
Senior Citizens of Kodiak Inc. will be holding a forum on senior issues with Senator Gary Stevens and Representative elect Louise Stutes at noon on Monday, Jan. 5 at the Kodiak Senior Center. Come and have lunch and meet with state representatives about senior state issues and other concerns you might have. For more information, call the center at 486-6181.
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Kodiak girls reload for 2014-15 basketball season
For the first time in three decades Kodiak High School’s girls basketball team enters the season as the defending 4A state champions. A lot has changed since Kodiak cut down the net in March, capping a 27-0 season. New coach. Yes. New players. You betcha. New attitude. Of course. “I have a lot of respect for what they did last year, but we don’t really care about what happened last year,” said first-year coach Kri...
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The scoop about mastodons: Researchers were wrong
A long, long time ago, a hairy elephant stomped the northland, wrecking trees and shrubs as it fed of twigs, leaves and bark. These mastodons left a few scattered teeth and bones in Alaska and the Yukon, reminders of an animal that lived as far south as Honduras. A recent look at those far-north mastodons shows the creatures vanished from the Arctic thousands of years before earlier than researchers had thought. A...
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Teeing Off: Getting to know Kodiak’s newest hoops coach
Krista Hicks hasn’t had any trouble sleeping, lately. Kodiak High School’s new girls basketball coach did have a few restless nights a couple weeks back. “I felt like I had so much to tell them (players) and I would just wake up, grab my phone, jot down all these notes and go back to sleep. It was a bit ridiculous. It was a good thing my husband was out of town, he would have killed me.” Hicks’ husband is a Coast ...
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Playbook: Dec. 17
Thursday, Dec. 18 Boys basketball: Kodiak vs. Barrow at the T-Bird Classic at East Anchorage High School, 3 p.m. Girls basketball: Kodiak vs. Service at the T-Bird Classic at East Anchorage High School, 4:30 p.m.
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Local Results: Dec. 17
City League Basketball Dec. 11 Taco Bell 52, Water of Life B 40 Amy Fogle 24 points, Debbie Rohrer 8, Jen Wilcox 5, Kathrynn Symmes 5, Lisa Frick 4, Joanna Garcia 2, Betsy Lund 2 and Melissa Longgood 2 for Taco Bell. Todd Hiner 13 points, Nick Kesling 13, Jason Foster 6, Ashley Hiner 5, Nick Floyd 2 and Isabelle Hiner 1 for Water of Life. Island Espresso 69, Strangers 49 Juan Ruiz 25 points, Levi Fried 13, Kalen W...
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Stage and Screen: 'Interstellar' and 'The Homesman' — A lesser of two evils
Movie reviewing is a serious undertaking. While there is certainly room for variation in film commentary – many wonder what film a particular reviewer saw when they assigned a “rave review” to a movie which seems second class, at best. Several years ago a movie review exposé highlighted “hired-gun” reviewers who were apparently paid by some production companies to publish rave reviews that could be quoted in promo...
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Actors audition for 'Tarzan'
A crowd of students and adults sang, danced and gamboled around the stage on Friday, all in an effort to get a part in the upcoming Kodiak Arts Council production of the musical “Tarzan.” Lissa Woodbury-Jensen, who has directed a number of other theater productions in Kodiak, is directing and choreographing “Tarzan.” After seeing the kids and adults audition, Woodbury-Jensen said, "I think we have a great mix, and...
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