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Eco Challenge returns Saturday
After a year absence, the Eco Challenge will reappear on Saturday. The Eco Challenge is a Coast Guard Morale Well-Being and Recreation event that starts at 8 a.m. in an undisclosed location. The event is an endurance, scavenger-hunt type race. Teams, which are comprised of four people, don’t know where they are going and what they will be doing until the day of the race. In 2013, the winning team finished in 5 hou...
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Alumni hit the course Friday
The Kodiak cross country team’s annual Alumni Run is Friday at Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park. The event pits Kodiak’s current stars against the school’s past stars. The girls race begins at 5 p.m., followed by the boys race at 5:45 p.m. Community runners can also join the fun to see if they can hang with the varsity runners over the grueling 5-kilometer course, which is one of the toughest in the state. T...
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STAGE and SCREEN: 'Trainwreck is no train wreck
The opening skit: Home video quality scene featuring a middle aged man standing in the open door of his garage talking to two young girls seated on the hood of a car. The younger of the girls is holding a rag doll – both are paying rapt attention to a rant by their father about the absence of value in monogamy. The dad uses the rag doll as an avatar for his need to sexually satisfy all women with whom he comes in ...
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Wild Trader’s owner Kim Davidson gave the following details about the 17 guns stolen from his pawn and locksmith shop during a burglary Saturday morning: • Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum, Alaska 50th Anniversary Diamond Edition, commemorative pistol in glass and wood presentation case, Serial No.: AK00100 • Smith & Wesson Model 41, 50th Anniversary .22LR Target Pistol, in glass and wood presentation case, Serial...
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Burglar steals 17 handguns from Wild Trader’s
A burglar smashed the front door of Wild Trader’s Pawn and Locksmith Shop on Saturday morning and stole 17 handguns and 2 riflescopes out of the display case, police and the pawnshop owner said Tuesday. Wild Trader’s owner Kim Davidson said the masked burglar could be seen in the store’s surveillance video while using his shoulders to break the door’s laminated glass a few minutes after 5 a.m. Saturday. Davidson s...
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The real threats to Kodiak youths
I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Zimmer’s comments about vaccines in his recent letter to the editor. I would like to expand on his assessment of the largest threat to our children. There is a growing body of research proving that trauma and/or chronic stress is a major factor that determines physical and mental health in children and the adults they become. In a landmark study in 2001, The Adverse Childhood Events...
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A debate can make a world of difference
Going into the Aug. 6th Republican Debate I did not have any strong feelings about any of the candidates. After hearing Carly Fiorina speak I was excited to hear a smart, articulate, and accomplished conservative candidate representing the Republican Party. I believe someone like her will stand true to her principles, handle herself against the mudslinging of a presidential campaign, and fight for the American Dre...
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Life and beer are very similar: Chill for best results
Are you familiar with beer? I know it’s pretty obscure in some places. But this is Kodiak, so you, like me, are probably drinking one right now. Beer likely started out accidentally when grain got wet, some airborne yeast floated into it and bubbled away for a while. Then some thirsty and adventurous Mesopotamian took a sip, didn’t die, and then took another and another and another, until something miraculous happ...
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Alaska's largest crane will arrive in Kodiak on Thursday
In a visual event that observers say, “will be the biggest thing Kodiak has ever seen,” Matson will accept delivery of its new 65-ton gantry crane to replace one half its size at the company’s Kodiak Terminal on Thursday, company spokeswoman Keoni Wagner said Tuesday. Standing more than 340 feet tall at its peak with a boom spanning 164 feet, Matson’s new crane is the largest in Alaska, capable of lifting loads up...
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Alaska Science Forum: The loneliest camp on Earth
One of the quietest places in Alaska was temporarily home to a few hardy people when the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock. An archaeologist has fleshed out what life might have been like during a winter on St. Matthew Island in the 1600s. In some ways, St. Matthew, more than 200 miles from the nearest Alaska settlement (the village of Mekoryuk) is a great place to live: lush with plantlife (some of it edible); mi...
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