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Small rocket launch possible this year
Visitors to Narrow Cape are sure to notice changes at Kodiak’s rocket launch facility as it prepares for upcoming Missile Defense Agency launches, but there may be launch activity prior to the military’s use of the facility. According to Alaska Aerospace Corp. CEO Craig Campbell, the company is in talks with an unnamed client who could produce a rocket launch at the Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska as soon as this...
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Police Blotter 7/28/2016
July 8 At 12:20 a.m., a citizen requested a welfare check on a man in the Mission Road and Benny Benson Drive area who he thought may need help. The person declined his request, so he called the police. Patrolling officers were advised. At 2:45 a.m., police responded to a man with his car door open in the 500 block of East Marine Way. Nothing appeared to be missing, and everything was OK. At 10:24 a.m., police rec...
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Trooper Report 7/28/2016
July 15 A 28-year-old Kodiak man was cited by Alaska Wildlife Troopers for commercial fishing without a commercial crew member license. The man was cited in the Naknek District Court and fined $260. July 21 At approximately 2 p.m., Alaska State Troopers contacted a 53-year-old Kodiak man while investigating a disturbance. Subsequent investigation revealed the man had operated a vehicle while his Alaska driver’s li...
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Week In Words: Solid monsters possible source of leaking
While national politics are delving into their predictable fracas over these past couple of weeks, locally, we’ve seen some renewed interest in city and borough consolidation. This topic rears its head up every now and then, and despite the complexity of merging two local governments, the etymology of “consolidate” is pretty, well, solid. I talked about the prefix “com” (a cousin of “con” in “convention”) in last ...
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Country-crossing curator
The Baranov Museum welcomed its new curator of collections and exhibits Tuesday. Alana Blumenthal takes the position vacated by Anjuli Grantham in late May. According to museum director Tiffany Brunson, Blumenthal, who spent the past five years at the Loudoun Museum in Leesburg, Virginia, as curator and director of administration, has the experience she was looking for. “Since we’re a small museum, I need a curato...
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History of defeat: City, KIB have clashed over consolidation
Murmurs about consolidation have gone around for decades, and three times in the Kodiak Island Borough’s history, the idea reached formal actionbefore falling apart. 1978 According to articles in the Kodiak Daily Mirror archives, the first major attempt was in 1978 when unification, combining all of the governments within the borough, was rejected at the polls. The Mirror reported that the villages opposed it beca...
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Guest Opinion: High school open to those with GED
Every so often something unexpected and rewarding happens that causes one to appreciate how great our community, and especially our school administration, is. Last week was one of those moments for me. As background, in 1942 the U.S. Armed Forces Institute commissioned a private educational company to develop a series of tests to measure the academic skills of its 3.7 million service members. This battery of tests...
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Alaska Science Forum: Hidden world of bugs
OUTSIDE THE UA MUSEUM OF THE NORTH — “Look, it’s a crab spider eating a moth!” says Declan Griswold, an 8-year-old who points to a rose bush. “You’re right, it’s a true spider, an orb weaver, just like the kind in Charlotte’s Web,” says Derek Sikes, head of the entomology collection at the UA Museum of the North. He and his wife Melissa are leading a group of 18 elementary school-age kids in the university’s bug c...
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Healthy Kodiak: Even diet sodas do some dental damage
One of the many reasons kids love summer so much is the increased availability of sugary treats. Ice pops, ice cream, frozen yogurt, candy, bubble gum and soda taste especially good in hot weather when you have been running around outside. Unfortunately, these treats can accelerate tooth decay if kids are not careful to brush and floss and use fluoride rinse. Even medicines that kids may use regularly have a lot o...
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Runway extension complete
The extension of the Kodiak Benny Benson State Airport is finished, with new land extending into the sea for a safety measure. Airports typically lengthen the runway to provide extra space for overruns, but some airports like Kodiak’s, with a mountain on one end and ocean on the other, don’t have the space. “If there’s no land, what can you do?” said Linda Bustamente, a development specialist with the statewide av...
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