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Kodiak Achievers: Sept. 19
• Wisconsin Lutheran College has named sophomore David Anderson to its football team. The college, located in Milwaukee, Wis., is an independent Christian school. • Julie Beehler has been named a student ambassador and peer mentor at Missouri Baptist University. Beehler is a junior majoring in human services. Missouri Baptist is a “Christ-centered university” located in St. Louis. • Danielle Willis, a freshman, ha...
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Coast Walk yields positive results
Forty-eight beaches on the Kodiak Island road system have been cleaned of garbage this summer as part of the Coast Walk summer cleanup campaign. Earlier this summer Island Trails Network identified 81 beaches on the road system as targets for the cleanup, which was funded by the Alaska Marine Stewardship Foundation. The goal of Coast Walk was to create public awareness of marine debris and to get beaches cleaned. ...
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Study probes for details of link between bears and salmon
Everyone knows bears love salmon. That’s just about all we know. “Salmon are really critical to bears, but there’s a lot about the interaction we don’t know,” said researcher Will Deacy. “It’s more complicated than it first looks.” Deacy is lead researcher on a group studying the tie between Kodiak bears and the salmon they eat. Since May, he and a team of volunteers and helpers have been monitoring cameras set up...
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Be careful who you vote for
To the Editor: It now appears we have a hardline Communist and KGB officer running the Syrian chemical weapons show: Vladimir Putin. He is also very much military. The leader of the United States has never been in the military. He doesn’t know anything about it, and it shows when making decisions and the right decisions. The Russians even bailed him out when he, Obama, stuck his foot in his mouth concerning the “r...
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Stage and Screen: 'Elysium' misses the ideal happiness mark
Elysium is defined as “A place or condition of ideal happiness.” Sadly, “Elysium” the movie (2013) hardly qualifies as a condition of ideal happiness. Starring Matt Damon as Max Da Costa, a small-time hustler, and Jodi Foster as Elysian Secretary of Defense Jessica Delacort the scheming government official of a man-made refuge satellite for the privileged; “Elysium” presents a trivial, hackneyed apocalyptic view o...
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Western swing and jazz trio will perform in Kodiak
Hot Club of Cowtown is swinging into Kodiak this weekend to play on the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium stage Saturday night. The concert starts at 7 p.m. and is the kickoff event of the Kodiak Arts Council’s new performing arts series. The western swing and jazz trio from Austin, Texas has been playing together for 13 years. The group formed in 1996 after guitarist and singer Whit Smith and fiddler and singer Elana J...
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Arts Council went through staff changes last year
The Kodiak Arts Council held its annual meeting on Sunday and discussed the staff changes the organization has gone through over the last year. The Arts Council's annual year runs from July 1 to June 30. "It is a year of staff transition for the Arts Council," executive director Katie Oliver said. Oliver took over as executive director in December 2012, but during the transition between directors, programs coordin...
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Alaskans will receive $900 check for 2013 PFD
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — While the economy continues to recover, the worst of the recession was very much felt by Alaskans on Wednesday who learned their annual check from the state's oil-wealth fund would be a small one. Nearly every Alaska resident will receive a check for $900, acting Revenue Commissioner Angela Rodell announced at a ceremony in downtown Anchorage. The amount of each person's dividend is based ...
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Stats show demand for animal help
Kodiak Police Department collars its fair share of criminals. As it turns out, it also collars its fair share of canines. And cats. According to statistics furnished by the police department, almost one in every 25 calls that comes into the department is an animal control call. Of the department’s 12,449 calls for service in fiscal year 2013 (July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013), 468 were specifically animal-related. St...
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Pillar Mountain Hill Climb results
Pillar Mountain Hill Climb Friday, Sept. 13 Boys 1. Jack Hannah, 18 minutes, 59 seconds; 2. Gregorio Ibabao, 19:24; 3. Joe Doerksen, 19:31; 4. Richie McKinney, 20:26; 5. Morgan Moir, 21:35; 6. Joey Mauer, 21:52; 7. Tyler Teuber, 22:30; 8. Sam DeGuzman, 23:13; 9. Julius Villasenor, 24:01; 10. Augustine Caguing, 24:10; 11. Jeremy Basuel, 24:14; 12. Jason Ramos, 26:47; 13. Jeffrey Peterson, 28:39; 14. Lucky Ibabao, 3...
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