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Keeping Whales, Sea Lions, and People Safe
Here in Alaska, we live with some of the most incredible wildlife in the world. Wildlife viewing is part of what makes our corner of the planet so special and draws so many visitors to our state. Living in the middle of wildlife habitat as we do in Alaska comes with responsibility — the responsibility for each of us to dwell among these special creatures in a manner that minimizes harmful encounters between humans...
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Alaska education standards are basically 'Common Core'
To the Editor: Can we afford the new Alaska standards for our schools? I called the Alaska Dept. of Education and Early Development earlier this spring, and after repeated phone calls, I received a reply. The gentleman assured me that the State of Alaska was not going to adopt the “Common Core” Standards. This response is what many would call a “half truth”. Alaska is not calling their Alaska Standards, “Common Co...
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Around Kodiak: Aug. 30
Holy Resurrection Orthodox Cathedral hosts a pirok dinner at 6 p.m. Friday to benefit Kodiak Cares for Chris Dresdow. The $15 tickets include a sit-down dinner, lecture and tour of the cathedral. Tickets will be sold at the door, or call Susan at 486-6216 for reservations. Bayside Fire Department will hold a kids bicycle rodeo from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Young cyclists can ride through an obstacle course, go ...
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Coast Guard Blotter: Aug. 30
Aug. 21 Coast Guard Sector Anchorage personnel along with federal, state, local, tribal partners and industry representatives conducted mutual aid drills in Anchorage and Deadhorse. During the drill, participants tested their ability to establish a Unified Command, implement the North Slope Mutual Aid Agreement and deploy equipment in response to a simulated oil spill at the remote Nikaitchuq Project at Spy Island...
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Alutiiq Word of the Week: Potato
KaRtuugaaq - Potato KaRtuugaarturtaartukut, iqallugmek cali. - We eat potatoes to go with the fish. Derived from the Russian word for potato, kartofel, the Alutiiq word for potato, kaRtuugaaq, reflects the introduction of garden produce to Kodiak in the nineteenth century. Russian traders introduced potatoes and potato gardening, encouraging potatoes to become a staple winter food in Alutiiq communities. Potatoes ...
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Religion: Indian pastor visits Kodiak
In the past, Christian ambassadors from Europe and the United States evangelized the people of India. Today, Indian missionaries and evangelists are returning the favor by bringing the Gospel to an increasingly secular West. One of the Indian emissaries, Arun Michael Lall, recently spoke at Kodiak churches. Lall said that while people in Alaska generally seem to be hungry for God, many in the Lower 48 communities ...
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Amazing Nature: Legend tells of geese growing from barnacles
If you are an attentive beachcomber, you may have come across logs covered with goose barnacles. Just last week, I enjoyed a beach walk at the Buskin when I came across such a log. I could tell that the log had only recently been brought in by a high tide and left high and dry, because the goose barnacles were still intact; their feathery legs were exposed but not dried up. What is a goose barnacle? As its name su...
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Timothy Michael Cardinal-Bouray
Timothy Michael Cardinal-Bouray, 43, born Dec. 18, 1969 passed away unexpectedly on Aug. 21, 2013. He is preceded in death by his grandmother, Caroline Cardinal. Timothy is survived by his grandmother, Melba Keiley; parents, Michael and Karla Bouray and Dennis and Pam Cardinal; siblings, Tami (Mike) Montoya, Todd (Ilene) Cardinal and Tina (Douglas) Heaton; numerous nieces and nephews; beloved service dog, Smoochie...
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Island Flavor: Taco Bell’s Doritos tacos locos — muy sabrosos, but hold the lettuce
It may be an odd thing for a food critic to confess, but I rarely think about food. I write about it. I take pictures of it. I produce a lot of it to sell at bazaars and farmers’ markets. But beyond that, it doesn’t occupy my thoughts. I’m one of those people who just doesn’t get hungry; it never occurs to me to stop and eat, even less, to plan in advance what I am going to eat. If it weren’t for Bo, my husband, I...
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Prep picks: So much for the pefect season
There goes my perfect season. After going 5-0 in Week 1, I fell back to reality with an 8-2 mark in Week 2. I misfired on Kenai’s three-point win over Wasilla, which I shouldn’t count as a loss since the game was played in a Mat-Su monsoon. I also incorrectly picked Juneau’s win over Viewpoint, Calif., which I shouldn’t count either because I knew absolutely nothing about the Golden State kids. I’ll try to do bett...
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