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Jakob Arnold to play for Flagler College next season
A mother doesn’t always know best. Kris Arnold wanted her son, Jakob, to be a catcher. She liked how he threw the ball to second. It’s a good thing Jakob didn’t listen to his mother as the Kodiak High School senior has found a niche throwing in another direction — to home plate. On Monday, under the bright blue sky and sitting at a table in front of the pitching mound at Baranof Field, Jakob Arnold inked a nationa...
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Refuge visitor center has full summer planned
As summer heats up in Kodiak, the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center is beginning their summer programs. Happy Trails is back on Saturdays starting at 2 p.m. “It’s for kids of all ages and families and other folks too,” said visitor center manager Ava Kahn. “It gets folks outside.” Participants meet at different outdoor locations for an hour or so of “meeting in nature’s classroom,” Kahn said. This Sat...
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Alaska Science Forum: Denali plants more diverse up high
When Carl Roland was hiking the high country in an Alaska national park not long ago, he thought the landscape looked different than any park in the Lower 48. The alpine zone seemed to be carpeted with more plant species than the much-larger forests and wetlands in the valleys below. When Roland looked at plant inventories from a large chunk of Denali National Park, he confirmed a pattern that seems unique: An inc...
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KHS baseball snags top award
For the third straight year a Kodiak baseball player was named the Southcentral Conference South Division most valuable player. Senior hurler Jakob Arnold earned the award this year, following in the footsteps of Brandon Mahle and Austin Frick. “That is pretty neat,” Kodiak coach James Arnold said. Jakob Arnold has posted a 5-0 record with a 1.25 ERA in 44 2/3 innings. The right-hander has struck out 51, walked 15...
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Darlo D. Dayton
“LIVELY OLD MAN OF THE SEA” Written for the Kodiak Tapestry, By Mike Rostad, adapted for Memorial Purposes by Darlo’s Family. This “old man” of the sea is a rather lively chap. He jumps from one part of the Cape Douglas to another as he inspects the cargo; then he rushes to the engine room to take care of other tasks; and once the vessel is well underway and he is sure everything is set for the voyage, he pops int...
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Black Rockfish closure in the Afognak district of the Kodiak area
The directed black rockfish jig gear fishery in the Afognak District of the Kodiak Area closed at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, June 2, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Catch reports indicate black rockfish harvest in the Afognak District was approaching the guideline harvest level, the ADF&G said in a news release. Following the closure, jig gear vessels may retain black rockfish in the Afognak Distr...
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Coast Guard, good Samaritan help adrift vessel
A fishing vessel disabled near Kodiak contacted the Coast Guard before another vessel towed them into the harbor, according to a Coast Guard release. The Mariner crew reported that they were drifting in Shelikof Strait in the disabled boat on Monday evening. After losing communications with the vessel, an Air Station Kodiak MH-60 Jayhawk flew out to find the boat and establish communications again, the release sai...
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Havoc MMA debuts in Kodiak
Jeff Miranda trained four months for his debut in mixed martial arts fighting. His match lasted less than 10 seconds. Miranda connected on a powerful overhand right that knocked out Brandon Steele seconds after the opening bell. Steele fell, Miranda raised both arms and the estimated 700 people in attendance inside the Kodiak Island Fairgrounds pavilion went wild. That was the shortest of seven fights during the i...
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Sea Stories: Commercial Fishing Safety Regulations and the 1985 Sinking of the Western Sea
For thousands of years mariners set off on their voyages trusting in their knowledge of the sea, the seaworthiness of their vessels, the gods and luck, to come home safely. And for thousands of years, when their luck ran out, mariners usually died. For sailors and their families this was part of their bargain with the sea for providing them a living. Until the 1700s, even as shipbuilding technology made huge advan...
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1,000th column sprouts garden memories
In life, numbers eventually catch up with us: 50 miles to the next gas station, in 10 minutes the cookies are done, your smartphone is maxed out with photos. And then there’s the number 1,000, which caught up with me this week as the number of garden columns I’ve written to date. The number “one thousand” has been around awhile. A picture is worth a thousand words, there’s Thousand Oaks, California, Thousand Islan...
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