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Congress begins debate on reauthorization of top fisheries law
On the day before he celebrated his 40th year in Congress, Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) threw his weight behind reauthorization of the nation’s top fisheries law. The Magnuson-Stevens Act is the cornerstone of federal fisheries law, but it must be renewed every 10 years. The last renewal was in 2006, and given the glacial pace of Congress, debate must begin early in order to prevent a calamitous pothole in fishing in...
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Wells trial delayed until 2014
The trial of James Wells, the man accused of murdering Coast Guardsmen Petty Officer 1st Class James “Jim” Hopkins and retired Chief Petty Officer Richard Belisle, has been postponed until 2014. In a Wednesday morning hearing, U.S. District Court judge Ralph R. Beistline pushed the trial, originally scheduled for April, to the week of Feb. 17, 2014. Wells appeared in custody at the hearing. Federal prosecutor Dani...
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New bill would consolidate Alaska's guiding industry
Bear hunting is big business in Kodiak, but a proposed state law would mean big changes for guided hunting on state land. House Bill 158, now before the Alaska House of Representatives’ resources committee, would chop the state into small districts and establish firm caps on the number of guides allowed to work in each district. The strictly regulated program would be managed by the Alaska Department of Natural Re...
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City looks for more library art
Kodiak artists looking to make a mark in a public place can submit proposals to have their art displayed as part of the new Kodiak Public Library. The city of Kodiak has put out another request for proposals to be incorporated into four areas of the new library. The library has a total budget of $76,000 for artwork, and the four pieces they are currently looking to obtain are budgeted for $10,000. According to the...
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Social Security switches to digital checks
Most Kodiak residents receiving Social Security benefits or federal payments are now receiving their payments through direct deposit. In 2010, the U.S. Department of the Treasury published a final rule phasing out paper benefit checks. The department estimated the switch to electronic payments will save the Treasury Department and taxpayers $1 billion over 10 years and reduce fraud. March 1 was the deadline for ma...
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Board reverses course on harbor rate increase
Kodiak Shipyard rates will soon rise, but they likely will not skyrocket next year as originally planned. The city’s ports and harbors advisory board has changed its recommendation on a plan to bring the Kodiak Shipyard back into the black. In a Tuesday meeting, the board voted 6-0 to have the shipyard, which has been operating with a deficit since it opened in 2009, increase rates by 20 percent each year for a th...
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Elementary students splash into spring break
“What’s the first rule of scuba diving?” “Don’t hold your breath!” Scuba instructor Verlin Pherson is used to that question and response, but on Tuesday afternoon, the shouted answer came from voices higher-pitched than usual. In the pool of Coast Guard Base Kodiak, Pherson gave a handful of kids as young as 8 years old their first experience breathing underwater. This is the fourth year Pherson, owner of Scuba Do...
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Sen. Begich proposes new type of foreign worker visa for fish processing plants
A new bill proposed by U.S. Sen Mark Begich would return international workers to Alaska’s fish processing plants during peak season. This week, Begich unveiled the H20 visa, a separate category for immigrants to come to the United States temporarily. “Seasonal jobs in the seafood industry have traditionally been tough to fill,” Begich said in a statement. “With a national debate underway about immigration reform,...
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Tuberculosis drug shortage widespread
In the 1940s and 1950s, medical ships cruised the waters of southwest Alaska, trying to end an epidemic of tuberculosis that infected as many of 90 percent of the region’s population. Doctors now face shortages of tuberculosis detection and treatment medicines even as the aftershocks of that 70-year-old epidemic infect Alaskans anew. “What we’re having to do due to the national shortage is to ask people to put on ...
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Pick. Click. Give. preliminary figures look good for Kodiak nonprofits
Kodiak’s nonprofits are on track to breaking record donations in the annual Pick. Click. Give. campaign. The campaign allows Alaskans to donate a portion of their Permanent Fund Dividend to their favorite participating Alaskan nonprofit. According to March 4 preliminary figures from the campaign, nonprofits in Kodiak have raised $31,900 from 431 donors. Kodiak’s nonprofits have raised more money each year since th...
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