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Sparrows brings Greece to Kodiak
Kodiak now has a Greek restaurant, but the new addition to the island’s cuisine came about only because of a last-minute itinerary change for its founders. From a white building on Rezanof Drive, Sparrows serves up gyros, Greek pizzas and a rotating menu of about five different specials each day. It almost didn’t happen. Sparrows owner and chef Alfredo Garcia arrived in Kodiak with his wife on May 1, the day befor...
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Fitness for moms and their babies
A new exercise class in Kodiak combines babies, strollers and running to help moms get in shape. Stroller Strides is a new hourlong fitness class that allows moms to work out with their babies. Jamie Herron and Brooke McLaughlin are the co-owners of the Stroller Strides franchise in Kodiak. Stroller Strides is a national company, founded in 2001 by a California mom. In Stroller Strides classes, moms use the natura...
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Pennington closes photography studio
After 21 years in the photography business, Kodiakan Jan Pennington is closing her studio and switching to part-time work as she focuses on her family. Pennington, who has taken portraits for hundreds of Kodiakans and snapped shots across the island, said the choice to close shop wasn’t simple. “This is not an easy thing,” she said. Pennington’s prominent 13-year-old studio on Mill Bay Road now boasts a for sale s...
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Ton of Fun brings Halloween to Kodiak
Skeleton cake pans, rats, spiders and bloody brains are making their way onto the shelves at Ton of Fun, the party store in downtown Kodiak. These items are just the beginning of the full collection of Halloween supplies that Ton of Fun owner Erica Young has ordered for Kodiak. The fall is the busiest time of year for Young because adults and kids search for unique costumes and decorations for Halloween. “I have a...
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Guides use experience to hunt down fish
The season for fishing tours may seem like it’s coming to an end, but it’s only beginning for Justin Melin and Jason Humphreys, owners of Adventure Guides Kodiak. Melin and Humphreys are now busy with silver salmon season, and will be taking people out to fish until the end of October. Adventure Guides Kodiak officially started taking people out to fish on Kodiak’s rivers earlier this summer, but now is the time w...
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Business spotlight: Graphic designer takes root in Kodiak
Courtney Kirkland can give a business a new face through her branding and website development company, Courtney Kirkland: Graphic Design. Kirkland moved to Kodiak last year with her son Noah and husband Josh. Kirkland and her husband are originally from Alabama, but they transferred to Kodiak from Florida with the Coast Guard in January 2011. Kirkland launched her graphic design company two months later. Since she...
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Business spotlight: Kodiak’s newest contractor specializes in houses
Dan Van Mun has been building high-end custom homes for 40 years. With his new business VM Enterprizes LLC., he will bring his 40 years of expertise to Kodiak. VM Enterprizes is a full-service contracting company that does design, consulting, permits, additions and remodels, carpentry, joinery, paint and finish, windows, doors and roof repairs. Van Mun moved to Kodiak with his wife Linda five years ago. After arri...
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Business Spotlight: Arnick becomes Kodiak’s only Class III weapons dealer
Correction: The original version of this story misspelled the first name of Rachid Arnick. For someone who grew up in Berkley, Calif., Rachid Arnick loves to shoot. More than that, Arnick loves to help other people shoot. Last month, Arnick became Kodiak’s first Class III weapons dealer, allowing him to sell silencers, fully automatic weapons and short-barreled firearms. His new business, Arnick Firearms, aims to ...
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Business Spotlight: Weekend photographer turns hobby into a career
When Sylwia Ok was choosing between art school and economics school, she chose to earn a master’s degree in computer science and econometrics. More than a decade later, she changed her mind. Ok doesn’t consider her economics background a mistake because it’s that background that helped her start her own business, Sylwia Ok Photography. Ok is a portrait and landscape photographer. She has always loved art, but pick...
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Owner of Smokehouse puts business up for sale
On a stretch of Mill Bay Road where “For Sale” signs are popping up like wildflowers, one such bright red sign has planted itself in front of the brightly painted home of Kodiak Island Smokehouse. Jacque Landry, who opened the smokehouse at its current location in July 2001, said she’s ready to retire and pass the smokehouse on to a younger owner. “It’s kind of sad, but it’s time to move on and do something else,”...
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