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Local candidates tell their top priorities
On Tuesday night, most of the local candidates for school board and board assembly, and all the candidates for city council met at a debate sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and KMXT-FM to talk about what they’ll do if they get elected. City council candidates Randall Bishop, Terry Haines, David Haught and Marnie Leist kicked off the debate. Incumbent Bishop mentioned economic development and maintaining infras...
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Leist has the right vision for Kodiak
To the Editor: Those of us who have committed to living in Kodiak know that there are many things that make living here a joy. Access to outdoor recreation and the friendliness of the community are high on the list. But, we also know that there are many things that make it hard to stay. The cost of living is very high, it is very difficult to find affordable housing, and our downtown is a desolate place that in no...
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Guest Opinion: 'Catch shares come at a cost to coastal communities'
We are a fishing community. That’s one aspect of commercial fishing that everyone in Kodiak agrees on. We have an active waterfront and an infrastructure built to sustain our fishing town into the future. We have invested a tremendous amount of money to supply the volume of water and electricity needed to process fish. We’ve invested in a boat yard to maintain our vessels and many support businesses rely on the fl...
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Minto earthquakes then, now and tomorrow
MINTO — Sarah Silas, 89, smiled as she remembered an earthquake that shook her village more than 60 years ago. The floor of her cabin swayed so that her young son staggered away from her. "My three-year old boy was laughing," she said inside her log cabin, its front door open to warm air on a golden day. "The ground was moving so much I couldn't even reach my little son." Silas, with her husband Bergman a gracious...
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Running in Port Lions
Kodiak’s Michael Parnell really enjoyed his trip to Port Lions on Saturday. The junior cross country runner had a breakout performance in the first Kodiak Island Borough Championships. Parnell finished fourth with a career-best 5-kilometer time of 17 minutes, 14 seconds — 35 seconds faster than his previous-best time set last season. “I was trying to get a 17:30, but apparently the kilometer times were off so I th...
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First woman to twice solo Pacific Crest Trail visits Kodiak
On Saturday, a former Kodiak fisherwoman, Alina Dudding, talked to local girl scouts and 4-H members about her experiences riding the Pacific Crest Trail. Dudding was born in Anchorage and spent summers fishing in Uganik Bay with her parents before they moved to Oregon and then California. The past two summers, Dudding rode the PCT on her horse, Valentino, riding the full length of the Mexico to Canada trail. The ...
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Why are we allowing a 'Shadow Government?'
There exists today, for lack of a better term, a "Shadow Government" that owes allegiance to no one and is hiding in plain sight. It has been publicly exposed and admitted that the following agencies, public and private, have been, do and will continue to collect and archive information on us, the American people. This "Shadow Government" consists of the NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS, TSA, Threat Fusion Centers, Department o...
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Work group decides on bycatch program issues
Last Friday, the Kodiak fisheries work group decided on what to include in a letter to send to the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council regarding trawl bycatch reduction. Right now, NMPFC is working on researching ways to reduce bycatch through a cooperative management program. The council asked for Kodiak's input on aspects of the program, and the work group has been discussing what would go in a letter to ...
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Outdoors: The long season for silvers
Isn’t it great to have so many silver salmon at hand! This is the season we’ve all been waiting for. But in truth the luster has worn off a bit, hasn’t it? We’ve all caught lots by now, and the crowds have been a hassle. Is it time to think about moving on? That’s not a bad idea if you have another passion tugging at your heartstrings, but I wouldn’t be too hasty to put away your fishing tackle. As good as the fis...
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Kodiak Island Births: Sept. 23
Charles Bryar Fowler was born at 8:09 p.m. on Sept. 16, 2014 to Charles and Megan Fowler. He weighed 8 pounds, 13.6 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. The baby’s parents are from North Carolina and Savannah, Georgia and now live in Kodiak. The baby’s mother works at Dr. Brett Bass, DDS and the baby’s father is in the United States Coast Guard. Grandparents are Charles Fowler and Patricia Thorpe from Sylva, North Car...
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