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Coral protection plan is potential threat to Kodiak fishing
Proposed protection for Alaska’s cold-water corals could hurt Kodiak fishing if a proposed Endangered Species Act listing is taken up by the federal government. The Center for Biological Diversity petitioned the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration on Aug. 20 to protect 43 Alaskan cold-water coral species under the Endangered Species Act. The petition accuses some fishing activities, like trawling, of prese...
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Kodiak says goodbye to hoophouse ‘godfather’ at harvest dinner
In most years, the Kodiak Soil and Water Conservation District’s annual harvest potluck is a chance for growers to celebrate their harvests and share experiences. This year’s event was shadowed by a hint of sorrow as the district says farewell to Mark Kinney, the field officer who oversaw the growth of Kodiak’s high-tunnel hoophouse network. “This man is the godfather of high tunnels; there’s no question about tha...
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Colorado company makes big donation to Ouzinkie firefighters
The Ouzinkie Village Response Team can now react to emergencies quickly. Ouzinkie recently received a donation of $6,000 worth of emergency response pager equipment from Swissphone, a company in Colorado that designs alert systems and equipment. In the absence of a fire truck, Ouzinkie fire chief Travis Sheppard has been trying to raise money for new fire equipment to help with response times. Sheppard reached out...
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Kodiak police station's heating system breaks
The city of Kodiak will spend $37,000 to repair failing seals and acidic glycol in the heating system of the Kodiak police station. Glycol is the material used to carry heat from the police station’s boiler to other parts in the building. Sometime during installation of the heating system, the glycol became contaminated, turning it acidic. By January, the acidity within the system had dissolved seals, causing leak...
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Silver salmon fishing limit cut on Buskin River
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has issued new restrictions on silver salmon fishing in the Buskin River. Effective Saturday, fishermen will be allowed to catch only one silver salmon per day. Each fish must be at least 20 inches. The normal catch limit of two fish per day remains in effect throughout the rest of the Kodiak road system. A fisherman may catch one silver salmon in the Buskin and another in an...
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Secretary of Commerce declares disaster for king salmon fisheries in Yukon, Kuskokwim and Cook Inlet
ANCHORAGE (AP) — King salmon fisheries in major Alaska watersheds have been declared failures by the U.S. Department of Commerce, making commercial fishermen eligible for disaster relief. Acting U.S. Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank announced the disaster declaration Thursday for the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers, which flow into the Bering Sea, and for Cook Inlet region south of Anchorage, which includes the Kena...
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One month remaining before Coast Guard inspections turn mandatory
The Coast Guard is hitting Kodiak’s working docks with a warning — on Oct. 16, the Coast Guard’s voluntary safety inspections will become mandatory. Since 1988, the Coast Guard has performed voluntary inspections to ensure fishing boats carry required safety gear. Two years ago, President Obama signed a bill that requires every fishing boat sailing beyond the 3 nautical-mile line to be inspected. While there are n...
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Kodiakan accused of spreading child porn
A Kodiak man has been arrested for allegedly possessing more than 75 images of child pornography. Rudyard Ramos, 46, faces eight class C felony charges for possession of child pornography and one class B felony charge for distribution of child pornography. He was indicted Wednesday afternoon. Ramos allegedly offered to distribute 13 images, the court documents read. The charges stem from June and November 2010. Ko...
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Cross-country biker from Kodiak wraps up his trip in Key West
When Kodiakan John McDonald arrived in Key West, Fla. after completing his goal of riding his bike 6,200 miles across the country, he didn’t immediately feel relief or excitement. Those came a few days later. “I felt lost at first,” McDonald said. “It wasn’t what I expected, but when I met mom at the airport a couple of days later I got super excited and had more of the feeling I had expected.” When McDonald left ...
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Police chief asks city council to revise downtown parking plan
The Kodiak City Council has been asked to kick its parking plan into gear. On Tuesday night, Kodiak Police Chief T.C. Kamai recommended changes to the plan that governs parking in downtown Kodiak. As businesses have fled downtown, Kamai said, the parking plan hasn’t kept up. “When that changed, our parking plan didn’t change,” he said. Kamai recommended the council turn about three dozen short-term parking spaces ...
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