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Kodiak Coast Guardsmen make TV series debut tonight
KODIAK — TV viewers get their next taste of Kodiak Island tonight as the Weather Channel’s “Coast Guard: Alaska” premieres at 5 p.m. Alaska Standard Time. The show, which follows Air Station Kodiak rescue swimmers and helicopter crews as they train, live and play on the island, has been filming for most of the year. While crews from the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” have occasionally filmed on the island, ...
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Ahead of storm, Coast Guard deploys from Kodiak
KODIAK — With the biggest winter storm in 30 years bearing down on Western Alaska, Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak is deploying extra resources to the area. “We don’t routinely preposition assets for a storm,” said Coast Guard spokeswoman Petty Officer 1st Class Sara Francis, but “we haven’t had a storm of this magnitude for a while. This particular storm is expected to have as much as Category 2 hurricane-force wi...
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Alaska salmon experts wary of salmon virus reports
KODIAK — The announcement last month that a potentially lethal virus may have spread to Pacific populations of sockeye salmon in British Colombia seemed to confirm the direst predictions of fish farm detractors. But further testing has been unable to confirm some of the initial reports, causing officials to reduce their cries of alarm. The fast-spreading infectious salmon anemia (ISA) virus is responsible for caus...
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Crewman medevaced from crab boat Wizard
KODIAK — A Coast Guard helicopter evacuated an unidentified 28-year-old man from the 150-foot crab boat Wizard Monday afternoon north of Cold Bay. According to the Coast Guard, Communications Station Kodiak received a distress call from the Wizard about 1:20 p.m. Monday. A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk on a training flight in the area diverted to the Wizard and hoisted the man aboard. The man, whose name was not immed...
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State report: Kodiak airport creates 130 local jobs
KODIAK — Kodiak’s airport is even more important to the island’s economy than previously thought. That’s the conclusion from a new report by Anchorage’s Northern Economics, a consulting firm hired by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. The report, following on the heels of one that looked at the impact of airports on the state as a whole, examined 12 airports representative of the hundre...
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Kodiakans watch state drive toward standards for animal care
KODIAK — The office of the state veterinarian has proposed statewide standards for animal care, and Kodiak pet and livestock owners say they’ll be watching closely to see what comes out of the process. Assistant state veterinarian Jay Fuller said about 50 people attended the project’s first workshop last week in Anchorage. “I think the biggest participation has been from animal control authorities around the state...
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Kodiak microbiologist warns of threats to state seafood
KODIAK — This summer, cantaloupe eaters across the United States had cause to find a new favorite fruit. An outbreak of listeria at a farm in Colorado has so far sickened 133 people in 26 states and turned people nationwide away from buying the fruit. In a brown bag lunch seminar Thursday, microbiologist Brian Himelbloom cautioned that something similar could happen to packaged Alaska salmon if processors don’t ta...
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State backs Pebble Mine project by suing Peninsula borough
JUNEAU (AP) — The state of Alaska on Friday sued to invalidate the results of a voter initiative that could stop a massive gold and copper mine near one of the world’s premier salmon fisheries. Residents of Lake and Peninsula Borough voted 280-246 this month to ban large-scale resource extraction, including mining, that would “destroy or degrade” salmon habitat. The measure was aimed at the Pebble Mine prospect ne...
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Three with Kodiak Island ties receive awards at AFN convention
KODIAK — When Sarah Smith was growing up, her family came to Kodiak Island from Seattle each year, working in the island’s fisheries. While her parents went off to work, she stayed in Old Harbor. “They’d leave us in Old Harbor with the Elders, and they’d work in Shearwater Bay,” she said. Smith had plenty of time with the Elders, who taught her how to read people, how to understand what hurts them, and then how to...
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Bill funding Alaska ocean mapping passes U.S. House
KODIAK — A bill sponsored by Rep. Don Young and passed by the U.S. House of Representatives calls for more funding for oceanographic mapping off Alaska’s coast. HR 295, approved by the House on Monday, includes $5 million spread over two years for mapping missions devoted to navigation and $2 million to map the limits of the outer continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean. The limits of the continental shelf must be m...
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