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United Fishermen of Alaska make statistical push to show fishing's impact
KODIAK — The United Fishermen of Alaska launched a new publicity push this week, releasing statistics it says show the economic and business impact of fisheries in Alaska. “UFA is alarmed at the lack of public awareness about the economic contributions of the fishing and processing industry across Alaska,” organization president Arni Thomson stated in a press release. On its website , UFA has broken down revenue a...
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Sen. Begich vows to push ratification of Law of the Sea Treaty
KODIAK — Alaska U.S. Sen. Mark Begich will push to ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty as soon as the beginning of the year as chair of the Senate subcommittee that oversees oceans, fisheries and the Coast Guard, the senator told news media Monday. “This is such an important issue for the long-term economic health and well-being of the Arctic as well as, obviously, for Alaska,” Begich said. “It’s such a huge piece of...
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Further testing finds no salmon virus in British Columbia
SEATTLE (AP) — Canadian government officials said last week they have found no signs of a potentially deadly, infectious salmon virus in British Columbia. Researchers with Simon Fraser University in British Columbia announced last month they had detected infectious salmon anemia, or ISA, in two wild juvenile Pacific salmon collected from the province’s central coast, prompting fears the influenza-like virus could ...
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Stats show salmon season was big breadwinner for Alaska
KODIAK — According to reports released Oct. 31 by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, this year’s salmon harvest is the third most valuable since 1975, even as the number of fish fell below expectations. According to the latest ex-vessel statistics, which record the prices paid to boats at the dock, Alaska’s salmon fishery was worth $603 million. The Kodiak fishery alone was worth $46.7 million across all fish...
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Pollock fishery closes for the year in Gulf of Alaska
KODIAK — The final organized pollock fishing season of the year has wrapped up in the central Gulf of Alaska, and Kodiak fishermen finished right on this year’s quota, according to catch reports from the National Marine Fisheries Service. Pollock, a cheap whitefish that’s a mainstay of fish sticks and processed fish sandwiches, typically comes from Bering Sea trawlers, but trawlers based in Kodiak harvest a respec...
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Partially disabled catcher-processor limps toward Unalaska
KODIAK — The Rebecca Irene, a 140-foot catcher-processor, is safe, Unalaska radio station KUCB-FM reports, after the largest storm in 30 years hit Western Alaska. The Rebecca Irene, homeported in Seattle, lost one of its two engines to mechanical failure just before the storm hit the coast. Early forecasts predicted 55 mph winds and 35-foot seas for the Rebecca Irene’s area, and as a precaution, the Coast Guard cu...
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Kodiak Coast Guardsmen make TV series debut tonight
KODIAK — TV viewers get their next taste of Kodiak Island tonight as the Weather Channel’s “Coast Guard: Alaska” premieres at 5 p.m. Alaska Standard Time. The show, which follows Air Station Kodiak rescue swimmers and helicopter crews as they train, live and play on the island, has been filming for most of the year. While crews from the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” have occasionally filmed on the island, ...
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Ahead of storm, Coast Guard deploys from Kodiak
KODIAK — With the biggest winter storm in 30 years bearing down on Western Alaska, Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak is deploying extra resources to the area. “We don’t routinely preposition assets for a storm,” said Coast Guard spokeswoman Petty Officer 1st Class Sara Francis, but “we haven’t had a storm of this magnitude for a while. This particular storm is expected to have as much as Category 2 hurricane-force wi...
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Alaska salmon experts wary of salmon virus reports
KODIAK — The announcement last month that a potentially lethal virus may have spread to Pacific populations of sockeye salmon in British Colombia seemed to confirm the direst predictions of fish farm detractors. But further testing has been unable to confirm some of the initial reports, causing officials to reduce their cries of alarm. The fast-spreading infectious salmon anemia (ISA) virus is responsible for caus...
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Crewman medevaced from crab boat Wizard
KODIAK — A Coast Guard helicopter evacuated an unidentified 28-year-old man from the 150-foot crab boat Wizard Monday afternoon north of Cold Bay. According to the Coast Guard, Communications Station Kodiak received a distress call from the Wizard about 1:20 p.m. Monday. A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk on a training flight in the area diverted to the Wizard and hoisted the man aboard. The man, whose name was not immed...
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