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Man will serve six months for third-degree assault
A Kodiak man will serve six months in prison after pleading guilty to third-degree assault. Walter Hok, 34, was sentenced to 24 months in prison (18 months suspended), and was fined $3,500 ($2,000 suspended) for one count of third-degree assault. Hok fired six rounds from a semiautomatic handgun in a home during a domestic dispute, scaring a woman inside the home. When police arrived on scene, they found Hok intox...
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Assemblyman defends self against allegations of financial rule-breaking
Kodiak Island Borough assemblyman Mel Stephens defended himself before the Alaska Public Offices Commission on Monday, saying a complaint against him by borough Mayor Jerome Selby is groundless. “I think that’s just absurd,” Stephens said about claims that he concealed payments for a case in which he represented a Kodiak woman in her lawsuit against the Kodiak Island Borough. While commission staff have agreed wit...
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Kodiak Jail houses record number of inmates
The Kodiak Jail reached a record capacity of 26 inmates on Thursday. By Friday, the number had dropped to 24 inmates, but the jail was still over its maximum capacity. “We had 26 in there and I think that’s the largest number we’ve ever held, certainly in the new jail,” Kodiak Police Chief T.C. Kamai said. The Kodiak Jail has enough beds to accommodate 22 adults, and anything more is considered to be over capacity...
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Woman accused of stabbing husband with kitchen knife
A woman in Kodiak allegedly stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife after she found nude pictures of another woman on his phone. Ariana Miller, 29, faces one count of first-degree assault (a class A felony) and one count of third-degree assault (a class C felony). The class A felony is punishable by a maximum sentence of up to 20 years in prison, and the class C felony is punishable by up to five years in prison....
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On volcano observatory’s 25th birthday, fears of budget trouble
The Alaska Volcano Observatory celebrated its 25th anniversary on Monday with cake — but no candles. After all, there’s a budget crunch. The agency that keeps a wary eye on the state’s volcanoes is heavily reliant upon funding from the federal government, but that money is hard to come by in an era of steep budget cuts. The University of Alaska, which operates the observatory with the U.S. Geological Survey and th...
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Kodiak College opens renovated student services office
Kodiak College’s student services office has a new look designed to make the office stand out to new students looking for help. The new look is the result of a six-month renovation project on the 2,200-square-foot first floor of Campus Center. The college has a new student services center that includes three offices and a reception area. College director Barbara Bolson said the upgrades were necessary because peop...
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Renewable power project’s budget is in the green
After years of work, Kodiak Electric Association’s grand renewable energy effort is scheduled to wrap up this summer — right on budget. According to records presented Thursday to KEA’s board of directors, the Pillar Mountain High Penetration Wind Project will end up with a cost of $38.9 million, only 0.37 percent over budget. Making matters better for Kodiak residents, better-than-expected interest rates and extra...
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Leisnoi land trade with borough not dead
Termination Point is a popular hiking destination on Monashka Bay, but most of the hikers who traverse its trails don’t know they’re trespassing. An ongoing effort by the Kodiak Island Borough could change that problem. Termination Point is owned by Leisnoi Inc., the Native corporation of Woody Island, which also owns substantial tracts of land along the Kodiak road system. Leisnoi is logging its Chiniak property ...
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Internet find restores a rare piece of history to Kodiak
Nick Troxell was scouring eBay in search of his next Alaska treasure when he stumbled upon an item he just couldn’t pass up — an old tin can. At first glance, the can looks like a regular tin can with some years behind it, but Troxell, being a former Kodiak fisherman, recognized the significance of the can. The front of the can’s label reads “Alaska Salmon” and features a picture of a salmon. On the back are two A...
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City council OKs ambulance fee increase
The Kodiak City Council has approved a rate increase for ambulance service provided by the Kodiak Fire Department. In a unanimous vote, the council agreed that rate increases are needed to keep pace with rising costs. "It's something we have to do to maintain the rate of inflation to our costs," said councilman Charles Davidson. "This wasn't done because we're trying to make our city overpriced." The city will now...
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