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Borough has few options for Chiniak trees
The Kodiak Island Borough’s parcel of land in Chiniak was part of the area burned in the Twin Creeks wildfire in late August and early September, and the borough assembly now has to decide what to do with the burned trees on the land. Borough resource management officer Duane Dvorak said in some areas, the trunks have been charred, while in other areas, the tops burned. “In some of these areas, the fire ran undern...
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KPD actions on Sept. 16 subject of outside probe
An independent investigator will assess a Sept. 16 incident in which Kodiak Police Department officers had an altercation with a handicapped man, KPD announced Friday. The department “completed the first phase of its investigation at approximately 11 a.m. (Friday). The next step is a formal investigation conducted by a qualified independent investigator,” according to a KDP release. The release also stated, “The K...
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Subsistence council mulls rural designation rules
The Kodiak/Aleutians Subsistence Regional Advisory Council meets this week in Kodiak to receive an update on rural determination, consider a proposed rule on hunting in refuges, and consider a caribou season on the Alaska Peninsula. The RAC will hear an update on the rural determination process from the Office of Subsistence Management. Bills have been introduced in the House and Senate that would require an act o...
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Police body cam policy unclear
At least some Kodiak Police Department officers wear body cameras, but KPD was not available to answer questions about policies for their use and background on the use of the cameras. The Kodiak Daily Mirror called KPD in search of information on general camera use policies and background not related to any specific incident. Through her administrative assistant, Chief Ronda Wallace declined to comment. Police adm...
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Fish waste totes removed due to improper use
People using the public use stations in St. Herman Harbor and at the Kodiak Harbor Spit to filet fish will have to find a new place to deposit the carcasses and guts because the totes that used to be there for fish waste disposal have been removed due to improper dumping. The stations provided a filet area, the totes, and water free of charge for public use. Signs on the totes warned that they were only for fish w...
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Span Alaska buys Pacific Alaska Freightways
Freight company Span Alaska Transportation has purchased Pacific Alaska Freightways, according to a release from the companies. According to the release, “Customers of both companies will have access to expanded service offerings, as well as faster and more direct service to more locations.” Both companies previously served Kodiak as well as the rest of Alaska with shipping services and connected Alaska cities to ...
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School to ask for proposals for K-Hi-C repairs
The Kodiak Island Borough School District’s boat used in marine classes needs some fixing, and the KIBSD Board of Education recently approved the issuance of a request for proposals for fixing the 42-foot fiberglass fishing vessel. Alaska Marine Surveyors in an April survey recommended that the K-Hi-C get a repairs within one year for deterioration of the deck due to stress cracks allowing water in that then freez...
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Presentation on food security
A food systems analyst is giving a presentation tonight on food security in Alaska. “I will be telling stories from around the state of people I interviewed of the key insights that they gave me about what successes they’ve had in raising food for Alaskan residents, what obstacles they’ve encountered, and suggestions they have for what would make this a better system,” said Ken Meter, the president of Crossroads R...
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Learn and live the Girl Scout motto
It was a sunny Saturday morning and the girl scouts climbed out of their family cars ready for an adventure. They each had their own backpack which held a water bottle, sack lunch and jacket-all the makings needed for a good Kodiak adventure. Our troop was finishing up hikes working towards the Girl Scout Kodiak Hiker badge. On this September fall day, the troop was heading up Kasheverof mountain. One scout carrie...
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Week in Words: Disporting by the port
It’s autumn now, and with the changing of the leaves and the sinister glare of termination dust creeping down the mountain peaks, comes the fanfare and delight of sports. We watch Serena Williams attempt a grand slam, the pennant races in Major League Baseball and, of course, the new NFL season. Locally, we’ve seen some great sports stories come through the news: high school football wins, cross country and volley...
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