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MOUNTAIN VIEWS:Young recruits enter wide world of birding
Pish, pish, pish, pish,” the Girl Scouts call out to the trees, hoping to draw in birds. We are convened by the Potato Patch Lake platform to bird together, where a platform overlooks the lake as well as interpretive display with names and pictures of birds. One of the Scouts, Coral, stands slightly in front of the others with an especially strong pishing sound. Birds fly from tree to tree and the girls look inten...
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Council talks CIP list, mobile home park right to terminate
Before any possible ordinance from the Kodiak City Council, lawyers will assess giving mobile home park tenants more lead time ahead of evictions, the council decided at Tuesday’s work session. Council members discussed placing limitations on mobile home park owners’ right to terminate. City manager Aimée Kniaziowski said she didn’t know of any mobile home parks inside city limits planning to sell or close, so suc...
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Kodiak looks back
Thirty years ago: The Kodiak Lions Club prepared to host the first-ever combined Alaska State Lioness Convention and District 49-A Lions Mid-Winter Convention. Potter Paul Dungan shared his craft as artist in residence with local students. Five years ago: A Providence Kodiak Island Counseling Center project aimed to unite parents, schools and retail outlets against harmful legal products.
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Week in Words: Risqué fish; listening out loud
We learned this week that everything you thought you knew about cod is probably wrong. That cod are not the monocle-wearing, cane-strutting sophisticates that grace the ocean deep. OK. I admit it. All I knew about cod came from my extensive knowledge of the Naboombu Lagoon in the Disney film “Bedknobs and Broomsticks.” It turns out, though, that cod do not speak with a British accent. In fact, they use their mouth...
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Savannah Ray floated, leaves Long Island
The fishing vessel that went aground on Long Island in February has been removed and dismantling continues, according to a final situation report from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. Before removal, up to 875 gallons of petroleum products could have leaked from the vessel, some due to theft. Resolve-Magone Marine Services began working on removing the 81-foot Savannah Ray in mid-September, acc...
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Kodiak spikers head to state
Amy Willis was a mess on Monday. While people constantly congratulated her for winning the Northern Lights Conference volleyball crown, Kodiak’s coach only had one thing on her mind — the weather. Last year, Kodiak had to forfeit its state volleyball tournament opener because the team couldn’t make it to Anchorage due to inclement weather on the Rock. Not wanting to see a repeat from a year ago, Willis and her squ...
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New federal rule keeps Kodiak rural
The Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service has issued a new ruling changing how communities are determined as rural or nonrural for subsistence purposes and declaring the Kodiak area as rural, according to the Nov. 4 Federal Register. “I think it’s really swell,” said Pat Holmes, a Kodiak member of the Kodiak/Aleutians Subsistence Regional Advisory Council, “Our community has worked really hard since...
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ALASKA SCIENCE FORUM: Face of Northern Alaska pitted by fire
Eight summers ago, a bolt of lightning struck a dry tundra hillside in northern Alaska. Fanned by a warm wind that curled over the Brooks Range, the Anaktuvuk River fire burned for three months, leaving a scar visible from the International Space Station. The charred area was larger than Cape Cod. While northern Alaska’s treeless terrain has not seen a repeat of the largest tundra fire in modern times, researchers...
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Amenity opens for underserved travelers
The local Sons of Norway lodge opened a pet relief area at Kodiak Benny Benson State Airport on Sunday, designed to give people traveling with pets a first stop after getting off a flight or last stop before going in a kennel to let their animals use the bathroom. The relief area is between the Navigator Lounge and the main terminal in a 15-by-39-foot space. It’s outfitted with a dispenser and bags so people can p...
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OUTDOOR KODIAK: Snowshoe hares a challenge to find, target
While recent weather has been better suited for duck hunting, the close of the road system deer season signals the start of my favorite hunting season. In bluebird weather that usually spells poor duck hunting, so I happily switch to snowshoe hares. Even when the weather is poor I often hunt snowshoes instead. Best of all there’s no closed season and no bag limit, so you can hunt a lot. Snowshoe hunting is challen...
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