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Does secrecy in the government keep us safe?
To the Editor: Secrecy in the government and/or media is an argument that has been going on forever. The argument is does secrecy keep us safe or not? As we watch the news, we tend to see a lot about the latest celebrity drama or gossip. Perhaps society doesn’t want to hear that —maybe they want to know what is happening in the government or with our troops overseas, or maybe they do like the drama and gossip. I s...
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Arts Council needs affordable ticket pricing
To the Editor: This past weekend was the Christmas performance of “The Nutcracker” ballet in the high school auditorium. Since its first complete performance in the United States in 1944, the ballet has burgeoned into a Christmas tradition in the United States and perhaps more so here in Kodiak, given Kodiak’s history of settlement by Russia. When the ballet was first performed in 1892 in Russia, Alaska had only b...
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Free Tilikum
To the Editor: On Oct. 24, CNN aired a documentary titled “Blackfish.” The documentary focuses on the life of SeaWorld’s 12,000-pound killer whale named Tilikum. At the age of three, the whale was taken out of the wild away from his pod. Killer whales are extremely intellectual and emotional creatures. Something like this happening can be extremely harmful to their state of mind. Tilikum has been in captivity for ...
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Are we losing touch with our children?
To the Editor: Having only been in Kodiak for a few short months, I am amazed at what a small town homey feel it has. Kodiak has a way of giving you a feeling of family and of close-knit relationships. Since arriving on the island, I have noticed that most of the families have both parents and sometimes even the children working multiple jobs, due in part — I suppose — to the high cost of living and the rise in ta...
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Education amendment opens door for addressing problems
The next state legislative session begins Jan. 21. One of the most important pieces of pending legislation is Senate Joint Resolution 9 (SJR9) “Proposing amendments to the constitution of the state of Alaska relating to state aid for education. It is ripe for passage. Our state constitution includes the so-called Blaine Amendment. Back in the Ku Klux Klan era of the mid-1800’s, Republican Sen. James G. Blaine of M...
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No militant police needed in Kodiak
To the Editor: I take issue with the letter to the editor by Gary F. Rabideau in the paper, in which he suggested that the selection of the police chief had overlooked a candidate of far greater experience. In my opinion, the fact that the person to whom he referred had been on a S.W.A.T. team for 10 years disqualified him for the job in Kodiak, a small, friendly town that has no need for a militant approach to la...
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Woman's courage as a youth was inspiring
To the Editor I would like to take this opportunity to express my condolences to the family of Jessica Anderson. Although she and I were never particularly close, she was a dear friend to my little sister, and our families have been intertwined in one way or another through multiple generations. I vaguely recall a letter she wrote to the editor about a decade ago, and her courage as a youth is inspiring. I believe...
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Regarding GCI, KTUU, and football
To the Editor: An estimated 14.6 percent of Kodiak Island Borough residents live below the poverty level (US Census 2012 Community Survey Estimate). Approximately 27 percent of children under age 18 in our community are living in poverty (US Census, 2011 SAIPE). Nearly 50 percent of Kodiak Island Borough School District children qualify for free or subsidized lunches (KIBSD 2013). Far too many individuals and fami...
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Why the chief?
To the Editor: Congratulations to the new police chief and congratulations to the city manager for what must have been a very tough choice. The new chief has 15 years experience, 90 days as a lieutenant (command level supervision) and only three years of police supervision as a first line supervisor. The other candidate who applied has 28 years of police experience, 15 years as a supervisor, 13 years as a lieutena...
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Missing presenters slow public process
To the Editor: In the past two months, the Kodiak city and borough fisheries work group questioned if the Kodiak Fisheries Advisory Committee was no longer needed. KFAC is made up of working and fishery administrators more highly involved in the actual federal and state regulatory and management process. Their meetings are longer and often more informative than the KFWG. Co-chairman John Whiddon, general manager o...
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