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There are only two good Assembly members
To the Editor: When the time comes for local elections each year, do not vote for the bad five that are on there now, just the two good owes. Either the board members get off the boards and do their own work, or stay on the boards and not be able to bid on jobs the borough is putting out for bids. All you people need to write a letter to the Editor stating, “That anyone who is on any of the boards of the borough c...
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Bullying incident at the Assembly meeting
To the Editor: This past Thursday’s borough assembly meeting was marred due to a bullying incident. Specifically, during a period set aside for audience comments, one of the audience members was duly recognized and began her presentation. Shortly thereafter, one of the assembly members began forcibly shouting her down, repeatedly and loudly incanting “Point of Order”, “Point of Order”, until the speaker, a senior ...
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Local food is important
To the Editor: I am 18, a senior at Kodiak High School, and a youth delegate at Alaska Youth for Environmental Action’s 2013 Civics and Conservation Summit in Juneau. As an active member of Alaska Youth for Environmental Action, I have recently become aware of the importance of viewing local food, both fishing and agriculture, as a viable resource and a prudent investment in the future of the state of Alaska. I co...
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Our Assembly is broken
To the Editor: After listening to last Thursday’s borough assembly meeting, I have concluded that our highest governing body is broken! Crimes against democracy have been apparent for a while, but now it’s out of hand! When four assembly members deny a fellow member the opportunity to defend himself, bells and whistles should go off in every constituent’s head and attempts to fix what’s broken should be addressed....
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Winter thoughts
Falling snow is beautiful; snow-laden branches, snow-covered trees. Falling snow is quiet and peaceful. A big smile is put on my face and I am a kid again. Flashbacks of learning to ski on the slopes of Cranmore; of skating on the neighborhood pond. Winter is not winter without snow; they go hand in hand. Play in it; make snow angels and snowmen; snowshoe, go sledding or skiing. Make sugar on snow, the Vermont tra...
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Pebble Mine dam failure would be an Exxon Valdez on land
Pebble Mine backers admit their project poses risk, including a catastrophic seismic event that would rupture the dams holding mine waste – resulting in a witches’ brew of toxins descending into the world’s most productive salmon ecosystem. To prevent it, mine promoters pledge the utmost engineering standards. The Pebble Partnership has funded costly geologic research showing that “the big one” is unlikely near Pe...
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Gov. chose either willfully inaccurate or shockingly ignorant language to describe state workers’ pay
To the Editor: “Employers in business and industry certainly perceive that they are unable to compete with the state for employees. Adequate public review of these contracts would help clarify if this is true or not. Moreover, our historic generosity has put an unintended stress on those who actually pay the taxes that contribute to public employees’ salaries.” The above is an excerpt from a letter to the Governor...
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Only two people belong on the Assembly
To the Editor: The only two people on the Borough Assembly that represent the tax-paying people are Louise Stutes and Mel Stephens. All the others are only there for themselves and for the free travel and parties. The ordinance that we need should say: “Anyone who is on any of the boards of the borough cannot submit a bid on any upcoming projects of the borough.” If they do any work for the borough, they are doubl...
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Kodiak building code does not meet code requirements
To the Editor: Having an interest in the borough’s adoption of the new City of Kodiak building code, this past Thursday evening I attended the borough assembly meeting. Insofar as adoption of this new code, my understanding of its history is as follows. First, in order to finance a new dwelling, the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) presently requires one-and two-family dwellings to meet or exceed the 2009...
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Support mental health care funding
To the Editor: The State House of Representative Finance Committee took comments from many different communities on Wednesday of this week. As I sat in the LIO I listened to heart wrenching testimony about Health and Human Services and Education. The need for mental health care in our state is vast. The funds they currently receive are insufficient to meet the needs of these fragile lives. The testimony, concernin...
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