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Guest Opinion: Don’t miss rural Alaska
For the most part, rural Alaska could find itself on the outside looking in when it comes to important issues in front of the Alaska State Senate. The reason? The majority was formed by an all-Republican coalition. I don't know that it is time to cry foul ... yet. I believe in the electoral process, and the voters put the people in place that they felt would represent them, and the state as a whole. There is reaso...
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Don't ruin Middle Bay with compost
To the Editor: Who gave the city the right to compost its crap in the borough for which it has no jurisdiction? (The assembly does.) Why did the city sign a five-year contract with Pete Olsen who didn't and still doesn't have a permit from ADEC? The city, Pete Olsen and ADEC (Lori Aldrich) wanted to secretly get this compost project in Middle Bay passed without public comment. But the secret was revealed in the co...
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Accountability for bear problems
To the Editor: Disclosure: I am a current member of the solid waste advisory board. I write the following as a concerned resident of the Kodiak Island Borough, not as a member of SWAB. To Alaska Waste and those assembly members who voted to place the roll carts in our neighborhoods: The pattern is becoming very clear. Local law enforcement has responded to over 200 calls about bears in residential areas. For the f...
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Disappointed that Obama won
To the Editor: I’m very sad and disappointed Obama the “pied piper” did it again. He led all the sheep to slaughter. Do they know what we’re in for the next four years? I expect we will lose the Supreme Court when the justices retire. There goes the Second Amendment. The Middle East is a powder keg, we have morons in Washington, and Israel is as good as gone. Our good neighbor policy isn’t working. Russia is extra...
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Guest Opinion: Composting is a good solution
Kodiak is changing the way it disposes of the nutrient rich organic materials that the city wastewater treatment facility produces. Known as biosolids, Kodiak produces about 60 cubic yards (five dump truck loads) on a weekly basis and has been disposing of them in the Borough landfill for more than 20 years. That is coming to an end in the middle of December as the landfill undergoes major modifications, leaving t...
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Kodiak fortunate to have Threshold Services
To the Editor: I recently returned from a vacation during which I was reminded how much a part of daily life recycling is for most of the country. Flight attendants on the planes I was on separated in-flight trash into plastics, paper and cans for recycling. Aboard ship were containers for recyclables. From shopping centers to residential neighborhoods, recycling is a way of life. It is a normal part of responsibl...
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Assembly should be involved Middle Bay composting project
To the Editor: On Thursday, Nov. 8 I listened to the city council meeting. Under citizens' comments, three people spoke against Pete Olsen's composting project that he wants to have in Middle Bay. The complaints and objections were well-founded. When Mr. Olsen spoke, he gave them no answers or responses. I learned that there is no written plan for the public to view. Right there, that puts up a red flag! There are...
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Offended by Mr. Fox letter
To the Editor: After reading the latest “gloom and doom” letter written by Mr. Fox and published in the Daily Mirror on Thursday, Nov. 8, I am offended by his lack of trust, faith and belief in his fellow Americans and the democratic system. Americans have fought wars with other countries, lived through slavery, endured and suffered through economic depression and recessions, and triumphed over a multitude of civi...
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Republican views are on their way out
To the Editor: It’s funny people would think I’m mean-spirited for speaking the truth. My whole life in this town I have put up with mean-spirited remarks from the other side. I’ve been told I’m going to hell for not believing the way you do. The N word is commonplace in this town, and everyone has been waiting for Obama to be shot by people like you, just like Kennedy was. This time, my very rights as a woman wer...
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Paper supports diverse viewpoints
To the Editor: I read with interest and some disbelief Mr. Craig Olson’s letter expressing what is basically his unhappiness with the First Amendment. He was angry with this newspaper for publishing Heather Peterson’s view of the GOP’s campaign strategies. There hasn’t been a peep from Mr. Olson (unless I missed it) when Art Zimmer and his broad-minded letters are published. Nor Ron Fox, and his advocacy of string...
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