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The city wants to show us how to spend our money
Once again our city officials want to show us how to spend (our) money and be fiscally irresponsible. Attend or listen to this Thursday night's city council meeting, and you will learn just how. Our property tax assessments have risen; the city sales tax is now 7 percent. Compliments of the K.F.D., it will now cost you more to take a ride in its ambulance. We better stay healthy and fit unless some of you have dee...
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SB21 sets a bad precedent for the state
To the Editor: I am very disconcerted that Representative Austerman voted for SB 21, the oil giveaway that hands over $1 billion next year to oil companies with no guarantee of new production or oil in the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Even more perplexing was the lack of objection to the conflict of interest presented by permitting two senators, Kevin Meyer and Peter Micciche, who are also Conoco Phillips employees, to ...
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Letters should maintain respectful tone
To the Editor: A newspaper is a great asset to a community. We learn about our neighbors and our events, and we get entertainment. Letters to the editor are a great service. They provide a forum for any of us to make our opinions known and contribute to a local discussion or knowledge base. And sometimes they’re just funny. But for an armchair curmudgeon to publicly insult local elected officials, by name, makes m...
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Kodiak teachers need respect from school administrators
After raising two children in the Kodiak school system and working as a teacher in this district for 23 years, I find myself beginning this process again with two young grandchildren for whom my wife an I are legal guardians. The older of the two is now four years old, and it won’t be long before he is eligible to attend school. It is for this reason that I feel compelled to write you and the board regarding some ...
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Get Mayor Selby out of office
To the Editor: Our brainless borough mayor has cost us taxpayers big bucks for his stupidity again. Three weeks ago I wrote the editor and told you people what he was doing with suing an assemblyman and now you can read it in the Kodiak papers of April 2 and 9. Mr. Selby does not do his homework before he opens his big mouth. I know what rules Mr. Stephens has to follow as an attorney, as I did my own attorney wor...
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School board budget changes will affect students
Dear Editor, On April 10, the KIBSD superintendent presented the proposed budget for the 2013-14 year to the School Board. The district is anticipating a $1 million shortfall, which it is planning to cover by not replacing 11.5 teacher and 4 special educator positions, along with reductions in instructional aides and sereupport staff. These cuts will fall mostly on the middle and elementary schools (2 teacher posi...
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Kodiak canneries important to Alaskans' history
Dear Editor, Nearly 50 people gathered during the last session of ComFish on Saturday to hear fellow Kodiakans share their knowledge about a handful of our archipelago's historic canneries. We heard from Linda Eaton, who recently discovered that her family's cannery-turned lodge at Zachar Bay was founded as a co-op and is one of four canneries that once existed in the relatively small bay. Wallace Fields told us a...
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Kodiak Middle School should keep its word
To the Editor: There was time earlier in the school year when the school, specifically KMS, assured that rooms that are basically something from a psych ward would not be used unless a student is posing a physical threat. Recently, while in the building, there was a young lady in there quietly eating her lunch (granted, I don’t have details or the whole story on this specific incident). So now I must ask is it the...
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Presenting a different perspective on fish processing
To the Editor: You recently published an article in the Kodiak Daily Mirror titled “Kodiak acts on tender issue." Please allow me to present a different perspective. Trident tendered approximately 7 million pounds of pollock from GOA area 620 to our Akutan plant. This fish was caught by vessels that regularly fish for Trident out of Kodiak and Sand Point. That amount represents about one and a half processing days...
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"The Miracle Worker" cast did a great job
To the Editor: I was totally impressed with the teamwork of all the actors in the production of "The Miracle Worker" at the high school Friday evening. Helen's family was so overwhelmed, and the only solution they faced, was to put her in an institution. The energy put into the two characters, Anne Sullivan played by Kristen Nymeyer and Helen Keller played by Wetherleigh Griffin, as they portrayed the struggle it ...
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