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Choose respect rallies matter
To the editor: I want to thank the thousands of Alaskans who participated in Choose Respect rallies and marches in March; thank you for speaking out and standing up against domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse. The First Lady and I are especially grateful to the amazing hosts and communities for their hospitality extended to members of my administration. We are rebuilding the importance of the ...
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Task force calls for Arctic ports, icebreakers
The Alaska Northern Waters Task Force (anwtf.com) delivered its final report Jan. 30. The following are the task force’s four main recommendations on Arctic planning and infrastructure Investment: • Forward base for the U.S. Coast Guard in the Arctic With increased activity in the Arctic, the need to establish a Coast Guard base in the Arctic grows. Currently, the closest Coast Guard base to Arctic waters is in Ko...
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Support ban on toxic flame retardant
To the editor: My name is Chris Ignatin from Old Harbor. I am in ninth grade at the Old Harbor School. I have recently learned about the PBDE/toxic chemical bills (Senate Bill 27 and House Bill 63). PBDEs are a flame retardant that is in furniture and electronics, which I never knew was there. If a product with PBDEs in it catches fire and you inhale toxins, these chemicals can go in your body and never leave. Thi...
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New school boosts whole community
To the editor: I am the parent of two high school students. I voted for the new high school, though my children will not benefit from it. One reason I voted for it was because I think it will make my house more desirable when and if I decide to sell, because a good, newer high school in town says that this is a good community to live in. But the current climate on the assembly seems to be that since our community ...
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Rossi’s ‘game ranch’ rule still alive
To the editor: A recent Anchorage Daily News article on March 4 caused me some alarm. The article pointed out that Corey Rossi, now ex-Wildlife Division Director, had been working on a plan “to give private landowners special rights to hunt big game, even out of season, and to be able to sell those rights to whomever they want.” Even more alarming, the article suggested that Gov. Parnell was fully backing this ide...
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Salmon devastation can happen here
To the editor: Alaska politicians have been silent on the Pebble Mine issue. Republican and Democratic politicians from Alaska have failed to protect Bristol Bay from the threat of a toxic cesspool killing salmon and polluting the water they live in. When Palin and Murkowski were on television this past year, they were silent about Pebble Mine instead of using the opportunity to fight it. National Geographic put t...
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Canneries don’t need J-1 workers
To the editor: The Filipino American Association of Kodiak (Fil-Am) is not supporting the J-1 visa continuation. We have worked with local cannery workers, politicians and community leaders since this summer to look at every side of the issue and met numerous times with folks who are greatly impacted by this and will continue to get impacted if J-1 visa doesn’t get suspended or discontinued. It is unfathomable to ...
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Welcome aboard the socialist train
To the editor: The purpose of Fast and Furious was to give truth to the constant administration/media lie, about American gun freedom being responsible for the 40,000 drug cartel murders in Mexico, a nation that long ago banned virtually all private ownership of firearms. You think Comrade Obama is a fine president. You couldn’t be further from the truth. 1. In 1996, he endorsed a total ban on the sale of handguns...
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Main closure would affect all schools
To the editor: At recent community discussions regarding the budget shortfalls anticipated in the Kodiak Island Borough School District, it was proposed that the district close an elementary school as a way of meeting reduced funding for fiscal year 2012-2013. Specifically, the idea of closing Main Elementary was mentioned, with several points as to the rationale. The next day it was the headline of the Kodiak Dai...
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Kids plant seeds as nation reads
To the editor: On March 2, the teachers and education support professionals of Old Harbor School want to get the word out about the importance of children’s literacy. The National Education Association’s Read Across America is a year-round literacy project that encourages readers, both young and old, to celebrate reading. In Old Harbor, we’re getting into the reading excitement, too. Things will be kicked off when...
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