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To connect Flats with White Sands by bike, $66 million price tag
As the Kodiak City Council prepares to address a proposed bike and hike path to Deadman’s Curve, cycling proponents may move one step closer to completing a grand plan that would link White Sands Beach and Bells Flats with pedestrian routes. “We just go step by step; everything we get is awesome,” said Sandra West, a member of the borough’s parks and recreation advisory board who has suggested a trail to Coast Gua...
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North Pacific Fishery meeting begins in Anchorage
An upcoming shift in regulations is pushing Kodiak’s pollock trawl fleet dangerously toward a shutdown, experts testified Monday during the opening day of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting in Anchorage. The first day of the seven-day meeting is typically set aside for reports and minor matters, but Julie Bonney of the Alaska Groundfish Data Bank and Bob Krueger of the Alaska Whitefish Trawlers A...
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School district asks for public's help in planning effort
The Kodiak Island Borough School District wants to know what parents and community members believe should be priorities for the next school year. On Wednesday night, the district held the first of three strategic education planning meetings to discuss community priorities for education in the 2013-2014 school year. The district has been holding strategic planning sessions since the early ‘90s, using them to form l...
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Voters elect new faces Walker and Griffin as turnout plunges to 9.1 percent
New faces will appear on the Kodiak Island Borough assembly and the Kodiak City Council after Aaron Griffin and Richard Walker were elected to the leading bodies of the borough and city. In addition to the newcomers, incumbent assemblywoman Chris Lynch was re-elected with the most ballots cast in the borough race. In the city, incumbent Gabriel Saravia was re-elected, while incumbent Mark Anthony Vizcocho was defe...
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Port Lions' new dock project still on schedule
Port Lions is right on schedule with a long-awaited dock replacement project. The replacement of the ferry terminal and community dock has been on Port Lions’ to-do list for years. The community began pursuing financing for the project five years ago after an engineering study revealed structural and safety issues with its current dock, which sways in the 80 to 90 mph winds of Kodiak’s frequent storms. In the asse...
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Police chief: No ticket quotas for officers
Kodiak drivers might not like speeding tickets, but at least they’re not being targeted. Drivers in another Alaska city can’t say the same. On Tuesday, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner revealed that police in that Interior city are now required to make at least eight traffic stops per week. In an internal memo, Fairbanks police chief Laren Zager said the quota its based on the idea that traffic stops can reduce “ris...
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Marine Highway System unveils summer 2013 schedule
Old Harbor isn’t on next summer’s ferry schedule, but residents don’t need to be alarmed — the Alaska Marine Highway System hasn’t forgotten them. “They aren’t on the schedule, even though they will see service,” said marine highway spokesman Jeremy Woodrow. “They were left off because … we’re still working on the details on that.” The marine highway on Tuesday released the details of next summer’s schedules, and ...
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Women's shelter holds annual memorial service
The Kodiak Women's Resource and Crisis Center held its annual memorial service Monday, using St. James the Fisherman Episcopal Church to hold a candlelit prayer service in memory of Alaskans killed by domestic violence in the preceding year. The ceremony has been held every year since 1992 in Kodiak and serves as the opening event of domestic violence prevention month.
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Former Trident Seafoods bookkeeper accused of embezzling $500,000
A Kodiak woman is accused of leading a scheme to embezzle almost $500,000 from the Trident Seafoods plant in Kodiak. Isairis Wolfe, 32, Jeremy Smith, 30, and Jamie Fathke, 28, of Kodiak were indicted on wire fraud charges on Sept. 18 along with Valerie Olivares, 34, from Corpus Christi, Texas and Anne Wilson, known as Anne Sorio, 31, from Kent, Wash. Wolfe worked as bookkeeper for Trident Seafoods in Kodiak from J...
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Polls open at 7 a.m. today for Kodiak's municipal election
When Kodiak polls open at 7 a.m. for today’s municipal elections, voters will not see anything new except the names on the ballot. Polling places have not changed, and neither have voting procedures. Behind the scenes, however, election workers have instituted new rules for write-in candidates and ordered additional ballots. “We did order more ballots in light of Anchorage,” said city clerk Debra Marlar. In Anchor...
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