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Harbor board wants to flush problems from public bathroom
The Kodiak ports and harbor advisory board discussed the ongoing abuse of public restrooms on Shelikof Street, during a Wednesday meeting. “Our Shelikof restroom has been a source of a lot of issues over the years,” Kodiak Shipyard manager Lon White said. “Primarily a handful of citizens abuse the use of the facility … they do a bunch of damage to it and make it unusable for the average citizen.” This “handful of ...
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Alaska Airlines brings Q400 to Kodiak for viewing
Alaska Airlines will offer service from Kodiak to Anchorage on a new aircraft beginning next March. A Horizon Air Bombardier Q400 NextGen aircraft stopped in Kodiak on Tuesday before traveling to Anchorage. Horizon Air president Glenn Johnson said the purpose of the stop was to showcase the plane that will soon become a regular sight. Coast Guard Fire Department members, airport employees, and representatives from...
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Teachers, school district reach deal
The Kodiak Island Borough School District and the Kodiak Borough Education Association have agreed upon a new three-year contract with Kodiak teachers. The contract calls for a 1 percent increase in teachers’ base salary each year for three years. In a special school board meeting Monday night, the school board ratified the agreement, finalizing the negotiations reached in June. “This is a difficult time for publi...
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NOAA Law Enforcement investigates seal shot in head
NOAA Law Enforcement agents are asking for the public’s help as they investigate the death of a harbor seal that washed up in Pasagshak last week. According to a necropsy, the harbor seal — defended by the Marine Mammal Protection Act — was killed by a gunshot to the head. Michael Killary, the agent investigating the death, said the seal may have simply been killed by a subsistence hunter. If that happened, NOAA w...
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Council will vote on double parking fines
A proposal to increase parking fines from $10 to $20 is moving toward adoption by the Kodiak City Council. The proposal, which comes as part of an overhaul of Kodiak’s “Rules of the Road,” received no comment at Tuesday night’s city council work session. The revised parking rules will receive a public hearing and vote at 7:30 p.m. Thursday night during a regular city council meeting. The city is revising its parki...
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Sun'aq hosts subsistence meeting
Subsistence hunters and fishermen will gather tonight at the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center to prepare a defense of their rights. Alaska’s federal subsistence board is considering changes to the regulations that define a rural community. Because rural communities get preference harvesting subsistence fish and game, that definition is more than an academic question. If Kodiak were to be considered a...
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Barge dock could come to Pasagshak
A new barge dock and boat ramp will be built in Pasagshak Bay if plans by the Alaska Aerospace Corp. come to fruition. According to a permit application filed in August, AAC is considering construction of a nose-in barge dock “to streamline delivery of incoming aerospace-related cargos to the Kodiak Launch Complex.” The new dock would be an integral part of the complex’s planned Launchpad 3 expansion, said AAC chi...
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Papa Murphy’s offering delivery to Kodiak
Kodiak has plenty of choices for pizza. If you’re downtown, you can stop by Sparrows or Angelo’s To-Go. In Midtown? Stop by Big Al’s. Out on the road system? Hit Road’s End. Now there’s another option: airplane delivery. If you’ve checked your mailbox lately, you might have discovered a menu for Papa Murphy’s. Kodiak isn’t getting a Papa Murphy’s franchise, but it is getting access to Papa Murphy’s pizza as Zac an...
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Fisheries group prepares for NPFMC meeting
The Kodiak city and borough fisheries work group met Monday morning to discuss the Gulf of Alaska trawl bycatch management discussion paper released last Friday by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. The paper addresses eight proposals written by industry stakeholders regarding the council’s development of a catch share program for trawl groundfish, an item on the council’s October agenda. Fisheries advi...
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Charges rise after pants fall at airport
A 31-year-old Californian who allegedly mooned troopers at Benny Benson Kodiak State Airport is facing a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge. Charles Helzer was originally accused of two counts of disorderly conduct, one for allegedly challenging someone to a fight and one for “intentionally exposing his buttocks to another person with reckless disregard for the offensive or insulting effect the act could have o...
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