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Local photographer uses unique frames
Local photographer Dake Schmidt wanted new frames for his work. He found them in old windows and portholes. That task, he reports, has been complicated by a scarcity of frame materials. “I’ll never make a piece exactly like them again because you don’t have the same frame or the same looking portholes. They’re all originals,” Schmidt told the Mirror. Schmidt is Harborside Fly By’s featured artist for July. This is...
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Stage and Screen: 'Jersey Boys:' Mediocre film – great music
I’m a Jersey Boy – I was born and grew up in the epicenter of the Garden State. I thought that I knew a great deal about the many characters who came from this hotbed of pop culture and crime. Don’t get me wrong – New Jersey is not the mother lode of organized crime. In spite of the image created by the Sopranos, New Jersey is not teeming with “made men,” wiseguys, hit men and daily whacks. Perhaps it has more tha...
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Students produce “Velveteen Rabbit”
A bunch of Kodiak students put on a production of “The Velveteen Rabbit” or “How Toys Become Real” with a unique Alaskan twist. The students rehearsed, performed and gained learning experiences as part of a Kodiak Arts Council Sum’Arts class. Students rehearsed for just 11 days to put on the one-hour show. Many of the students played more than one role and several doubled as crew. With the exception of director an...
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Stage and screen: Is a picture 'worth a thousand words?'
Jack Marcus (Clive Owen) and Dina Delsanto (Juliette Binoche) are seriously damaged people. They are also honors-level teachers at an upscale private school in the film “Words and Pictures” (2013). Jack, in spite of his out-of-control drinking, and irresponsible teaching style, is revered by his wannabe Ivy League students. Jack has a long and diminishing track record at his school. While once a star teacher and w...
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Local photographer leaving Kodiak
With a move approaching, local photographer Sylwia Ok looks forward to continuing her business in Maryland. Her husband is in the Coast Guard, and they’ll be moving to Baltimore, taking the ferry to Bellingham, Washington, and driving from there. “We’re spending six days on the ferry and then doing a cross-country with plenty of stops to photograph,” Ok told the Mirror on Wednesday. Since marrying her husband 11 y...
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Stage and Screen: Could baseball become India’s new pastime?
J.B. Bernstein (John Hamm of TV series “Mad Men” fame) is down on his luck sports agent. This year’s Disney sports biopic “Million Dollar Arm” tells the amusing and touching story of how Bernstein’s imagination, creativity and chutzpah triggered a cultural revolution in American baseball and life in India. As the film opens J.B.’s clientele has aged, retired and not been replaced. He and his partner Aash (Assif Ma...
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Glass floats to Ugandan prints: Kodiak Art Walk to showcase variety
Walkers in Kodiak will be able to experience art in many different media, from sealskins to Ugandan photos, for the First Friday Art Walk on June 6. The Alutiiq Museum, the Kodiak Public Library, Dead Humpy Gallery, Harborside Fly-By, The Frame Shop and the Baranov Museum will be hosting artists during the walk. At the Kodiak Public Library, Kierra Murphy’s “Beachcomber’s De-Light,” an installation of glass floats...
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Stage and Screen: 'Belle' – A beautiful and worthy film
From any perspective “Belle” (2013) is beautiful. The story of this narrative feature film is remarkable and poignant. The title character, Dido Elizabeth Belle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) radiates character, equanimity, charm and physical beauty. Dido is the illegitimate daughter of Captain Sir John Lindsay (Matthew Goode). Sir John refuses to relegate his mulatto daughter to the inevitable life of poverty and degradation ...
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Alutiiq haiku takes honorable mention in contest
Peggy Azuyak from Old Harbor took an honorable mention in April’s salmon-themed haiku contest by The Salmon Project. She wrote it in Alutiiq. It reads, “Taugkut qaqiyat / yat Pugtut tuRamni kuigkun / kun Atert’sluku.” The translation is: “Those silver salmon/Float in my dory down river/Taking them to sea.” Jennifer Simeonoff, also from Old Harbor, took an honorable mention as well. Her entry was, “Tiny fry sets ou...
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Crab Festival Art Show opens Friday
The volunteer team behind the annual Crab Festival Art Show never knows what they have to put on exhibit until the evening before the big opening. "We usually have a variety of art from carving to quilting and everything in between," local artist Antoinette Walker said. "It's really exciting." The show opens Friday with a reception from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. in the Kodiak Inn Harbor Room, featuring hors d'oeuvres and ...
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