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Voter apathy adds to budget woes
To the editor: As with a lot of people, I have been following the news concerning our school deficit of $3.5 million. I find it interesting that so many people are upset about Main Elementary closing, but I wonder where most of those parents were during our last elections. The high school renovations passed with as few as 2,200 voting. Where were the other 7,000 registered voters? Also the new swimming pool, has i...
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Is Alaska slipping into third world?
To the editor: I have just heard some of the story about the funding cuts in line for Alaska schools. This at the same time we hear about proposed salary increases for legislators and tax cuts for oil companies. Is it just me, or does this sound like a third-world economy? Are we a nation that provides equal opportunity or privileged bonuses? How can we expect schools to rate in comparison to other nations’ and ou...
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Hooray for godparents
To the editor: My godfather and godmother teach me about God. They show me how to live by example. They are responsible and loving friends. They go to church and pray. My godmother Constance is beautiful and she takes care of elders. My godfather Victor is charming and ornery. He checks on me when I’m home alone to see if I need anything. My godparents sometimes take me out to lunch. I love my godparents. I pray f...
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School budget woes dividing community
To the editor: I am writing in support of SB171 and any other possible sources of funding for Alaska schools. We moved to Kodiak 20 years ago intending to stay for two years. The quality education we saw in Kodiak is one of the primary reasons we have stayed in Alaska. I have three children in the Kodiak Island Borough school district. The oldest is graduating this year and has been accepted to five colleges. All ...
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Cooperation will get borough through school funding crisis
To the editor: I’m writing you as a parent of a student who has truly blossomed in our current school system. If any of you have had the pleasure of peaking into the halls of Main Elementary or any other of our fine schools, you have noticed that they’re not built of brick and mortar, but more so of sweat, tears, laughter and success of both students and mentors alike. The legacies of the teaching professionals li...
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Cut loose launchless KLC, pay for struggling schools
To the editor: Where are the governor’s priorities? After reading over the Feb. 9 Alaska Budget Report (especially pages 13-15) and the headlines in the KDM yesterday, “Closed School or Teacher Cuts,” I am scratching my head and wondering what in the world is Gov. Parnell thinking? How can he justify requesting another $8 million dollars to bail out the Kodiak Launch Complex and its 28 employees with no future lau...
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Tip of the hat to road, power crews
To the editor: In the spirit of Dr. Bob’s “sunny notes,” we would like to express our warm appreciation to the public servants of Kodiak who keep everything operating here on Kodiak. Special thanks to the city public works crew, who clear the roads and thaw water lines in town; the state highways crew who plow and sand the highways and the airport runway; and the KEA crew who keep our power on. Great job, folks! Y...
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Vigilance kept meth from street
To the editor: I would like to thank the FedEx employees for going above and beyond to help keep our community free of drugs. Without them to notify local authorities, a large amount of meth would have made it to our streets. I would also like to thank the Kodiak Police Department for acting quickly and professionally to keep drugs out of our town. We live in a small community and it’s important that we all keep a...
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Ex-coach’s apology falls short
To the editor: This letter is in response to Brett Larsen’s attempts at apologizing to the community and the girls high school basketball team for his inexcusable actions. I’m sick of reading blatant lies.  I played basketball for KHS for four years, college for four years, and professionally throughout the U.S. and internationally for seven years. With this experience behind me, I can tell you, not once has a coa...
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The strongest ties last forever
To the editor: My family cares for me. The give me a home and food to eat and a bed and things to play with, like books and clothing. They love me. They teach me how to be responsible. They teach me to be good and nice to others,obey the house rules. They teach me to be self-sufficient. Sometimes I abandon the rules. I get consequences, like giving up things that are important tome, like my computer, so that I wil...
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