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Health care businesses unite to hold fair
Local health care businesses have banded together to put on a community health fair in Kodiak. Saturday’s Kodiak Community Health Fair will be the first since 2008, said Kim Slade, wellness program coordinator for Healthy Tomorrows. The health fair starts at 8 a.m. in the Benny Benson Building at Kodiak College and runs until noon. More than 20 exhibitors from Kodiak and the mainland are expected to talk about hea...
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Chiropractic center moves to new location downtown
Dr. Robert Banks has been helping people recover from aches and pains for 22 years. Banks is the owner and chiropractor of Family Chiropractic Center, which has opened the doors of its new location in downtown Kodiak. Family Chiropractic Center is now located at 326 Center Avenue in Suite 100. “We’re pretty sure this is going to work out much better for us,” Banks said. “We think we have a much better location and...
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Business offers CPR, first-aid training
Kathrynn Hollis-Buchanan almost drowned three years ago. She survived thanks to her first aid knowledge and the quick reaction of her golden retriever, which pulled her to shallow waters. “Three Septembers ago, my dog and I were out fishing and I fell in a hole in the river. … I wasn’t prepared and I never dreamed that our river had any places that were 12 feet deep,” she said. “I was hypothermic and losing consci...
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Center Star Training offers gun classes
For almost a decade, Ralf Lysdahl has taught Alaska State Troopers how to use firearms correctly. Now, in private business, he’s ready to begin training ordinary Alaskans. On Oct. 19, Lysdahl, an NRA-certified instructor, will offer his first class with his new business, Center Star Training. Lysdahl, a member of the Kodiak Island Sportsman’s Association and the Friends of the NRA in Kodiak, said the idea for the ...
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Kodiak Tags going into sixth year
Kodiak Tags has been helping reunite pets and their owners for six years. Kodiak’s only dog tag engraving business is owned and operated by Nick Pletnikoff. He’s been running the part-time business since it started and said he enjoys engraving pet tags. “It’s a fun business,” Pletnikoff said. Kodiak Tags is the only tag business on the island, and is use by the Humane Society of Kodiak animal shelter and the Kodia...
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Charest Therapeutic Services offers play therapy for kids
Nyia Charest has an entire room in her office dedicated to playing. The room contains a pillow corner, a sand table, shelves of figurines, a wooden kitchen set, arts and crafts, and dozens of other toys. Charest is a psychotherapist consultant who runs Charest Therapeutic Services, which practices expressive play therapy. It’s a type of therapy that encourages children to express their feelings through play while ...
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Business brings faster Internet to harbor
Users of the downtown harbor’s Wi-Fi now have faster Internet speeds thanks to an upgrade from Kodiak computer business Frontier Micro Systems. Gene Mueller, owner of Frontier Micro Systems, purchased the downtown Wi-Fi system in July from the former owner of Coastline Computers. “We’ve upgraded the Internet speed,” he said. “Now we have more Internet and at a much faster speed than we did prior.” Frontier Micro o...
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Business builds custom boats
Kodiak resident Andrew Edgerly has been building boats for 26 years. Edgerly owns Blueyodel Boat Manufacturing Company, formerly known as Edgeweld Inc., a business that repairs, designs and builds custom aluminum boats for fishermen in Kodiak. Blueyodel Boat Manufacturing Company’s entire process for building a boat is done in Kodiak. “We start with a fisherman’s idea and hopefully we end up with something that he...
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Pure Adornment creates custom jewelry
Every piece of jewelry Danielle Ringer owns, she created herself. Ringer is the owner of Pure Adornment, a business that offers custom jewelry in Kodiak. Ringer was born and raised in Homer. She started making jewelry when she was 12 years old after attending a jewelry-making class with her mother. Ringer enjoyed the class so much she continued learning new techniques and making jewelry on her own. “I kept going w...
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Insect enforcer is sole guard against pests large and small in Kodiak
When Robert “BJ” Johnson knocks on your door, it’s either good news or very, very bad. Johnson is Kodiak’s sole licensed pest expert and the bane of bedbugs, bats, rats, roaches, mice and other critters that burrow into homes and buildings to escape the archipelago’s inclement weather. “This time of year, this job is pretty much full-time, every day,” said Johnson, who also works night-shift security at Providence...
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