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Man faces felony charges after allegedly assaulting fisherman and stealing $700
A man who was wearing a white straw cowboy hat is accused of assaulting a Kodiak fisherman outside the B and B Bar and stealing $700 from him. Imhotep Narcisse, 39, faces five felony charges of first-degree assault, second-degree assault, third-degree assault, first-degree robbery and second-degree theft. According to court documents the incident occurred around 2:30 a.m. Sept. 27, when Narcisse beat up a man and ...
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Gore-Tex survey rates Kodiak as tops in hunting, worst in conditions
A new nationwide survey conducted by Gore-Tex has identified Kodiak Island as the place with the best hunting but worst conditions in the United States. The survey included "avid hunter-athletes, representatives of top hunting organizations and members of the hunting media," according to an email from W.L. Gore & Associates, which manufactures Gore-Tex. Eleana Collins, a spokeswoman for Gore & Associates, said Ala...
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Honoring the Coast Guard
Kodiakans applaud Saturday night in the Kodiak Harbor Convention Center during the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce's annual Coast Guard Appreciation Dinner as master of ceremonies Rick Vahl reads the names of the Coast Guard sailors in attendance. The event, which has taken place each year for almost 30 years, is Kodiak's annual gala to recognize the Coast Guard. "We are not just a Coast Guard city," said Kodiak Mayor ...
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Fish council carves halibut slice for charters
The North Pacific Fishery Management Council voted 10-1 Friday morning to revise a halibut catch share plan that aroused alarm from charter fishing guides last year. The proposal recommended by the council sets catch limits using a 2008 plan that divided Alaska’s halibut quota between charter and commercial fishermen. That plan was to be implemented this year, but a backlash from charter fishermen across the state...
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Koniag shifts strategy, slashes dividend
Kodiak’s regional Native corporation is slashing its dividend and executing a major reorganization as it adjusts to a slimmer federal budget and growing resistance to federal contracting with Native corporations. Koniag Inc. CEO Will Anderson unveiled the news Saturday during its annual meeting in Kodiak. Koniag’s annual dividend will drop by more than half — from $10.65 per share to $3 per share — as the company ...
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Security cameras could be monitoring Kodiak harbors soon
Security cameras could be coming to Kodiak harbors thanks to new wireless Internet systems installed last year. The Wi-Fi access, provided by local company Coastline Computers, allows the city of Kodiak to offer Internet to fishermen for a fee. In a Friday meeting, the Kodiak ports and harbor advisory board discussed whether or not it would be cost-effective and helpful to install security cameras in St. Paul and ...
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Mecham sentenced to five years in jail for street racing death
One of the men involved in a street racing incident that led to the death of Austin Van Long will spend five years in jail. William Mecham, 20, pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide and second-degree assault on Friday morning. Both charges are class B felonies. On the night of Oct. 20, 2011, Mecham and Markryan Portillo were driving across Fred Zharoff Memorial Bridge in what police say was a high-speed ...
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Study: 44 percent of Kodiak women abused
Kodiak has a domestic violence problem, and it's finally been put into numbers. Out of every 100 adult women who reside in the Kodiak Island Borough, 38 experienced intimate partner violence, 23 experienced sexual violence and 44 experienced either or both forms during their lifetime. To put it another way, 1,741 women who reside in the borough have experienced intimate partner violence, 1,039 women experienced se...
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Assembly turns down tougher conflict of interest regulations
"I didn't think it would turn into such a lynching." After a contentious three-hour Kodiak Island Borough assembly meeting, those were the words of assemblywoman Chris Lynch, who endured heated comments from Kodiak residents and fellow assembly members as a consulting contract between Lynch and the borough came under scrutiny. Lynch, who operates Kodiak Construction Services, is due more than $38,000 after the bor...
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Expansion delayed at Kodiak Launch Complex
Alaska Aerospace Corporation's plans for a new launch pad have been delayed, not canceled. In a four-hour board meeting Thursday at the Kodiak Launch Complex, CEO Craig Campbell confirmed that Lockheed-Martin's delays in finding customers for a new, larger Kodiak-launched rocket means at least a one-year delay in construction of Launch Pad 3. "Now we're projecting into the 2015 period for the launch of the Athena ...
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