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Assembly forwards boat, mobile home tax changes
The Kodiak Island Borough assembly moved forward the elimination of the personal property tax on boats and changes to how mobile home are levied. At a recent work session, borough assessor Bill Roberts told the assembly that the tax on boats, $1 per foot, doesn’t bring in enough money to cover the cost of assessing and collecting the tax, which was originally assessed to keep boats from having to pay a different t...
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Spinning a yarn tells their story
Most people don’t think about where their clothes come from, but members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, who re-enact medieval lifestyles, know it takes a lot of work to get from raw fibers to clothing. On Saturday, members of the local SCA group held a hands-on day for learning about arts and sciences of the medieval ages, including spinning wool into yarn. Sonia Clary, who has been spinning since she wa...
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Borough manager to retire next year
The Kodiak Island Borough manager is retiring from the position next year, and the borough is beginning the process to find another manager. Manager Bud Cassidy’s contract ends in mid-January 2016, but he has offered the assembly the option to extend the contract until the end of June 2016 to provide overlap with a new manager. The assembly disagreed on whether to have borough staff begin advertising for a manager...
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First themes emerge from study about graying of fishing fleet
A group of researchers are studying the effects of the so-called “graying of the fleet,” the aging of fishermen without as many younger ones coming along behind, in the Kodiak archipelago and Bristol Bay, and the results of dozens of interviews are currently being catalogued. On Wednesday at the Baranov Museum, Danielle Ringer, a University of Alaska Fairbanks master’s student, presented the first preliminary them...
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Whale watching from Kodiak’s historic sites
Spring is a great time to visit Narrow Cape and view migrating grey whales. The giant creatures swim close to shore on their way to feeding grounds in the Bering Sea, particularly cows with their newborn calves. My daughter Abigail and I watch them from our favorite perch. It is on the cape above Fossil Beach, overlooking Ugak Bay. For the best views, we move back and forth between two World War II searchlight bun...
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Judge sets sentencing date for 2 Kodiakans
Sentencing is scheduled in the next couple of weeks for two Kodiak residents who were originally charged with kidnapping, assault, theft and several misconduct involving a controlled substance charges. Jami Gibson, 40, and Phillip Gibson, 39, along with Julian Valdez, 28, were arrested last May after Alaska State Troopers investigated the kidnapping of three male campers ages 17, 21 and 23 and the beating of one o...
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Intermittent Bells Flats road closures start Monday
Two roads in Bells Flats will experience intermittent closures for the next six weeks for culvert replacement, according to a Kodiak Island Borough release. During the closures, culverts under Bells Flats Road and Lake Orbin Drive near Salmonberry Drive will be replaced starting Monday through May 30. The roads will be closed for three to five day intervals during which no pedestrian or vehicle access will be allo...
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Kodiak students learn about natural resources
Using fake bear spray, dissecting a live crab, counting tree rings and much more were all part of the 2015 annual Envirothon. The local Envirothon is a learning experience for students taking the natural resources class at Kodiak High School and those involved in Future Farmers of America, about 60 in all. It’s also practice for the students who will be heading off to the state Envirothon in Anchorage next week in...
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Remains of missing pilot found; Kodiak Coast Guard chopper, plane joined search
The Coast Guard suspended its search for a missing pilot near Perry Island in Prince William Sound after his remains were discovered Wednesday evening, a news release said. 
The news release said the crew of the Alaska State Trooper vessel Churchhill located and recovered the man's remains and the wreckage of his Cessna 180 airplane partially submerged along the coast of Culross Island. "It is never easy when a se...
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Henry's makes you jump for kangaroo meat
Like most long-time Kodiak residents, I have lost track of how many times off-island visitors asked me, “So where do you go for a good ’roo burger around here?” This week, the good people at Henry’s Great Alaskan Restaurant put an end to the shame-faced silence that used to follow such questions by adding a range of exotic meats to their menu. Supplies of kangaroo sold out quickly when the new weekly special selec...
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