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Kodiak women look for love on new reality TV show
Four Kodiak women traveled to Miami for a new reality television show about finding love. TLC’s new series, “Alaskan Women Looking for Love” takes six Alaskan women and moves them to the Sunshine State for six weeks in hopes of finding their perfect match. “The whole idea was just to have a great adventure, to get out of their comfort zones and to try to get to try something totally different from their lives in A...
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Local Results: Oct. 3
Kodiak Island Dart Association Sept. 25 River Rats 14, Rondy II 1; Flying Tacos 12, 3 in a Bed 3; Oo Chuks 8, Darty Minds 7; Villains 8, Bar Pros 7; Nightflights 10, Dart’in Divas 5; Ah-Shucks 13, Elders 2; Banditos 14, Shark Attack 1. High tons: John Toliver 140, Kathy Wise 138; Matt Graber 133; Brian Agbulos 120, Brian Logan 118. Tons: Fred Fogle, Aaron Poetter, Billy Zimmerman, John Toliver, Randy Bishop (2), D...
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Playbook: Oct. 3
Friday, Oct. 4 Swimming: Kodiak vs. Palmer at the Kodiak Community Pool, 5:30 p.m. Volleyball: Kodiak vs. Colony at Kodiak High School. C squad, 4 p.m.; junior varsity, 5:30 p.m.; varsity, 6:30 p.m.
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Police raid 2 homes, seize drugs
The Kodiak Police Department and other officers seized illegal substances, stolen weapons and cash totaling around $27,500 from a home during a raid on Monday evening. Lt. Ray Ellis, interim chief of police, declined to say what type of drugs or weapons were seized at the residence, as the investigation is ongoing. On Sept. 24, KPD detectives intercepted a package containing 33.9 grams of tar heroin. The street va...
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Voters approve Prop. 1 by big margin
By almost a 2:1 margin, Kodiak voters have approved a rule forbidding the borough mayor and assembly from working for the borough while they serve as elected officials. Proposition 1, which states in part, “simultaneous employment or personal service contracts by mayor and assembly members (is) prohibited,” received 848 votes out of almost 1,300 cast in Tuesday’s municipal election. That compares to 462 votes cast...
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North Pacific Council starts meeting today in Anchorage
Government shutdown or not, federal fisheries officials will meet starting today in Anchorage as the autumn session of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council opens. On the council’s agenda is a review of the new federal fisheries observer program and renewed discussion on trawl issues in the Gulf of Alaska. Managers are expected to adopt 2014 catch limits for several fisheries and review reports about king s...
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Osowski helps extend Kodiak’s XC streak
No matter what Keith Osowski does the rest of his career, he has already become a Kodiak hero. The freshman’s surprise sixth-place finish Saturday extended Kodiak’s streak of Region III boys cross country titles to 12. After finishing behind Kenai and Colony in all the big invitiationals this season, many people had written off the Bears. Kodiak entered Saturday as an underdog and needed a big performance from one...
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Alaska Science Forum: 90-mile aqueduct still etched in Interior hills
Like a bright yellow contour line painted above the Steese Highway, the Davidson Ditch now reveals itself by the flagging autumn birches and poplars that clog its path. The 90-mile system of canal, pipeline and tunnel becomes harder to see with each passing day, but the engineering triumph once helped prevent Fairbanks from ghosting out. The 1920s-era aqueduct provided the water needed to float dredges the size of...
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All residents should bare dumpster fees
To the Editor: It has been well over a year since the appearance of the roll-cart green trash containers inside the City of Kodiak replaced dumpsters inside the city limits. There may be some success inside the city with this program, yet it has its share of problems. Consider that a resident living outside the city limits pays an additional fee to have the areas around the dumpsters cleaned up by Alaska Waste; th...
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Kodiak Island is full of hospitable people
To the Editor: My hunting partner and I recently drew tags for and hunted a mountain goat in the area between Center Mountain and Crown Mountain. We just wanted to express our utmost appreciation and gratitude to the people of Kodiak for making the experience such a wonderful one. We have both travelled far and wide in our 26 years of life, but Kodiak is one of the most beautiful, rugged islands we have ever seen,...
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