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Business builds custom boats
Kodiak resident Andrew Edgerly has been building boats for 26 years. Edgerly owns Blueyodel Boat Manufacturing Company, formerly known as Edgeweld Inc., a business that repairs, designs and builds custom aluminum boats for fishermen in Kodiak. Blueyodel Boat Manufacturing Company’s entire process for building a boat is done in Kodiak. “We start with a fisherman’s idea and hopefully we end up with something that he...
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Mountain goat season opens today
Mountain goat season opens today, but as hunters head into Kodiak’s hills, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is asking them to imitate Santa and check twice. This summer, ADF&G and the US Fish and Wildlife Service attached bright orange radio and GPS collars to 15 goats scattered across the island. The collars will track the goats and help biologists determine their range and what areas they prefer. “The firs...
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Eco Challengers conquer the land
Imagine biking nearly 30 miles, running around a lake and then having to carry a 100-pound raft for two miles. Doesn’t sound like fun, does it? Well, that is how 68 people — 17 teams of four — spent their Saturday afternoon on the Emerald Isle. Why, you ask? Well, it was all part of the Coast Guard’s 11th Eco Challenge — an adventure race that sends teams on a wild scavenger hunt over the island’s landscape. And a...
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Cause of fish plant fire unknown
Investigators are still working to determine the cause of a Friday fire at the Kodiak Fishmeal Company plant. The Kodiak Fire Department was dispatched just before 1 p.m. Friday, to the plant in Gibson Cove for a report of a fire in a hopper unit. The hopper unit is a large piece of equipment that turns fish bones into a powder. The product is then transferred to a dryer unit where it goes through other processes....
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Kodiak Police Department announces promotions
The Kodiak Police Department promoted four from within department ranks Monday, with three people moving up to sergeant and one sergeant moving to lieutenant. Earlier this summer the department lost four members, who all held leadership roles and served 20 years or more with the department, to retirement. Kodiak Police Chief T.C. Kamai said the department searched for candidates internally first, where he found ca...
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Kodiak drops out of football rankings
Not playing in Week 1 of the high school football season cost Kodiak a spot in the Alaska Sports Broadcasting Network’s weekly rankings. . The previously fifth-ranked Bears fell out of the rankings after its Week 1 opponent, Voznesenka, backed out because it did not have enough eligible players. Kodiak did receive at least one vote in the weekly poll that is voted on by the statewide media. This week, the Bears wi...
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Those governing need to think about need versus want
To the Editor: When is it enough? Many years ago I left Kodiak because I did not like the way the city and borough governments were operating. Today it is much worse because there are those governing now that think it is my job to pay for their ideas. Like the nice lady who lives in the borough who is being charged city sales tax on her cell phone bill. I purchased my cell phone through the mail from Anchorage ACS...
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Americans must think for themselves
To the Editor: About Art Zimmer’s letter about “dhimmitude” and the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare (Letters Aug 13). Dhimmitude is certainly a word, but it is not anywhere in the Affordable Care Act itself. The Snopes article which Mr. Zimmer refers does say “Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-muslim populations conquered through jihad…” however, that part of the article is to explain...
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Around Kodiak: Aug. 20
From 10-11 a.m. today, take a walk on the wildflower trail with a naturalist. Learn about some of the traditional Alutiiq uses of the plants. This event supports an activity in the new Junior Park Ranger activity book. All are welcome to attend. Meet at the Miller Point parking lot in the Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park. The Alutiiq Museum is holding its annual meeting from 6-9 p.m. tonight at the Koniag Bu...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Early silver Salmon
I’m pleased to report that it’s time to dust off your silver salmon gear. Last weekend my wife and I found them in several locations and even managed to connect with a few. Did we ever have fun! For the most part the best fishing will be found along the beaches rather than in the rivers. You’ll find lots of people in the river mouths, some of them even catching fish. But the fishing is actually better when you mov...
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