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Linda Butrey
Our friend Linda Butrey, 56, died Friday, March 22, 2013 after a courageous battle with cancer. She was born to the late Donald and Phyllis Butrey, June 18, 1956 in Cleveland, Ohio. Linda graduated from Marion L. Steele High School in Amherst, Ohio in 1974 and from Ohio State University in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. In 1991, at the urging of her friend Amy Stohl Peterson, she came to ...
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Another Day in Paradise: Salvation demands a verdict
We all know how Facebook works. Somebody posts something we like and everybody else shares it. Pastor Elmore of Frontier Baptist Church shared the photo, and I followed suit. It was a picture of an empty tomb and the caption read, “Christmas was the promise. Easter is the proof.” Some who liked and shared it from my posting were other pastors. Some were family. Some were just friends. It’s easy to share Christian ...
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Alutiiq Word of the Week: Easter
Paas’kaaq : Easter Ugnerkami Paas’kaartaartukut. : We have Easter in the spring. Orthodox Easter is a central holiday in Alutiiq communities. Like Russian Christmas, it combines cultural traditions. Forty days of Lent precede Easter, creating a period of reflection and sacrifice. The Alutiiq faithful live simply, eating fish and vegetables, as no animal products are allowed. This period of fasting mirrors spring i...
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Island Flavor: The Old Powerhouse: a review ahead of its time
One advantage of a previous career in academe is I’ve learned how to reason my way out of an ethical conundrum. My particular problem is this: I’m joining my lady friends for dinner at Old Powerhouse Friday, but my column (in which I review Old Powerhouse) is due on my editor’s desk Thursday. The ladies are the same dear friends who helped me research my first food column last fall. You know them as Hattie Rose, M...
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Tapestry: Easter celebration is climax of most important week in history
Protestant and Catholic Christians are observing what they believe is the most important week in history. The week began with Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem and a crowd exuberantly shouting “Hosanna, in the Highest” as they threw palm branches in His path. Several days later, on Good Friday, the masses cried “Crucify Him!” But the passion, betrayal, denial, torture and death of this darkest week in hist...
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Amazing Nature: Ecosystems connect marine life forms
We all know what an ecosystem is. We use the term all the time. But how is the term defined? How big or small is an ecosystem? Where are the boundaries? What are the factors in an ecosystem and how are they connected? These are questions that Kodiak seventh-grade students are contemplating during our new Marine Ecosystem lesson. The definition of an ecosystem uses terms like “a network of interactions” or a “set o...
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Gun show returns for second year
Kodiak firearms enthusiasts will be able to view guns and gun accessories from more than a dozen vendors and individual sellers at the second annual Emerald Isle Gun Show this weekend. The show gives people in Kodiak an opportunity to purchase, sell or trade guns without having to leave the island. Gun show promoter Michael Horstman said the interest was strong enough in the community that it needed to be held aga...
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Derelict dock dumps Styrofoam, but responsibility is in short supply
A derelict dock that washed up on Zaimka Island is leaving substantial deposits of Styrofoam in Womens Bay, and while there’s ample foam, responsibility is hard to come by. Kodiak resident Judy Phillips first noticed a large amount of brown Styrofoam while kayaking in Womens Bay on March 17. “When I was launching the kayak I just saw all this brown foam all along the tideline,” Phillips said. “There was so much of...
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Ambulance, parks and recreation fees are set to rise under proposal
On Tuesday afternoon, Kodiak fire chief Rome Kamai helped an ambulance crew rescue a fisherman after he fell into the hold of his boat. A few hours later, Kamai told the Kodiak City Council that when it comes to calls like those, the city of Kodiak should be collecting a bigger fee. The city council will consider that proposal as part of a slate of other fee increases at 7:30 p.m. tonight. According to records pro...
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Fish board bans ‘high-grading’ sportfish
The state Board of Fish has banned the practice of “high-grading” sportfish but turned down a proposal to help disabled fishermen that was endosed by the board’s Kodiak advisory panel. The board, which is made up of representatives from across the state, met last week in Anchorage to address finfish and miscellaneous issues affecting state-waters fisheries. In a unanimous vote, it banned high-grading, which occurs...
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