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Alutiiq Word of the Week: Berry Picking
Nunaquluni; Alagnarsurluni - Berry Picking Kiagmi nunaqutaartukut alagnanek. - In the summer we go berry picking for salmonberries. Collecting from the land remains a popular activity in Alutiiq communities. Spring greens, berries, shellfish, medicinal herbs, and driftwood are among the resources that Alutiiqs gather from the mountains, meadows, and shores of Kodiak Island. The Alutiiq language reflects the import...
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In the Courts: Aug. 9
Assault Franklin Tentis-Major, 28, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail (90 days suspended), and was fined $1,000 ($1,000 suspended). Tentis-Major will be on probation for two years.
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Achievers: Aug. 9
Scorching sun, torrential rains and high winds couldn’t dampen spirits at a weeklong environmental stewardship camp out of Old Harbor last week. This year’s camp was held on Sitkalidak Island and focused on the Alutiiq value of stewardship of the land, water and sky, according to Bobbi Anne Barnowsky, an organizer serving with AmeriCorps in the community. Though Barnowsky and six other AmeriCorps members had origi...
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Teeing off: ‘Flames’ will always be remembered
It’s been several years since my last column — Teeing Off — appeared in the sports section of the Kodiak Daily Mirror. I didn’t want my return to come like this, but it is. A few weeks ago, Kodiak lost a young ballplayer, one who I had the pleasure of coaching the last two seasons. Everybody knows the tragedy by now. Rex Matautia, a rising Kodiak High School freshman with a promising athletic career, drowned in La...
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Kodiak football blue/gold scrimmage moved to 3 p.m.
Kodiak High School’s blue/gold football scrimmage has been rescheduled for 3 p.m. Saturday at Joe Floyd Track and Field. The event was planed for 1 p.m. but was shifted to avoid conflict with the funeral servies of Rex Matautia, a rising KHS football player who drowned in Lake Gertrude. KFL practice begins The Kodiak Football League is beginning youth practice at 2 p.m. Sunday at Joe Floyd Track and Field. Practic...
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Canavan devotes time to Kodiak’s Special Olympics program
Dan Canavan jokingly tells people his job with Special Olympics is to secure “the gym and the big sandwich” for Kodiak’s local games. If only it were that simple. For the past eight years, Canavan, 56, has dedicated his life to sustaining Kodiak’s Special Olympics program as its community director, a volunteer position. “I don’t know if I would be as enthusiastic if I was being paid,” Canavan said. “That sounds cr...
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Runners take aim at Quintathlon
Runners are set to invade Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park Saturday. The 17th annual Kodiak Bearfoot in the Park Quintathlon begins at noon. Registration starts at 11 a.m. The race begins with a 500-yard Lake Gertrude swim, followed by a 9.5-mile bike ride to the Veterans of Foreign War entrance. At the VFW, competitors compete in a biathlon — running and shooting — then bike back to Fort Abercrombie. The bi...
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Hatchery-raised king crab to enter ocean
A big test has never looked so small. Swimming in a pair of plastic tanks within the first floor of the Kodiak Fisheries Research Center are 13,000 red king crab, each no bigger than half a pinky fingernail. In three weeks, the first of these crab will be released into the ocean, marking the first time hatchery-raised Alaska king crab have been introduced into the wild. “It's certainly an exciting step; I'm waitin...
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Expedition visits most remote island in Kodiak archipelago
A new expedition to Kodiak’s most remote island may shed light on life here before Russians arrived. Four archeologists and bird experts from Kodiak, Boston University and the University of Alaska Fairbanks traveled to uninhabited Chirikof Island last month on an expedition partially funded by National Geographic. Led by Boston University professor Catherine West, the expedition excavated a handful of ancient garb...
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Engineer recommends 3 snow dump sites
The city of Kodiak is still searching for a solution to its snow problem. Last winter, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation closed the city’s snow-dumping pier over concerns about salt and garbage contamination of Kodiak’s nearshore waters. The pier has been used for decades to dispose of snow removed from city streets, but since its closure, the city has been forced to shovel snow into any spare sp...
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