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Austerman wrong on Stutes facts
To the Editor, At Tuesday night’s candidate’s forum Carol Austerman misrepresented the facts when she accused Louise Stutes of having sued the Borough shortly after being elected to the Assembly, which action Ms. Austerman then went on to equate with a lack of fiscal responsibility on Ms. Stutes’ part, supposedly because the lawsuit cost the Borough a good deal in legal fees and costs. Ms. Austerman is flatly wron...
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Repeal the resource giveaway
To the Editor, Regarding Prop 1, vote yes to repeal the resource giveaway! Big oil has spent millions of dollars trying to hoodwink the citizens by their propaganda. I remember the Exxon Valdez oil spill as though it was yesterday and I remember all too well how the citizens of Alaska were treated. Big oil was negligent and dragged out their responsibility to the citizens for damages for decades and now they want ...
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Vote ‘yes’ on Tuesday
To the Editor, This upcoming Tuesday, Aug. 19, is a very important election day for Alaska voters. On this date Alaskans will vote on whether to reject, or not, the diverting of over $1 billion annually of oil royalties from the State of Alaska treasury to BigOil shareholders. For some, this appears to be a “complex issue”; I would suggest otherwise. Based on the following, I would offer the following three (3) po...
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Mead Treadwell is our best bet
To the Editor: As a lifelong Alaskan connected to the seafood industry, I have always voted for the person I believed would be best for Alaska's state and federal fisheries. I grew up in Bristol Bay fishing salmon. My sons and now my grandchildren are sharing in that experience. For 26 years, I’ve also had the privilege of representing commercial fishermen in the state and federal regulatory process. This Primary ...
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Stutes best choice for District 32
To the Editor, Louise Stutes is the top choice for District 32 to represent us in Juneau. I am here in Kodiak for 50 years and have seen and listened to all candidates all these years and have observed them and found the only one that is honest and knowledgeable is Louise Stutes. She listens to the people and studies everything before she votes on issues. She is a wise voter on all issues. She is the only mature p...
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Intravenous needles turn up around Kodiak
Carelessly discarded needles from intravenous use are turning up around Kodiak, and they pose a significant risk to people who come across them. “Of course, we don’t know who’s used that so we don’t know what kind of communicable diseases might be associated with the possibility of other’s people’s bodily fluids, blood being on those needles,” said Kodiak Police Chief Ronda Wallace. “So people run risks of being p...
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Local photographer’s work honored at international competition
Local photographer Carol Scott recently had two of her photographs place in the Professional Photographers of America’s International Photographic Competition. At the competition, a panel of judges reviewed almost 5,000 entrants. Of those entrants, 1,800 were chosen for PPA’s General Collection and 918, the “best of the best” according to a report, were chosen for the Loan Collection. Scott has a photograph in eac...
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Achievers: Aug. 14
Morgan K. Eagar of Ouzinkie graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a master teaching math/science in teaching math and science.
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Alaska State Troopers: Aug. 14
July 18 • At 1:13 a.m., the Akhiok Village Public Safety Officer responded to a disturbance in the village. A man was arrested for disorderly conduct and the woman was arrested for assault in the fourth degree involving domestic violence. Both were brought to the Kodiak City Jail. July 24 • At 6:01 p.m., State Troopers contacted a woman about a civil issue and found that she had been drinking. She was arrested for...
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Public Safety Blotter: Aug. 14
July 20 • Around 1:18 a.m., police conducted five bar checks downtown. • At 4:05 a.m., police arrested a man for criminal mischief in the third degree. • At 5:26 a.m., a caller reported an intoxicated man sleeping in an alley on Marine Way. He left when police asked. • At 8:57 a.m., a caller on Selief Lane reported that a neighbor was leaving their garbage out and bears were scattering it everywhere. Officers spok...
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