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Insect enforcer is sole guard against pests large and small in Kodiak
When Robert “BJ” Johnson knocks on your door, it’s either good news or very, very bad. Johnson is Kodiak’s sole licensed pest expert and the bane of bedbugs, bats, rats, roaches, mice and other critters that burrow into homes and buildings to escape the archipelago’s inclement weather. “This time of year, this job is pretty much full-time, every day,” said Johnson, who also works night-shift security at Providence...
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Kodiak bowhunting begins with a course in the classroom
It’s not easy to hunt bear in Kodiak. After you beat the odds in the drawing for a permit, you have to fight the conditions and roadless distances of Kodiak Island to get in position for your shot. Miss, and you won’t get another chance for at least four years. If that sounds like a pressure-packed picture, add another challenge — do it without a rifle. Each year, two or three of the 200 or so bears killed by Kodi...
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Rex Edward Mata’utia
Rex Edward Mata’utia, 13, of 1522 Ismailov Street, Kodiak AK 99615, passed away July 23, 2013. Born August 17, 1999 in Kodiak, he was an upcoming student at Kodiak High School. Rex is survived by his loving parents, Mr. Lafaele Mata’utia and Mrs. Fuamatala Wright-Mata’utia; brother, Raphael Paselio Salele Isaia Mata’utia; and sisters, Noreen Sitala Mata’utia and Kalameli Foketi Virginia Mata’utia. He was the grand...
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Deaths spur reminders about drowning’s signs
Drowning doesn’t look like it does in Hollywood. There’s not always splashing and screams. Often, drowning signs are so subtle they go undetected. “Sometimes people perceive it as someone thrashing and being able to scream and yell, water flying everywhere,” Alaska State Troopers Sgt. Eric Olsen said. “A lot of times people get so fatigued or tired or cramped that their movements are very subtle or they’re already...
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Alutiiq Museum names Alicia Drabek executive director
After a three-month search, the Alutiiq Heritage Foundation has selected Alicia Drabek as the next executive director of the Alutiiq Museum. Drabek started her first day of work Monday. In an interview, she said she has been working with the museum’s strategic planning process, and “I’m excited about the chance to bring about some of those long-term visions.” Drabek, a mother of three, is an Alutiiq language schol...
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KHS cross country practice begins
“If you are hurting on the first day of practice, don’t fear.” And with those words of wisdom from Marcus Dunbar, the 2013 Kodiak High School cross country season started early Monday morning. A group of 26 eager runners gathered in the KHS auditorium for the first official high school sports practice of the school year. School doesn’t begin until Aug. 22, but in Alaska, sports teams need a jump on the season befo...
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Around Kodiak: Aug. 6
The Kodiak City Council meets for a regular work session at 7:30 p.m. tonight in the borough conference room on Mill Bay Road. The public is encouraged to attend.
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Reader disagrees with ending public comments
To the Editor: I cannot disagree more with Janet Lloyd’s suggestion to end public comments during open meetings (Letters to the Editor July 24). The entire purpose of public comment is to influence the outcome of a proposed action. I have made public comments and all too often it seems the decisions were made before anyone had the opportunity to speak on the issues at hand. Legislators (that includes Assembly Memb...
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Outdoor Kodiak: The chums are coming
Do you want to start a good argument? Pose this question to your friends: “Which salmon fights the hardest?” Kings come quickly to mind because they can get quite large and can put on impressive shows on the end of your line. Silvers are notorious leapers, but nowhere near as big as kings. In my experience, they have nothing like the endurance of a king salmon. Red salmon and pink salmon are smaller, but even allo...
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Kodiak Island Births: Aug. 6
• Bristol Bailey Booth was born at 2:28 a.m. July 26, 2013 to Austin Booth and Brea Dawson. She weighed 8 pounds, 15 ounces and measured 20.25 inches long. Her parents are originally from Kodiak. Her mother works at home, and her father works at the Shelikof Lodge as a cook. Proud grandparents are Jimmy Dawson and Dale and Darnell Booth. Great-grandparents are Ruth Dawson and the late Hobart Dawson. • Alexis Alcai...
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