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Interview with 2 Jackson Mobile Home Park residents
Editor’s note: Two Jackson Mobile Home Park residents shared their opinions Saturday about the sale of the property. One of them requested anonymity due to the sensitive nature of her employment. Excerpts of the interviews: Reynaldo Dela Cruz, 68, a Kodiak resident since 1980: “It took us a long time saving money, so we could buy a home. And then, just like that, you are getting kicked out. We don’t know where to ...
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Dream mile highlights all-star track meet
An elite field of milers will headline the third Brian Young Invitational on Saturday night at Joe Floyd Track and Field. A mix of professional, Kodiak alumni and high school runners will toe the line shortly after 7 p.m. in the Alaska Dream Mile, a new event to Kodiak’s annual all-star track and field meet that showcases the state’s small-school and large-school athletes. “The tradition of having a dream mile is ...
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Why church — or even God? Many seek answers
Ministers and rabbis throughout the U.S. have been asking themselves the question for several years now, "Why don't people go to church these days?" Depending on who they talk to, they then try to apply what they have learned to their various churches, coming up with things such as folk instruments and popular songs in church (1960s and 1970s), being more down-to-earth buddies who drink and party with their parish...
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Austerman announces resignation
Kodiak Island Borough Assembly member Carol Austerman announced she would be resigning from her position on the assembly at the end of June. “My husband has been offered a job overseas, and we will be moving,” Austerman said at Thursday’s assembly meeting. “Since my family will be preparing for this move, that has to be my priority, and I’m no longer going to be able to give the amount of time necessary to be succ...
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Kodiak baseball falls to Chugiak
Chugiak’s Sam Hanson shut the door on Kodiak’s chances of claiming a baseball state title. On a day where pitching dominated the state tournament, Hanson authored a gem in beating Kodiak 7-0 Thursday evening at Mulcahy Field in Anchorage. The Bears (16-11) dropped to the consolation bracket and will play Ketchikan at 1 p.m. today, while the Mustangs moved into a semifinal matchup against surprise winner West Valle...
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Woman returns dog tag in Kodiak to sailor’s daughter in Oklahoma
After decades on a Kodiak beach, a military tag was returned to the daughter of a Navy sailor who served in Kodiak during World War II. Lydia Kimball, who moved to Kodiak a year ago, was searching for wave-rounded glass on a beach on the Coast Guard base, which was formerly a Navy base, when she discovered the tag labeled with the name Harold Edward Loveless. Kimball is a member of an almost 10,000-member Facebook...
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Reduced hours, but regular flights expected for Kodiak airport if shutdown occurs
Many airports throughout Alaska, including in Kodiak, will see reduced hours by Department of Transportation and Public Facilities staff if a state budget is not passed and the government shuts down on July 1. A release from DOT said Part 139 airports, those that service larger planes carrying more than 30 passengers, will see reduced hours if a budget is not passed by the state legislature, and DOT spokesman Jere...
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'I'll See You in My Dreams' is not a chick flick
“Chick flick” is a pejorative. “I’ll See You in My Dreams” (2015) is not a chick flick even though it was described as such by several people before I saw it. The “Urban Dictionary” defines chick flick as “A film that indulges in the hopes and dreams of women and/or girls. A film that has a happy, fuzzy, ridiculously unrealistic ending.” Virtually every part of this description is absent from “I’ll See You in My D...
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Consider trailer park co-ops in Kodiak
I lived in one trailer park or another for much of my childhood. They can be wonderful neighborhoods for kids if they are well run, but the specter of having the land they live on sold out from under them hovers over every family. There is a solution, however. Some communities in the Lower 48, where trailer parks are effectively retirement communities for the working poor, have decided to head off the potential sh...
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Every halibut counts
Having worked in Alaska’s fisheries for 40 years, I was surprised to learn only recently that about half of all halibut caught by sport fishermen are released. Anglers let them go because they are too small, too big, would exceed the size or bag limits, or they just enjoy catch-and-release fishing. Most halibut survive release, but improper handling can injure or even kill a halibut. Some progressive fishing chart...
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