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Let’s reflect on Kodiak’s priorities
Back in my college years, I had a college economics professor whose favorite saying was “what do you want — guns or butter?” If you have limited resources and unlimited demand for goods and services then logic dictates that you determine priorities and concentrate those limited resources on those things that are essential. It is apparent to some of us in Kodiak that we have a severe meth and heroin addiction probl...
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City government shouldn’t act like a common bully
All citizens are entitled to honest government. Few would disagree with that unremarkable statement. But what does it mean? In my book, an “honest” government is one that recognizes that it is just as obligated to abide by the law as any of its individual citizens, and which treats those citizens with courtesy and respect at all times and under all circumstances. Honest government never lies to or attempts to misl...
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The real threats to Kodiak youths
I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Zimmer’s comments about vaccines in his recent letter to the editor. I would like to expand on his assessment of the largest threat to our children. There is a growing body of research proving that trauma and/or chronic stress is a major factor that determines physical and mental health in children and the adults they become. In a landmark study in 2001, The Adverse Childhood Events...
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A debate can make a world of difference
Going into the Aug. 6th Republican Debate I did not have any strong feelings about any of the candidates. After hearing Carly Fiorina speak I was excited to hear a smart, articulate, and accomplished conservative candidate representing the Republican Party. I believe someone like her will stand true to her principles, handle herself against the mudslinging of a presidential campaign, and fight for the American Dre...
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Life and beer are very similar: Chill for best results
Are you familiar with beer? I know it’s pretty obscure in some places. But this is Kodiak, so you, like me, are probably drinking one right now. Beer likely started out accidentally when grain got wet, some airborne yeast floated into it and bubbled away for a while. Then some thirsty and adventurous Mesopotamian took a sip, didn’t die, and then took another and another and another, until something miraculous happ...
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Senior sales tax exemption should be ‘needs based’
To the Editor, I agree with Dixie Hood, a member of the Juneau Commission on Aging, that a senior sales tax exemption should be “needs based.” A “needs based” sales tax exemption should be implemented in Kodiak and not just for senior citizens. While I know this is not a popular idea it does make sense. I am not against senior citizens. I’ll be one very soon. But this is an antiquated entitlement program that need...
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JAY BARRETT: A lesson more important than gun safety
Like many of you, and many Alaskans, I am a firearm owner. I have been since I was 9 years old when my dad handed down to me the .22-caliber bolt-action rifle and single-shot, 20-gauge breech-load shotgun his father gave him around the same age. Honestly, my dad probably should have saved one for my little brother, but like first names for firstborn sons in my family, I think primogeniture was a thing for him — I ...
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Let’s vaccinate our kids and address the real threats to Kodiak’s youths
A guest columnist in a July 30 edition does the families of Kodiak a disservice with his article, “Questioning the safety and necessity of vaccines.” Sure, mixed in with the conspiracy theories, and selective, misleading and false statements, are a few kernels of truth. However, abandoning vaccination, which the author seems to condone, will only cause unnecessary suffering. It is true that safe drinking water, de...
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OP-ED: Questioning safety, necessity of vaccines
It is a scientific fact that vaccines cause severe injuries and deaths to a percentage of those vaccinated. Vaccines are considered “unavoidably unsafe” by U.S. law. Those pushing the vaccines claim they are attempting to protect the majority while sacrificing the minority. In other words, they say they’re doing it for the “greater good.” In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (“The Act...
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Change Kodiak street names only if residents elect to do it
As I recall, the Russian names on some Kodiak streets came about when this community was involved in producing an outdoor play about the early history of Russian America in which Baranov eventually married an Alaskan Native woman who apparently approved of the union. Rezanov came to Kodiak briefly. He encouraged Kodiak classes on bilingualism taught by the Orthodox monk Gedeon. (The monks did beneficially promote ...
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