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Jay Hammond must be rolling in his grave
In his first term as senator, the young Jay Hammond sought a way to protect education and fish and game commissioners from political cleansing by the then new Republican administration. Sen. Hammond devised and passed a clever way to balance the system: An appointed board for fish management, another appointed board for game management and an appointed board of education. The governor could not have more than four...
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Try new approaches to community problems
I thought the outcome of Thursday’s P&Z meeting was as it should be, and I thought Scott Arndt did a good job of running the meeting. Dozens upon dozens of speakers spoke during the 4 1/2-hour meeting, which included some witty and salient observations. One person noted that Kodiak consists of two groups of people: the first group enjoys and appreciates living on Kodiak, while the second group is trying to figure ...
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Another Kodiak ship sank in 1993
I noticed you missed a shipwreck that occurred in January 1993; “The Massacre Bay.” The Daily Mirror article was published on Jan. 18, 1993. This was a big one. They had to lease the High School auditorium because there were so many mourners. (About 700 mourners attended) — Karen Lee
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Losing incinerator impacts cremation services
To the Editor, As some of you may have heard, Kodiak will be losing its incineration services at the end of February. This will affect our community in many ways. One of the ways we will be impacted is in our ability to offer on-island cremation services. The Kodiak Veterinary Clinic currently utilizes the incinerator on island to aide with our group and individual cremations. When we became aware that the inciner...
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Concerned about pedestrian safety
I do not reside in the City of Kodiak, but I’m a frequent visitor as I have family members who have been living there several years. My concern is that of the safety of pedestrians and in particular children. Most cities in America have laws regarding the safety of the pedestrian and those driving vehicles who do not regard those laws but drive in a manner that would endanger someone walking would be severely pros...
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Overwhelmed with joy by the outcome
Now we can say the code revision is dead! The people of Kodiak are truly family. They are the reason I moved back to Kodiak a long time ago when I first retired. For those who missed the meeting, it was Kodiak standing side by side with Kodiak. Men and women, young and older, were testifying giving good reasons why this terribly controlling code needed to be trashed permanently. In the beginning, there was a disse...
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We are born to be free
The cry from grassroots Kodiak society seems to be that of being assured personal freedoms to continue to live here. Wilton White, a beloved former resident, businessman and assemblyman, used to say, "Live, and let live." He was so right; no one likes to be dictated to. The current borough code revision seems to threaten many of our liberties here. Codes that limit our inherited freedoms from God discourage entrep...
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Defending Kodiakans’ property rights
We, property owners and future property owners of Kodiak, have created an email address hotline where people can send complaints about their experiences with the Kodiak Borough. That email address is kodiakoutpost@startmail.com. These complaints can include but are not limited to: 1. Overburdensome permit or zoning requirements and misinterpretation of code by overzealous borough staff resulting in undue hardship ...
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Thanking Kodiak community’s support
To the Editor, We, the students of St. Mary’s School, would like to thank the Kodiak community for supporting us through these 60 years. St. Mary’s School was opened in 1954. Since then, many students like us have attended the school. We appreciate that the community has nurtured St. Mary’s and helped the school grow. As students, we appreciate that the community of Kodiak has kind people, great schools and wonder...
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Time to lower halibut bycatch
To the Editor, As a fisherman and consumer of Pacific halibut, I would like to speak up on behalf of halibut bycatch reduction in the Bering Sea. This nutrient rich region is a vital nursery for halibut that travel throughout the North Pacific. Its fishery policies are important to our own regional fishery health, and to our statewide legacy of fishery management. This impacts all of us. For several years, fisherm...
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