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Letter to the Editor: Why rush to pump more oil ?
To the Editor, Proposition One, an Alaskan resident citizen's Initiative was placed on the ballot after more than 50,000 Alaskans signed the Referendum Petition last summer. Only 30,000 signatures were required. The cost to Alaskans is 1 to 2 BILLION dollars per year. It goes into the already bloated profits of the oil companies! BigOil has promised nothing in return. BigOil is flooding the advertising media with ...
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Austerman does her homework
Carol Austerman will get my vote on Aug. 19. Carol has proven to me that I can trust her judgment, her willingness to work for her community. What I like in regards to her work on the Borough Assembly is her enthusiasm to bring our community forward, she supported major improvements to our quality of life in Kodiak by advocating for the new high school, the new nursing home, the swimming pool and especially contin...
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Austerman supports our community
Dear Editor, As a lifelong Alaskan, with 40 years calling Kodiak home, I would like to say how pleased I am that we have so many candidates willing to represent our district in Juneau. It takes a selfless spirit to be willing to represent your community as an elected official, and I admire each candidate for that. I would like to encourage you to vote for Carol Austerman. Carol and I grew up here and attended Kodi...
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Knowledge is precious
To the Editor, Has anyone else noticed that our salmon berries look deformed? A friend mentioned this. In fact, the last time I picked enough for a snack, I wondered, “Is this the last time?” At our annual picnic, a fisherman from Quzinke, said that about 80 percent of the salmon berries looked like that. He said that the fish have sores, with patches and chunks missing. Also there are crecos cleaning our beaches....
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Election time brings out the best in people
To Editor: Thank you. First for printing the letters. It’s like old times again. With elections coming up, words will be full of fire. That’s the way it should be for a Free American. Freedom of speech. Article No. 1 also gives people ideas they have not thought about plus opinions. The opinions are important in our culture. It stops intimidation by the bullying type of people and stops cliques from taking over on...
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Legislators weigh in on oil tax referendum
The discussion around oil tax reform and Ballot Measure 1 has benefitted from many informed and passionate voices from across the state. As women who serve in the Legislature and who voted for the bill that created our new tax policy, we want to lend a unique perspective on why we voted to pass Senate Bill 21 and why we will vote NO on 1 this August. The Alaska State Legislature is currently blessed with more wome...
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Austerman values all people
To the Editor: I was born and raised in Kodiak and Afognak. I am the eldest of eight children of the late Pete and Nina Olsen, six of us still reside in Kodiak along with our children and grandchildren. Our extended family is in Cordova. I’m writing this letter in support of Carol Austerman who is running for State House of Representatives. I have known Carol since she was a young child. When Carol was the busines...
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Letter to the Editor: National sales tax is a terrible idea
To the Editor, At a recent debate in Homer, Mead Treadwell said he supports the national sales tax being pushed by D.C. groups such as the Club for Growth. The national sales tax idea has been around awhile, but it hasn't been talked about much in Alaska — because it is a terrible idea. A national sales tax would mean: A 30 percent tax on groceries; a 30 percent tax on buying a home or paying rent; a 30 percent ta...
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Letter to the Editor: Duplicating a law is 'pure folly'
To the Editor: I have followed the fuss concerning the law recently passed by the assembly for the management of disgruntled members of the public who insult, defame, or threaten any of their members. Anyone who belongs to a board, or an assembly of any kind, should be thoroughly familiar with parliamentary procedure, which clearly outlines the management of any disruptive behavior on the part of its own, or membe...
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Letter to the Editor: Austerman will work for Kodiak
To the Editor, Carol Austerman is my friend and my candidate for State House. Carol has earned my support by demonstrating a positive commitment to our diverse community, strong leadership, and the willingness to work with others toward consensus on difficult issues. She is easily approachable, a good listener, and always willing to explain her position on issues, as well as rethink her position on issues. Carol h...
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