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Baseball movies for people who don’t like baseball movies
Baseball movies are not everyone’s cup of spit. I happen to love baseball and everything closely, or even remotely, associated with it. My favorite baseball films include “Bull Durham” (1988), “The Natural” (1984), “The Pride of Yankees” (1942), “A League of Their Own” (1992) and “Bang the Drum Slowly” (1973). I must also include a documentary that came out in 2010, “Jews and Baseball: An American Love Story.” Bef...
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Stage and screen: ‘The Debt’: Nazi hunters’ dilemma
Helen Mirren’s latest film, “The Debt,” recounts the horrors of the Holocaust and the frequently fruitless efforts to bring its perpetrators to justice. While the Nuremberg Trials of 1945-46 brought some of the criminals to justice, untold numbers of guilty parties were never held accountable. The main purpose of the trials was to establish a system of justice to judge the criminals ­— not to allow summary executi...
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Ringing true: The music of hand bells returns to Kodiak
If you’ve lived in Kodiak long enough, your ears may have detected a familiar ringing. About 20 years ago, school-age musicians delighted local audiences with the stirring, intricate dance of hand bell music at St. James the Fisherman Episcopal Church. In 2011, nine of those girls and some new friends are reviving the art in Isle Bells, a community hand bell choir preparing for a November concert premiere. “We hav...
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‘The Help’ needs a little bit of help
Ron Howard’s daughter playing an insufferable bigot? That’s Ron Howard, America’s favorite fair-haired child character Opie, on the Andy Griffith show. The same Opie that rounded out the memorable list of characters which included Don Knotts (Deputy Barny Fife), Frances Bavier (Aunt Bea), Andy Griffith (Sheriff Andy Taylor) and the rest? Well, it’s true, Bryce Dallas Howard deftly portrays Hilly Holbrook, the mean...
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‘Les Miz’ casts off
Tryouts for this year’s joint Kodiak High School/community theater production of “Les Miserables” concluded last weekend, and a few dozen lucky Kodiak residents begin rehearsing the musical this weekend. Director Lissa Woodbury Jensen has led the annual joint production for years, but she said this year’s performance may rank above all the rest. “I think personally, as a director, this will be the most challenging...
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Hope Community Resources paints for fun and profit
KODIAK — There’s a big mess in the basement of Hope Community Resources, but everyone is smiling about it. The mess is the byproduct of a project to create colorful art to brighten Kodiak and raise money for Hope. Robert Lockheed and Patty Mitchell, visiting artists from Ohio, have been in Kodiak for two weeks, working with Hope and teaching its employees the finer points of collaborative art. Hope is a nonprofit ...
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Kodiak summer arts program for kids concludes with folk dance camp
With school about to begin, Kodiak Arts Council’s Sum’Arts for Kids program concluded last weekend with a burst of color and sound. Casey Janz was the leader of a weeklong international folk dance camp that taught participants the moves to folk dances from Mexico to Eastern Europe. “We have been having so much fun,” Janz told parents on Friday during the camp’s culminating presentation and party. Seventeen kids be...
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New Baranov Museum exhibit showcases embroidery talent of Orthodox priest
KODIAK — Even if you weren’t able to travel to Spruce Island for the annual Orthodox pilgrimage, a new art exhibit at the Baranov Museum offers you a taste of that place. The exhibit, titled “Father Gerasim, Monk and Artist,” features photography by Kodiak artist Mary Jane Longrich, who chronicled Gerasim’s fabric work during a trip to Spruce Island in 1985. The exhibit opened Aug. 6 to coincide with this year’s p...
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Relay for Life runs rings around Music
When the hours get long and the runners in the 2011 Kodiak Relay for Life start to drag a little, DJ Marc Ignacio will be there to pick them up. He and his company, Island Style Mobile Entertainment, are entering their fourth year volunteering to run the music for the American Cancer Society fundraiser. “It’s just my way of giving back to the community,” Ignacio said. “I’ve got some friends who have cancer … I’ve ...
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Campers keep the focus on nature
Salmon has long pervaded the culture of the Kodiak Archipelago, so it’s no wonder that art shows up as an important part of the popular summer Salmon Camp run by the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. During week-long sessions throughout the summer, children of different ages in town and the villages take part in a range of nature- and ecology-themed activities. On Wednesday, fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders in thi...
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