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A new Congress brings new hope for Alaska
For the first time in eight years, Republicans control both chambers of Congress. While our eight-vote majority in the Senate is not enough to unilaterally overcome filibusters or presidential vetoes, it is enough to restore regular order and actual debate on important issues. The changes we are bringing to the Senate – including longer work weeks and an open amendment process – will create opportunities for bipar...
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Code change insults intelligence
Kodiak Island is such a unique place to live. The people living here are, for the most part, thoughtful, caring, giving, creative and — oh, intelligent. This imported version of P&Z Title 17 is an insult to our intelligence. The purpose and intent of Title 17 reads; “to promote public health, safety and general welfare through the use of uniform district regulations.” Agenda 21 reads, “Protecting and promoting hum...
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Code changes make enforcer too powerful
Many of us Kodiak residents do not welcome this massive 340-page Borough Code change. It is to be reviewed at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 12 at the P&Z meeting. Let's be there! A little research reveals that "Kodiak is a member of ICLEI — International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives. This is a UN-sponsored group that designs and writes policy for our area on land use, energy goals and measurement and water usage. I...
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Draft rules get an F
The residents of Kodiak are currently standing at a fork in the road: an important moment in the history of the community. Which path we take will determine whether we will continue to enjoy the lifestyle and freedom we have as Alaskans and Kodiak residents. The kind of life that people in places such as New York and Los Angeles don’t know about. I recently applied for the City of Kodiak seat on the Kodiak Island ...
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Write a new story – Alaska’s fiscal sustainability
As Alaskans we pride ourselves on our rugged individuality. In certain unfortunate situations, that individuality manifests as an inability to compromise, or worse yet, to form partnerships and find solutions. With the recent and steady advent of lower oil prices, we find ourselves in the unusual position of agreeing that the State of Alaska, and all Alaskans, have a huge fiscal problem. Just as quickly as we agre...
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Kodiakans must speak loudly about borough code replacement
There are those who think the Kodiak Island Borough Code is old and outdated. If you are one of them, then move to where you have the restriction that is best suited for you. Currently this is still a semi-free country. So, instead of trying to make me — and my friends — live in your type of society, you are free to move into that Utopian society that you are looking for. The borough elements go to a think-tank in...
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Supporting student success in Kodiak
In Kodiak, as in most places, schools are a vital part of the community and nothing gets folks more riled up than when we talk about the education of local kids. What’s the recipe for successful students and schools? First we need to recognize that there are 4 equal parts: students, parents, educators and community. Putting students first, while usually well-intended, puts other just as equal parts last. For the e...
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Bob Pederson should not make rules for Kodiak
Letter to the Editor This letter epitomizes why we should not let Bob Pederson or any one person make and enforce the rules for the residents of Kodiak. It is pure politics and rhetoric that should never enter into the Kodiak Island Borough decision-making process. Unfortunately, Pederson has a history of making decisions according to political viewpoints and if you actually do the research it seems Pederson has b...
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Thanking KPD for spreading holiday cheer
I recently had an encounter with the Kodiak City Police Department when I was pulled over for going a little too fast down Rezanof Drive into downtown Kodiak. I realized I was moving too fast as soon as I saw the patrol cruiser. When I saw the officer turn his car around, I knew he was coming for me. I told him so when he approached my vehicle and he thanked me for my honesty. He then took my documents back to his...
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The new Borough code, Bob Pederson, and Agenda 21 are what we need

There are tons of hippie malcontents and right-wing “patriots” saying we need further examination of the proposed code. We don’t! This is why people like Bob Pederson are hired anyway. He can read it and decide what’s best for us and our land use. This is why we have a government. They know what they are doing. If they think it’s best to take some of our land for “green space,” they probably have good reason. If ...
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