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Corporations working hard to give hope
To the editor: I had the privilege of attending the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention in Anchorage during October of this year. I’d like to say everything is bright and rosy for Alaska Natives, but the truth is I saw and heard some people in peril, I saw despair, self-destructive behavior and alcoholism. I ask myself, what are the answers to these terrible conditions? Countless time and effort has been put f...
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GUEST OPINION: Downtown committee still at work
The Kodiak Downtown Revitalization Committee continues to meet and do excellent work. I would like to update the public on the work we have accomplished, the tasks being worked on, and to thank those who stepped forward to volunteer their time on this committee. In 2013, at a city council meeting, several members of the public came forward complaining of the downtown area about litter, panhandlers, and being haras...
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Walter “Wally” Edwin Johnson Jr
Walter “Wally” Edwin Johnson Jr. died Oct. 7, 2015. He was 86. Wally was born on Sept. 26, 1929, in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Walter Johnson Sr. and Helen. On Jan. 28, 1956 he married Elspeth “Betts” (Conable) Johnson in DeKalb, Illinois. Wally was a teacher, principal, coordinator of curriculum and assistant superintendent at Illinois schools until the age of 45. He received a doctorate from Northwestern Univ...
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Guest Column: Educate to solve gun woes
Being a life-long student of English Literature I was fascinated by Jared Griffin’s column “‘Gun’ has only one meaning” (Oct. 8 Kodiak Daily Mirror). Learning the root of the word and the meaning was both enjoyable and educational. I very much appreciate his dedication to the research of the English language and would very much enjoy taking a word origins course, should the college every offer one. There is, howev...
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Pay for police, not buildings
To the editor: Years ago a police chief was hired from Los Angeles who also stated that Kodiak was the main drug distribution point to the Aleutian Islands. Now that Kodiak has a $30 million police building there is no money to hire police. Perhaps our values are slightly out of kilter. If Kodiak can afford a million dollar artificial turf for sports, Kodiak can afford police to protect those same kids who are gro...
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Threshold a boon for local businesses
To the editor: It’s great to finally have a figure to cite for the amount local recyclers save the community with the help of Threshold Services. This is a perfect example of the utility nonprofits bring for the small investments they require. $166,000 is no small amount of savings and I can only imagine how that could multiply if recycling were to be adopted by a majority of local organizations, businesses and ho...
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OPINION: Remembering McCord of Alaska
McCord of Kodiak! Jack McCord! “Man of the North” as best-selling author Rex Beach called him. McCord came to Alaska straight out of high school, drawn north after reading about the exploits of fame gunman Jack Dalton and his Dalton Trail out of Haines. But, by 1907, McCord was hungry and looking for work. He got on with the Alaska Syndicate building a railroad line at the port of Katalla. The railway was in compe...
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Although Threshold was closed on a Monday, I was there finishing up paperwork. When I stepped outside to leave there were two young ladies in a pickup truck unloading a large load of flattened cardboard boxes into the garbage dumpster out front. Although I couldn’t really hear their blithe conversation I did hear the words environment and Sunday, Monday. I imagined that they were rationalizing that the environment...
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To the Editor, I have written to the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to request the results of their investigation be made public, if conducted, on the cause(s) and major contributing factors of the Twin Creeks (Chiniak) wildfire including logging practices. This is needed to protect residences and private property adjacent to on-going and remaining areas to be logged. My observati...
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Twisting ‘intolerance’
In the book “1984” George Orwell illustrated extremely well how totalitarian states manipulate language to control the masses. In the book, Orwell develop terms like “groupthink,” “Newspeak,” “Freedom is Slavery,” etc., to show how language can program people into believing a positive is a negative and a negative is a positive.  Today, the meaning of the term “tolerance” has been twisted, distorted and propagandiz...
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