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UAF, UAA consider transfer of KSMSC building
The University of Alaska Fairbanks and University of Alaska Anchorage are in the first stages of considering transferring the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center building to Kodiak College. The building has empty space that could potentially be used by Kodiak College, said Paula Cullenberg, the co-director of KSMSC. With tight budgets at the University of Alaska, KSMSC has seen faculty retire and not be repla...
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KIBSD adding staff to rural schools
In stark contrast with most of Alaska’s rural schools, a few rural schools on Kodiak Island are showing student increases and thus a need for more teachers. The Kodiak Island Borough School District is looking for an additional teacher for Chiniak and one for the reopened school at the Danger Bay logging camp on Afognak island. “We’re working with the people out at Danger Bay and we’re sending out a substitute unt...
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Week in Words: Assembling for peace’s sake
We had some important words circling the news last week. A big one, which we hear often, was “assembly,” for two reasons: the local election and the discussions over the proposed easement at Termination Point. “Assembly” is a fascinating word full of all sorts of complexities. Deriving from the French verb “assemble,” which appeared around the 14th century, “assembly” plainly means in our modern coinage a gatherin...
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VPSOs get submersible thanks to KANA
Village Public Safety Officers around the state will now have access to a remotely operated underwater vehicle thanks to the purchase by the Kodiak Area Native Association, according to a trooper release. KANA purchased the ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) for use in the VPSO program. KANA is one of 10 native corporations that employs VPSOs. T.C. Kamai, the VPSO program coordinator for KANA, said KANA ha...
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Kodiak approves of Indigenous Peoples Day
Gov. Bill Walker’s proclamation Monday changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day is receiving strong applause from across Kodiak Island. “I think it’s great,” said Andrew Teuber, president for Kodiak Area Native Association. “This governor has shown time and time again that he is sensitive to Native issues.” April Laktonen Counceller, executive director for the Alutiiq Museum echoed Teuber. “It’s quite excit...
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Local finds old round under porch
An old, inert unexploded round was discovered last week under a porch in Bell's Flats. “It was buried in the dirt and the water slowly eroded the dirt away,” said Jonathan “Gage” Sholl. “We were taking out the porch to put a new one in, and as I picked it up, I noticed exactly what it was.” He called the military police and state troopers. They in turn called out explosive ordnance disposal personnel. “As I was lo...
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Kodiak's water crisis is over
Kodiak’s water woes are now over says Mark Kozak, public works director. “Since Oct. 5, we’ve gained 10 feet from all the rains we’ve been having,” Kozak said. “I do believe we’re are passed the water crisis.” City officials have been fretting over water levels in Monashka Reservoir for three weeks now after dry conditions dropped lake levels below 50 percent of its capacity. Kozak had nothing but praise for commu...
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OPINION: Female Kake warrior leads raid to avenge slain chief
Alaska has always been known as a land populated by forceful women. The United States learned that decades before purchasing the Upper One from Russia. It was in the 1850s that a female Kake warrior gave America a bloody nose in a daring raid for the head of an American official. Tlingits and other Pacific Northwest tribes traveled in the summer to Puget Sound to work for Americans and the British who were claimin...
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Kodiak team views Sitka health summit
A small team from Kodiak observed a Sitka health summit last week for a better understanding how Kodiak might conduct its own next month. Merissa Koller Williams, executive for Healthy Tomorrows, and Carlia Franz, marketing and communications director for Providence Kodiak Medical Center, observed the dynamics of how Sitka organized and staged its health summit. “You come away realizing that rehearsal day for some...
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Senior Life: Computer classes amping up
Things are happening at the Kodiak Senior Center with computer classes having started up, exercise each day, Aging Mastery Program classes continuing and special events as well as the regular lunch program. Computer classes will be held each Wednesday through Nov. 25. Though beginning classes are now closed, intermediate and advance class from 1:30-3 have openings. Available. You can sign up by calling the center ...
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