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Senior Citizens of Kodiak produces film to promote adult day program
Senior Citizens of Kodiak Inc. has produced a new eight-minute film that sheds light on the services adult day programs provide. Senior Citizens of Kodiak executive director Pat Branson decided she wanted to present information about adult day services to communities across the state. The film, “Best Kept Secret: Adult Day Services” explains what an adult day program does and who might use it. Branson narrates the...
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Alaska State Troopers start investigation after arrest video
The Alaska Department of Public Safety is conducting an internal investigation into a video that depicts a 20-year-old Kodiak woman thrown to the ground during an arrest by Alaska State Troopers. The YouTube video titled “Young woman being arrested for nothing” went live on Monday afternoon, and as of Wednesday afternoon had more than 21,700 views and 470 comments. Troopers were called to the home in Rasmusson’s T...
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Coast Guard likely to scale back summer Arctic deployments
A year after the Coast Guard took a step into the Arctic, budget cuts and a lack of commercial traffic are making it step back. As crews from Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak fan out across the state from summer deployments, the Coast Guard has confirmed that fewer Coast Guardsmen and fewer aircraft will be stationed in the Arctic this summer. How many fewer is still being debated. “There’s a presence, but they have...
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Former Murkowski staffer, released from prison, tries federal lobbying
A former fisheries adviser to Sen. Lisa Murkowski is back on Capitol Hill after a five-month prison term, but this time Arne Fuglvog is on the opposite side of the desk — as a lobbyist. According to records from the first quarter of 2013, Fuglvog is representing four commercial fishing companies — Aleutian Spray Fisheries, Blue North Fisheries, Fishermen’s Finest and Glacier Fish. According to official documents, ...
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Discover Kodiak looks for new executive director
Discover Kodiak is looking to discover a new executive director. Current executive director Janet Buckingham is resigning after five and a half years in the position so she can move back to Moab, Utah to be closer to her family. “I’m a desert rat at heart and our home is in Moab, Utah,” Buckingham said. “We always planned to return at some point.” When Buckingham started in November 2007, her goals were to bring K...
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No word on furloughs for Kodiak Weather Service personnel
Union representatives declared Monday that the National Weather Service is planning large-scale furloughs this summer, including the service’s 200 employees in Alaska. No one at the weather service station at Kodiak State Airport could answer questions about the proposal, but Jim Brader, Alaska representative for the National Weather Service Employees Organization said four days of furloughs are planned at each of...
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Man faces theft charge for alleged Craigslist scam
A Kodiak man is facing a serious theft charge for allegedly selling a car on Craigslist and failing to deliver it to the buyer in Whittier. Loren Delacruz, 22, was arraigned in Kodiak district court on April 24, for one count of second-degree theft. Second-degree theft is a class C felony punishable by up to five years in jail and a $50,000 fine. According to court documents, Kodiak police detectives received a Cr...
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Fires flare in dry conditions
Kodiak’s fire departments had a busy weekend as they responded to a boat fire, a car fire and a grass fire in dry and windy conditions. The Kodiak Fire Department responded to smoke coming from a boat docked at the Petro Marine fuel dock at 10:53 p.m. Friday. When firefighters arrived, they determined the smoke was from a fire in the engine room of the 86-foot fishing vessel Bering Beauty. It took eight firefighte...
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KHS expansion begins this week
Before the show, the stage must be set. On Monday, workers cut poles and prepared to string fencing around Kodiak High School. This week, construction trailers will arrive and be filled with plans, equipment and staff, all in preparation for the groundbreaking of the Kodiak High School expansion and renovation project. “It’s about to happen. It’s really here,” said schools superintendent Stuart McDonald. A groundb...
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School district plans to stretch blanket of teachers between KHS and KMS
Kodiak will hit 16 hours of daylight next week as the sun peeks above the horizon at 6 a.m. Late risers will stretch the covers over their eyes, pulling their blankets up and letting their feet poke out. As spring turns to summer, the Kodiak Island Borough school district is doing some stretching of its own, and like those early risers, it’s finding its blanket a bit too small. On Friday, Kodiak High School reveal...
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