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KHS graduate illustrates children’s book
A Kodiak High School graduate and his wife have published a children’s book that teaches kids to look at what they have to offer to others. Brandon Jones grew up in Kodiak. He and his wife Inez live in Hong Kong with their two children, ages 6 and 4, but visit Kodiak every summer. This summer they brought copies of their new book “The Contest,” which Inez wrote and Brandon illustrated. “The Contest” tells the stor...
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Outlook for deer hunters is improving
Deer season starts today, and the outlook for hunters is improving after the harsh winter of 2011-2012, biologists say. John Crye of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said spot surveys show the archipelago’s herds are rebounding, though the southern end of Kodiak Island appears to be doing better than the northern end and Afognak Island. Neither Fish and Game nor the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge conduct de...
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Cyclical insect infestation returns to Kodiak’s south side
The Emerald Isle is looking a little brown these days. It’s not from the unusually dry and weather — insects have swarmed the south end of Kodiak Island and are eating the leaves from trees. Writing from Zachar Bay, where he is surveying the insect infestation, Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge biologist Bill Pyle said, “this event apparently encompasses tens of thousands of acres of mixed deciduous forest and woodl...
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Kodiak otter doing well at Sea Life center
A northern sea otter rescued from Kodiak is making himself at home at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, officials said. “We’ve had that critter for a while … he’s learning how to be a little teenager,” said Carole Tallman, senior marketing and sales manager of the center. The otter, named Nuka after a marine landmark in Seward, was rescued on June 1 in Kodiak. Wendy Close Eskew, owner of Kodiaks Wild Side!, had...
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Sweeping update to land use rules nears finish line
Its authors call it “often dull,” but a new draft of the borough’s zoning and land use rules will have implications for every homeowner and business in the Kodiak Island Borough. Last month, the borough’s Project Advisory Committee wrapped up three years of work drafting new land use rules. The rules have not been updated since the 1970s and are scheduled to get their first complete hearing in front of the plannin...
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Moderate fire danger in Kodiak
Kodiak might be drier than Phoenix, Arizona this month, but fire officials say the danger of wildfires is still on the moderate side. “The humidity’s still up,” said Bayside Fire Chief Bob Himes. “We’re still good.” Through the last day of the month, Kodiak has had just over 1 inch of rain, one-quarter its normal total for July. Across the rest of the state, similarly warm and dry conditions have led to widespread...
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Troopers arrest man for drug possession
A Kodiak man is accused of possessing more than 20 oxycodone pills. Brad Aga, 43, was arraigned in Kodiak District Court on Monday for one count of fourth-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance and two counts of violating conditions of release for a misdemeanor. Fourth-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance is a class C felony punishable by up to five years in jail and a $10,000 fine. Accor...
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Unusually large number of kings caught by Kodiak fishermen
In the wake of king salmon sportfishing closures across the state, fishermen are asking a simple question: Where are the king salmon? Judging from the latest commercial salmon harvest figures, Kodiak fishermen have an equally simple answer: In the ocean. Through Sunday, Kodiak commercial fishermen have pulled in more than 31,000 king salmon, or 150 percent of what the Alaska Department of Fish and Game had forecas...
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Kodiak bedbug cases on the rise
They’re small but quite literally can be a pain in the rear end. Bed bugs have returned to Alaska, and they’re a growing problem in Kodiak, according to the island’s sole licensed pest control expert, Robert “B.J.” Johnson. “It's not rampant, it's not like a tidal wave of bedbugs, but it is on the increase,” he said. Johnson, who has worked in Kodiak pest control for the past 16 years, said bedbugs started showing...
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4-H holds annual horse show
Nineteen Kodiak riders showed their skills at the annual 4-H horse show Saturday and Sunday at the Kodiak Island Fairgrounds. The show, judged by Kodiak 4-H alumna Carrie O’Day, measured participants on the Danish system. Instead of competing against each other, riders were asked to reach a “standard of perfection.” Events included Hunt Seat (English riding) and Stock Seat (Western riding). In Equitation, a rider ...
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