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Kodiak student to build, fly UAVs in Anchorage
Fifty-seven high school students from across Alaska, including Kodiak’s Kristopher Hill-McLaughlin, recently arrived at the University of Alaska Anchorage campus to participate in the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program Acceleration Academy. During the five-week. all-expenses-paid summer session, students earn credit toward a college degree and learn about career opportunities that exist in science, tech...
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FISH FACTOR: Sockeye salmon run goes from bust to unbelievable
The world’s biggest sockeye salmon run at Bristol Bay went from “bust” to “unbelievable” in one week. Landings last week broke records every day for five days for that time frame, bringing the total sockeye catch to nearly 28 million fish on an unusually long-tailed run — and the reds were still coming on strong. That had overloaded processors scurrying to replace workers they’d sent home the previous week when th...
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GARDEN GATE: When is a berry, not a berry?
‘Hello? I said to my iPhone. Nothing. “Hello?” I said a little more insistent, thinking it might be a butt call. “Wait, wait. Don’t hang up, I’m calling from Alitak on a satellite phone.” At that point I shifted gears to a familiar, slower, form of communication. I’d talked on single sideband (SSB) radios often enough while working at sea to know that long delays followed bursts of spoken words. These days, such c...
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A day at the dig
With every scrape of the trowel, a dozen college and high school students, interns and volunteers like me dug a little deeper into Alutiiq history. Under a cloudy sky that threatened rain, we dug in Womens Bay along Salonie Creek at an archaeological location known as the Kashevaroff site, named for its close proximity to Kashevaroff Mountain. Since 1997, the Alutiiq Museum has held “Community Archaeology” giving ...
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OFF TO L.A.: Tregarthen to compete at SO World Games
How strong is Brittany Tregarthen? Strong enough to send a punching bag spiraling through the air. That’s exactly what happened during one of her recent training sessions at the Kodiak Athletic Club. “She hits that thing, and it goes flying off the ceiling and lands on the floor,” said Lindsay Knight, Tregarthen’s trainer and owner of the club. “Her eyes are as big as saucers and her jaw drops almost to the ground...
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Officials call for action at marine debris kickoff
State, federal and non-governmental representatives called for action to reduce debris Thursday, the official kickoff for a program to remove collected debris from sites around Alaska. Elaine Busse Floyd, director of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Division of Environmental Conservation, called attention to the dangers that marine debris can pose. “Fish, marine mammals and other wildlife are af...
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Public Safety Blotter: July 17
July 9 At 12:51 a.m., police conducted a security check on Rezanof Drive East. Around 1:25 a.m., police conducted two bar checks downtown. At 1:32 a.m., police conducted a security check on Mill Bay Road. At 2:16 a.m., police cited a driver in the Erskine Avenue and Mission Road area for no proof of insurance, drug paraphernalia, failure to obtain Alaska drivers license and no taillights. At 3 a.m., a 911 caller r...
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Woman still seeks photo of Kurt Int-Hout
A woman from Hawaii who collects photographs to “put a face to the name” at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., says she still hopes someone from Kodiak would get give her a photograph of Kodiak man Kurt Int-Hout. Janna Hoehn has been collecting photos for The Wall during the past six years. “I know sometimes people will read the article and think someone else will respond,” Hoehn said, “and wh...
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Don’t use the Bible as weapon to condemn
While having lunch at a local coffee shop recently, I had a couple of people stop by my table to thank me for bravely taking a stand in favor of gay marriage. I did not do it to get thanks, or to be popular, despite what many conservatives say about more open churches being so “PC,” as in “Politically Correct.” PC, with air quotes, and said sarcastically, has become the disclaimer many people use to justify their ...
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AMAZING NATURE: A summer day with whales and wonders
Visitors stream to Alaska every summer to share in the wonders of our amazing ocean bounty and wildlife sights. This is a very special summer for me because my parents are here. They bravely embarked on a very long trip flying from Germany across the North Atlantic Ocean, over Greenland and Canada to Seattle, then getting herded through customs and TSA, miles of airport travel, mechanical delays and language barri...
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