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The Last Hurrah
To the Editor, Last Saturday, May 16, was the last hurrah for my ALS Walk4Life. Once again, the turnout was discouraging and, therefore, will not be repeated next year. I want to thank everyone who supported my efforts for the past two years: the walkers, my steadfast volunteers, Kodiak Print Masters, Walmart, Safeway, KMXT, St. Mary’s Catholic School, all my friends who posted my public service announcements. Sep...
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Jackson Park comprised of hardworking people
To the editor: In response to the recent article on Jackson Trailer Park, not everyone in Jackson is so-called “trailer trash people.” Many people here are very hardworking people who work themselves tooth and nail for minimum wage or less, who struggle to make ends meet to pay their bills and taxes. Some are hardworking fishermen who come home after a tough season battered half to death from that ocean, absolutel...
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KDM columnist’s words preserved for posterity
I enjoyed the “FDR in Kodiak” article from the Feb. 3 issue, and I sent a copy to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library. I think they liked it! FDR and Jimmy Carter are the only presidents to visit Kodiak, as far as I know. — Mat Freeman (EDITOR’S NOTE: Bob Clark, acting director of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library in Hyde Park, New York, sent a letter dated April 28 to Mr. Freeman. Part of the letter said, “On behal...
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Why no bus service to Main Elementary?
I was wondering why Main Elementary is the only school that has no bus service, except for the special-needs children that start in second grade, which should start in kindergarten. Main Elementary needs school bus services because not having this service is a hardship for parents and students. The problem for the parents is that some of them are single and have no one to take their children to school when they ha...
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Witch doctor cheaper for Medicaid recipients
In order to expand Medicaid the legislature wants compromise and to cut cost on the program. A way this can be done is to give the people who would receive expanded Medicaid a witch doctor instead of a medical doctor. A witch doctor is much cheaper than a medical doctor, so the legislature would get what it wants by cutting cost on the expanded Medicaid and the people who want expanded Medicaid would receive it. B...
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Will always remember and love Kodiak and its residents
In 1987, soon after graduating from college and marrying, we moved to Kodiak. We had a dog, very few belongings and a dream of a life adventure in Alaska. We quickly adapted to the rhythm of island life. The years not passing so much by the turning of calendar pages, but by the changes of the seasons … fishing, hunting, berry harvesting; and marked by those special Kodiak events; Christmas Fleet Parade, Crab Fest,...
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Oil companies should share some of their profits
To the Editor, We all know that there is a great amount of concern about the deep cut backs in education the state is going to have to endure. The oil companies are still making billions in profits from Alaska oil, not as many billions as they use to, but still making good money. Does the oil companies always have to have all of the profit all of the time? Can’t they share some of that profit they are making from ...
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Hazardous to irony
Dear Editor, This is somewhat ironic. In May, the Navy will conduct inspections offshore from Kodiak, searching for WWII-related ordnance that might be hazardous. In June, the Navy will conduct training, depositing a few hundred thousand pounds of materials, some hazardous, into waters offshore from Kodiak and other coastal communities. — Tom Lance, Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak
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Fagan disregards Economics 101
I have been reading the rants of Mr. (Jamie) Fagan for a while now and have generally been able to ignore the simplistic arguments that he propounds. His latest pronouncements on the Gold Standard and “fiat” currency is too much misinformation, ignorance and false facts to ignore and, what the heck, I must have too much time on my hands in my semi-retirement. While I am not an economist like everyone, I have acces...
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Leisnoi prepping to log Chiniak Lake and Lagoon
Adding insult to environmental injury to the unique Chiniak Sitka Spruce forest, A-1 Timber Consultants (A-1), according to my information, is doing preparatory work for clear-cut logging around Chiniak Lake and Lagoon, a special place due to landlocked silver salmon and long beach from which whales can sometimes be observed from World War II fortifications. Leisnoi Corporation has apparently chosen not to seek ot...
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