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Begich is the right candidate
I’m voting for Mark Begich for U.S. Senator because: He’s committed to our fisheries. He opposes the Pebble Mine, oil and gas development in Bristol Bay and genetically modified salmon. He’s chairman of the Senate Oceans, Fisheries and Coast Guard Subcomittee, a position that has benefited our fishing community and the Coast Guard. He’s fiscally conservative, voting against an Obama budget that would have raised o...
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Kodiak needs a crab restoration effort
To the Editor, Toby Sullivan wrote a great piece on the early Kodiak crab fishery. A kick in the mouth with a reminder that the community of Kodiak was built on crab. This city, the state and federal government have spent up to one billion dollars in often unbelievable financial indebtedness and flat-out government largesse, all taxpayer drains. Compare that with an embarrassingly low amount on restoring king and ...
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PANDA resolution would have been a simple fix
To the Editor, Phil Donahuhe: broadcasting legend and 29-year veteran of the "Donahue Show," in a posted article on The Real News Network entitled "The Radicalization of Phil Donahue,” explained that by hosting people like Noam Chomsky, he came to question his belief that he was blessed and living in the greatest country on earth. Mr. Donahue characterizes today’s mainstream media not as questioning the establishm...
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Reduce, reuse and recycle
To the Editor, I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of letters about recycling. I wholeheartedly encourage every resident of Kodiak to first reduce, then reuse, and finally recycle as much as possible (in that order). I moved here in 1997, and even then I was appalled at the lack of recycling. I couldn't bring myself to toss out glass jars or bottles for months (friends thought my mountain of glass collecting in...
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Sen. Begich represents Alaskan interestes
To the Editor, The upcoming General Election offers Alaskans the opportunity to make some very important decisions for the future of Alaska. I am sure I am not the only voter who is weary of the many negative campaign ads funded by the mega rich (based on half truths) that we have been saturated with. We have one candidate who has worked very hard to gain seniority and represent Alaskan interests. Senator Mark Beg...
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Thank you Kodiak
To the Editor, In late 1974, my family and I were living in Mendham when my husband, Verlyn Geriene, was diagnosed with Acute Granulocytic Leukemia of the stem cell. He was admitted to Morristown hospital where he received care from the very best doctors. After four weeks in the hospital and having had many blood tests and many bone marrow tests, all showing he was totally blitzed with Leukemia cells, I was given ...
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LeDoux will not disappoint
To the Editor, I am excited to see so many competent candidates for the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly and am confident a strong assembly will be the end result. Although I have never before written a letter of support for any candidate, I feel compelled to do so now. I want to urge voters to seriously consider Larry LeDoux for the assembly. I have known Larry for over 20 years, during many of which I had the good...
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Trawl fleet should clean up their mess
Letter to the Editor, For years we've been told that the massive waste of halibut, crab, king salmon, small cod and pollock is an unavoidable consequence of trawling. During the February 1997 meeting of the NPFMC a representative from the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans described how they reduced halibut bycatch mortality from 2,000,000 pounds to under 300,000 pounds in one year without sacrificing a s...
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Kaplan brings a balance to the assembly
To the Editor, I recommend that we all vote for David Kaplan for the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly. He brings a balance to the assembly by working hard to improve the impact of proposed policies on each person in the subgroups of the Kodiak Island community including village residents, processor families, our school age young people, educators, senior citizens, business people, Coast Guard families, and members o...
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'Harmful fish management makes no sense'
To the Editor, Starting Oct. 6, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council meets in Anchorage on the continuing dispute of Gulf of Alaska Trawl Bycatch Management. Trawlers want to privatize public groundfish resources, because it means they could collect quota lease fees of up to 70 percent without working aboard the boats where the quotas are caught. That just takes money from captains and crewmen who might sp...
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