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Outdoor Kodiak: Pink salmon summer fun
For me, the arrival of pink salmon in July is the true onset of a Kodiak summer. I’m happy to report that summer arrived in full force last week! We saw pink salmon almost everywhere we expected to see them, and we caught them until our arms shouted for a break. The large schools of pink salmon begin to arrive in mid-July, timed for warm days and lazing on the beach. They’re the perfect family fish because they’re...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Turn your freezer stock into something for the table
This is an exciting time of year as fishing improves and freezer shelves start filling with winter treats. Meanwhile, we also can enjoy fresh fish as often as we want! But there comes a point when freezers fall into disarray as each new batch of fish is added to the one before it. At some point you have to take the bull by the horns and reorganize your freezer. We had a little surprise while sorting our own freeze...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Camping Kodiak style
With the approach of Independence Day and the recent warm weather, more than a few families have camping on their calendars. Have you looked at the weather forecast? If you like what you see out your window right now, you’re all set. But if the prospects of wind and wet have you reconsidering your camping plans, don’t be too fast to give up. Camping on Kodiak can become a labor of love when the weather turns sour....
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Outdoor Kodiak: Getting a jump on pinks
I was cautiously steering our boat past a kelp bed, watching for the long brown streamers to loom suddenly beneath the surface as we trolled for king salmon. It’s a bit like playing bumper cars with your boat as you maneuver close enough to attract a king while staying out just far enough to avoid tangles. I was looking ahead when I in the corner of my eye I saw the inboard rod dip lightly once, then twice, and ye...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Zeroing in on halibut takes a little longer this year
From everything I hear, we’re not the only ones finding the halibut fishing pretty slow. There seem to be even fewer halibut than last year, which was down considerably from the year before. We’re managing to get halibut in spite of the slower fishing, but we’re using different tactics than ever before. If you’re bothered by a blank space in your freezer, you might want to hear how we’re doing it. I won’t claim th...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Salmon on hand, but deer on the mind
Deer season doesn’t open until August 1, so why think about it and begin your preparation now? That’s actually the point. Deer season is less than two months away, and with the challenging hunting we’re likely to encounter, you want to begin your preparation today. The last few winters have been hard on the deer, and their numbers are down considerably. You’re likely to put in a lot of effort to see one, much less...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Finding fun in Kodiak’s least-popular sport fishery
Which sport fishery is the least popular on Kodiak Island? Walk down to any beach on the road system today, and the answer is waiting. I’m betting you won’t meet a single angler. June is the peak for catching Dolly Varden trout in the ocean, yet almost no one bothers. Avid anglers fished for them in May rivers, but once these great fish reach the ocean they’re forgotten. Sure, anglers are distracted by the onset o...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Fighting the crowds for red salmon
I declare that spring has arrived! We have fresh king salmon in the freezer, and at any moment red salmon should start ascending Kodiak rivers. Red salmon, or sockeye as they they’re more widely known, are cause for celebration on Kodiak. They’re the first salmon of the year for shorebound anglers, and they’re incredible on the table. But there are two sides to that coin. Most of the river fishing occurs in a few ...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Fresh fish on the table
We dropped into a favorite restaurant for dinner last night, and their special was fresh halibut. Now I remember! Frozen halibut that’s been carefully packaged is excellent, but fresh is even better. That’s true for most fish. You can have dandy eating from the freezer, but it can be so much sweeter and more flavorful when fresh. My wife and I took our first bites at the same time. She looked up at me and smiled. ...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Getting started with Dolly Varden
I’m tired of waiting! The winter was long, and it’s time to start catching Dolly Varden in rivers. I can’t be sure they’re leaving their winter lakes yet, headed downstream to the ocean. But they should start any day and I plan to be on the river waiting for them. The timing of each year’s Dolly run is variable. Predicting it isn’t a matter of looking at last year’s calendar. I have come close a few times by watch...
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