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Researchers discover increases in sterility in Kodiak Sitka deer
I've hunted deer in the Kodiak Archipelago since 1967. I soon discovered venison here to be the finest I had ever eaten. For 47 years it has been a major part of my family's nutrition. In 1994, I sighted and later shot an abnormal buck. This animal had antlers still in the velvet in late November and had grown several non-typical points near the bases. This buck had the body conformation of a doe and had no testic...
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Museum construction bill proposes aiding upgrades
The Baranov Museum may get some funding next year for planned new exhibits with a new bill recently introduced in the Alaska Legislature. The bill would provide matching grants for capital projects “for museum construction, expansion, and major renovation projects,” according to the text of Senate Bill 61, which Sen. Gary Stevens introduced on Wednesday as a companion bill to House Bill 52, sponsored by District 3...
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Education offered through spring break with Alutiiq Week
The Alutiiq Museum will be offering a week of activities over spring break for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade, the first Alutiiq Week in the city of Kodiak in several years. Alutiiq Week has been an ongoing event in Kodiak Island villages for years. “Typically, villages produce their own Alutiiq Week and bring in artists to teach mainly kids and students different types of arts and cultural activities...
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Grounded vessel gets fuel lifted off, some may have leaked
Much of the fuel aboard the fishing vessel that went aground on Long Island has been removed although as much as 200 gallons of diesel may have leaked from a “compromised” fuel tank. A new situation report from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation issued Tuesday stated Global Diving and Salvage, LLC had removed about 2,300 gallons of diesel from three intact tanks onboard the vessel Savannah Ray. An...
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Man with previous arrest records face sentencing — again
A Kodiak man who has been sentenced to jail twice in 2012 and again arrested on unrelated charges last year will be sentenced Friday on charges involving criminal trespass. Julian Valdez will face sentencing before Judge Steve Cole at 3:30 p.m., court documents show. Other than the charges of criminal trespass in the second degree, which is a class-B misdemeanor, the 28-year-old Valdez was also charged on May 12 l...
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Council voices support for letter that could lead to new development
The Kodiak City Council voiced support for a letter to encourage the federal government to pay for the cleanup of a contaminated area that Natives of Kodiak wants to develop. NOK owns property in Swampy Acres and said in an email to the city that when the land was given to NOK under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, NOK was unaware that the property was contaminated. “They’ve got environmental contamination...
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Kodiak’s Pickled Willys gets top prize — in three cities
Bill Alwert of Pickled Willys says he was tickled pink over his black cod tips. “It was pretty neat doing this,” he said. “There were a lot of other people out there.” Alwert was referring to the Alaska Symphony of Seafood, an annual contest for new products made from Alaska seafood, which declared Pickled Willys’ black cod tips winner in the People’s Choice category for all three venues — Seattle, Juneau and Anch...
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Kodiak breaks two weather records
Kodiak broke a daily rainfall record and a daily high-temperature record over the past few days. On Friday, Kodiak received 2.32 inches of rain, beating the old record of two inches. On Sunday, Kodiak saw a record high of 45 degrees, although there is an unofficial high temperature of 46 degrees recorded in 1944. Unofficial weather records in Kodiak stretch back to the 1800s, said National Oceanic and Atmospheric ...
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Rush announces retirement
Don Rush, administrator at Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center, has announced plans to retire. Don has served in Kodiak for the last 12 years, leading a high-performing team that brought positive change, financial stability and growth in services during his tenure. His legacy is the culture he fostered through humble leadership and the dedicated people of Providence who continue to provide excellent and compas...
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Assembly identifies federal priorities
The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly designated their top federal program priorities and adopted a single project on their federal capital improvement program list. The lone project was the Kodiak landfill wastewater treatment plant. The borough is requesting $1,825,000 toward the $16 million project. The borough attributes the need to new Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation requirements necessitating th...
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