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After borough, state hurdle for care center
The Kodiak Island Borough is working hard on plans for a new hospital facility, but the project’s ultimate future may rest in the hands of the state of Alaska. During a wide-ranging Thursday night work session, the Kodiak Island Borough assembly discussed three major votes on a proposed long-term care facility to be built next to Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center. The care facility, commonly called a nursing...
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Man takes ax to fishing vessel engines
A former employee of the fishing vessel Pacific Producer is accused of damaging three of the vessel’s engines with an ax. Jamshid Hudaykulov, 24, was arraigned in Kodiak district court Jan. 23 on three felony charges. He faces one count of third-degree criminal mischief and two counts of third-degree assault, class C felonies. According to court documents, the incident occurred around 10:30 a.m. Jan. 23 when Huday...
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Alutiiq Museum publishes new book
The Alutiiq Museum is expanding its campaign to promote the Alutiiq language with a new book detailing how to write in Alutiiq. “The Alutiiq Orthography: Kodiak Dialect” was written by museum language program manager April Laktonen Counceller and linguist Jeff Leer. The book is a 100-page paperback that contains the rules for Alutiiq writing. “This is based on a project the museum is supporting with Chugachmiut In...
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Bill proposed to rename Akhiok runway in memory of dead pilots
If one new bill passes the Alaska Legislature, a rural runway will soon memorialize two pilots killed while flying over Kodiak. Among the Kodiak bills in the Legislature this year is Senate Bill 31, which will name the Jim Andie and Robin Starrett Memorial Runway in Akhiok. The bill was introduced by Sen. Gary Stevens and has been referred to the senate’s transportation committee for debate. Linda Amodo, the mayor...
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Supreme court rules in favor of Leisnoi in long-running payment case
The Alaska Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Leisnoi Inc. in a long-running dispute between the Native corporation and its former attorney. On Friday, the supreme court ruled that a fee agreement between Leisnoi and the law firm of Merdes & Merdes is invalid, and Merdes must return more than $640,000 paid by Leisnoi since 2010. Merdes represented Leisnoi in its 30-year court battle against Omar Stratman for land...
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300 Blockbuster stores are closing nationwide, but none are in Alaska
In the Lower 48, Blockbuster membership cards are becoming about as common as pay phones. Here in Alaska, while video rental stores may be suffering from competition, they’re still hanging on strong. Last week, Dish Network — parent company of Blockbuster — announced it will close about 300 stores nationwide. That’s about 35 percent of all Blockbusters nationwide and means only 500 remain open from a peak of 5,700...
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Schools' early budget gap is $1.9 million
The Kodiak Island Borough School district faces a gap of approximately $1.9 million between revenue and expenses as it starts its 2014 budget process. Schools superintendent Stuart McDonald revealed the figure during a joint meeting between the school board and Kodiak Island Borough assembly on Thursday night. The school district projects $40.8 million in revenue and $42.7 million in expenditures. "We're talking a...
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Speaker talks about Columbine school shooting
Craig Scott, a survivor of the 1999 Columbine High School shootings, spoke to students at Kodiak High School on Thursday to share the importance of making positive impacts on their school and community. Scott’s message wasn’t focused on tragedy, but was a story of triumph and hope. Students wept as they listened to Scott share his experiences and the story of his sister, Rachel Joy Scott. Scott was 16 and his sist...
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Borough begins teacher contract talks
The opening lines have been drawn as the Kodiak Island Borough School District and the Kodiak Borough Education Association begin negotiations on a new contract with Kodiak teachers. Representatives from the school district and the district’s largest union met last week, and on Monday the district released details of both sides’ initial proposals. “We’ve had very limited discussion with the school district at this...
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Kulluk damage assessment continues
ANCHORAGE (AP) — The united command overseeing the salvage of the Royal Dutch Shell PLC drill barge says the vessel's damage poses no threat to its stability while it's anchored off Kodiak Island. But spokesman Kevin Hardy said Wednesday he could not answer whether hull damage will make the Kulluk unsuitable for towing, whether it could be moved by heavy lift ship rather than by towing, or whether it will be moved...
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