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Election results certified
More than 50 percent of Alaska State House District 32 registered voters turned out for the 2014 general election, according to the certified election results. The results, which were certified Monday afternoon by the Division of Elections, gave Republican Sen.-elect Louise Stutes the win over Democrat Jerry McCune, 3,236 votes to 2,608. For State Senate District P, voters chose Sen. Gary Stevens (R-Alaska) over D...
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Cleanup continues at launch facility
ANCHORAGE -- The cleanup of hazardous materials and metal shards continues at the state-owned Kodiak Launch Facility three months after military testers detonated a rocket carrying an experimental weapon, and the work might not be completed this year. The team conducting the test Aug. 25 for the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command noticed an anomaly within four seconds of the rocket lifting off in the earl...
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Processors learn about quality control
Seafood processing workers learned about quality control and seafood safety in an eight-day class that ended last week. The twenty-three students came from eight different processing plants from around Alaska. Some came from Kodiak, but others were from Nome, Seward and Petersburg. They represented Icicle Seafoods, Global Seafoods, Ocean Beauty, and several others. “They’re all processors and they’re all in produc...
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Kodiak residents get an avalanche of tips on safety
Being aware of surroundings and keeping an eye out for red flags are the top two things to do when heading into avalanche country. That was the takeaway from a class on avalanche safety held on Saturday with a packed room at the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. Kodiak Island Search and Rescue helped bring down Nick D’Alessio, an Alaska Avalanche School instructor, to teach the class. At the beginnin...
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Law-enforcement officials, health organizations talk about dangers of meth and heroin
Representatives from the Kodiak Police Department and local health organizations told a crowd about identifying drug paraphernalia and signs of drug use. A local detective with the Kodiak Police Department, who requested anonymity, said meth and heroin are, by far, the two most common drugs in Kodiak. He also said Kodiak has become a hub for drug distribution in the area. It’s not as easy to identify users as some...
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Where's the snow?
While snow has pelted much of the rest of the United States, Kodiak and the rest of Alaska has seen warmer temperatures and little snow. Alaska’s relatively warm temperatures compared to other areas cold and snow is pretty normal, according to Craig Eckert, the local National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration station manager. It’s a weather pattern that comes with a warm high-pressure ridge that’s currently a...
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Affidavit: Stabbing suspect said he ‘could kill’ victim
Before a fatal stabbing Sunday, a Kodiak man charged with manslaughter said he “could kill” the victim, according to a police affidavit. Teila Tofelogo, 44, faces manslaughter and assault charges in the case that left Dennis Fathke, 59, dead. The affidavit by Sgt. Tim Putney of the Kodiak Police Department states Tofelogo said he and Fathke joked about Tofelogo’s “ninja moves” with a 12-inch curved knife. “The def...
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Comedy this weekend
It will be “a good night for laughs” in Kodiak on Saturday. That’s how Mike Amberg is advertising his comedy show this weekend. Mike Amberg told the Mirror he moved to Kodiak last year, and this will be his first show in Kodiak, but if all goes well, he’ll hopefully do more. He’s worked as a clown at children’s hospitals, and he worked in a circus as a clown for two seasons. Amber describes the show as “an evening...
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Truck catches fire downtown
If you think the truck that caught fire Wednesday on Shelikof Street is part of a drill for firefighters, think again. The owner, who did not want to be identified, said he started his 1985 Ford F250 and left it to warm up as he made a phone call while in the Pacific Seafoods employee parking lot. He turned around three minutes later to see smoke coming out of the engine and flames slithering from under the hood. ...
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Pier 1 construction rescheduled
Construction on Kodiak’s Pier 1 has been temporarily suspended to allow the state to get a marine mammal permit from the National Marine Fisheries Service, according to a statement from the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. Construction should resume next fall and be completed by summer 2016. “The work stoppage was necessary to ensure that state ferry service to Kodiak will not be disrupted by an...
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