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Congress advances on Frankenfish labeling issue
A new charge by Alaska’s Congressional delegation is the best hope yet for fishermen looking for restrictions on genetically modified salmon. On Monday, Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Mark Begich announced their intention to amend the Senate’s continuing resolution budget bill to include a measure requiring “clear and unquestionable” labeling of genetically engineered salmon sold to the public. The continuing resolu...
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Gov. nominated Kodiakan to fish council
Gov. Sean Parnell has nominated Kodiak resident and council member Duncan Fields to fill another three-year term on the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council. The nomination will go forward to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce for final approval, which is expected to occur this summer. To hold a seat on the council, interested parties were required to submit their names and letters of support from people in the ...
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Kodiak High School renovation project passes school board
The Kodiak High School renovation and expansion project passed a major hurdle Monday night as the Kodiak school board approved a $62.3 million construction bid from Watterson Construction. Watterson was the lowest bidder when construction bids were opened March 6, but even Watterson's bid came in above expectations. After the bid opening, the Kodiak Island Borough's engineering and facilities department analyzed t...
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After grounding, workers say they’re stranded
Jesus Escalera, Mario Escalera and Zach Todd are homeless, broke and have been wearing the same clothes for three days. The three men flew up from Washington last week to work as processors on the Pacific Producer, which ran aground on Friday and left them adrift with no money and no place to go. A good Samaritan boat, the fishing vessel Christy, took 10 Pacific Producer crewmen back to Kodiak after the ship ran a...
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Police make meth bust
A Kodiak man is facing serious drug charges after police discovered more than three ounces of methamphetamine, an ounce of heroin, marijuana and prescription drugs in his possession on Saturday. Steve Nault, 58, faces charges of second-degree drugs misconduct (a class A felony), third-degree drugs misconduct (a class B felony), fourth-degree drugs misconduct (a class C felony), and misconduct involving weapons (a ...
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Rural villages face sludge issues
The city of Kodiak is creeping toward a solution to its sewage sludge dilemma, but two rural Kodiak communities appear to have found a quicker way to solve the same problem. This summer, Ouzinkie and Port Lions will dig new sewage lagoons to contain the waste pumped from their septic tanks and sewage pipes. The new lagoons highlight the different problems facing rural and urban Kodiak, even when they tackle simila...
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Hard-luck processing ship runs aground
The 169-foot fishing vessel Pacific Producer ran aground early Friday morning near Ouzinkie, capping a long run of bad luck for a boat notorious on the Kodiak waterfront. According to the Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment in Kodiak, the cause of the processing ship’s grounding was not immediately known. “It’s still under investigation,” said Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class Guy Hughey on Friday. “It is not i...
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Kodiak officials return from Juneau reception
City and borough officials are back in Kodiak this week after a trip to Juneau to lobby the Alaska Legislature and host Kodiak’s annual reception for state lawmakers. On Wednesday night, more than 100 people attended the reception where Kodiak’s elected officials met state legislators and lobbyists while enjoying fresh Kodiak seafood. In addition to public funding, the reception was put on with donations from Kodi...
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State considers changing scallop fleet rules
A bill extending the limited entry program for scallops is making its way through the Alaska State Senate, but not without scrutiny. On March 11, an amendment to Senate Bill 54 passed in the Resources Committee to shorten the length of the program as a result of concerns raised in hearings from legislators and in public comment about consolidation in the fishery over the last decade under parallel state and federa...
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Kodiak fisherman survives dip in Pacific Ocean
A Kodiak fisherman is lucky to be alive after slipping overboard from a boat in the Shelikof Strait on Friday. According to Coast Guard reports, the 35-year-old man was rescued by his crewmates aboard the 58-foot fishing vessel Stella after about 25 minutes in the water. Water temperatures were 37 degrees at the time of the accident, according to NOAA weather data. According to the Coast Guard, the man fell overbo...
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