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Bright spots despite bleak salmon global sales
As Alaska’s salmon season heads into high gear, a few bright spots are surfacing in an otherwise bleak global sales market. Sales and prices for all salmon, especially sockeye, have been in a slump all year. And amid an overall glut of wild and farmed fish, Alaska is poised for another huge salmon haul, with the largest run of sockeye salmon in 20 years predicted along with a mega-pack of pinks. Meanwhile, the tou...
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The truth about lice
Last week, I noticed a Facebook post by someone who’d planted a pepper plant in her greenhouse, and now she was dealing with an aphid infestation. “What should I do?” she said. Aphids suck. Literally. They suck the life out of plants while creating an icky, sticky mess in the process. Aphids, sometimes called plant lice, are one of the most common insects that can attack indoor, garden, greenhouse and landscape pl...
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Nine fin whales found dead near Kodiak Island, biologists say
At least nine fin whales have been found floating dead in a small area around Kodiak Island since the last week of May in what mammal specialists described as an “unusual and mysterious event.” Boaters, fishermen and pilots have reported seeing floating dead whales from Kodiak to Unimak Pass and biologists have photographed and confirmed the deaths of at least nine. But the exact numbers are still unknown. “They d...
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Weight limits on ferry dock restricted
Weight restrictions on the Pier 1 ferry dock have been lowered, cut in half for tandem axles, but shouldn’t affect most passengers, according to the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. Jeremy Woodrow, a spokesman for ADOT&PF, said the dock was inspected in the last few months. “Our historic data showed that the load restrictions on the terminal needed to be look at and there needed to be an update ...
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Volunteers work to move donated World War II searchlight from Oregon to Kodiak
A bunker in Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park used to contain a searchlight used during World War II, and two volunteers are trying to bring one to Kodiak to place in the park. Retired school teacher Nancy and retired machinist and tool-and-die maker Chuck Meitle live in Oregon but are volunteering at Fort Abercrombie for their fourth summer. While in Oregon, they spotted a bunch of searchlights in a field an...
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Rohrer hired as new director of student activities
One of Debbie Rohrer’s goals when she graduated from Kodiak High School was to someday work in the school’s athletic department. She can now check off one of her goals. Rohrer is the Kodiak Island Borough School District’s new director of student activities, a job that encompasses athletics and activities at the high school. “My plan was to always come back to Kodiak and I wanted to coach at the high school and be...
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TAPESTRY: Children honor fathers for priceless legacy
Their names are inscribed on gravestones, but the legacies of these men are remembered by their children, who honor them on this Father’s Day. Fisherman/rancher DeWitt Fields is buried in an open meadow on his beloved Bear Island overlooking the Shelikof Strait. This location is “untrammeled by the insignificant minutiae of life,” said his son, Dr. Weston Fields. The place is “as tranquil as was Dad’s soul.” DeWit...
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My personal experience about life after death
I got an ominous email today from an address that was a string of numbers, and that said only and ominously, "The death speaker is at 4 p.m. Friday." Not that I'm afraid of dying, despite our culture's denial, and flight, and extreme efforts to distance itself from old people, talking about terminal illness, or death. I once gave a presentation at a statewide church event in North Carolina about Alcoholism, and wa...
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Public Safety Blotter: June 19
June 8 Around 2:22 a.m., police conducted two bar checks downtown. At 2:42 a.m., police advised a driver on Ismailov Street about having no license plate light. At 9:58 a.m., police responded to larceny from a building on Ole Johnson Avenue. It was a civil issue, and police advised them of their options. At 10 a.m., police responded to malicious mischief on Rezanof Drive East. It was civil issue, and police advise...
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In the Courts: June 19
Caleb A. Bennett pleaded guilty to criminal trespass in the second degree. Bennett was sentenced to 10 days in jail. Romel Gueco Bermudo pleaded guilty to harassment in the second degree — likely to provoke violence. Bermudo was sentenced to 90 days in jail (90 suspended) and fined $1,500 ($1,250 suspended) and ordered to complete 30 hours of community work service and placed on probation for two years. Wayne Buck...
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