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Kenneth M. Damm
In honor of his one year anniversary: Kenneth M. Damm was born October 30, 1938 to Marshal and Rozelma Damm and was the oldest of five children. Marshal was a Naval Warrant Petty Officer for the U.S. Navy and traveled throughout the South Pacific - Hawaii, Guam and ending in San Diego after WW II, Ken was living near Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1942. Ken was an accomplished athlete in wrestling and football, playi...
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Business focuses on helping the disabled
A business in Kodiak is working to help people with disabilities get out of poverty. Don Roberts, owner of AK Endeavors, said he started the business two years ago in Kodiak, but it’s been a slow process getting established. AK Endeavors’ mission is to assist “exceptional people” in finding jobs and learning about financial literacy. Roberts doesn’t believe in using the term “disability” because he believes people...
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Alaska Science Forum: The year without a summer
An April snowstorm whirling outside my window today seems to be announcing the postponement of spring. As I sit here watching the show, it makes me think back to the shortest summer ever. In 1992, it snowed more than 9 inches on May 12th. A string of 70-degree days that followed ate that up in a hurry, but the snow returned in early fall. By September 13th, more than one foot of snow cushioned the ground, and leaf...
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Achievers: April 17
The Army National Guard in Kodiak has a record number of women in the Guard and would like to recognize them. •PV2 Maria Santiago has been in the Army National Guard for a year and a half. She joined the Guard because she wanted to serve the country. She wanted to experience adventures in her life. She also joined because of the free education opportunity and other good benefits the guard had to offer. •PV2 Prince...
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Kodiak resident OK after explosions rock Boston Marathon
Kodiak’s Howard Valley will never forget his first race outside of Alaska. Less than an hour after finishing the Boston Marathon, twin bombs rocked the finish line at the world’s oldest marathon, killing three and injuring over 140 Monday. Valley was within earshot of the explosions that occurred at 2:50 p.m. (10:50 Alaska Standard Time). “I was a couple of blocks away and heard a big bang and explosions — it was ...
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Local fire departments respond to grass fires
Area fire departments had a busy weekend putting out grass fires on both sides of Kodiak. The Bayside Fire Station responded to three outside fires over the weekend. One was an unattended controlled burn and the other two were unattended campfires that people left burning. “People need to make sure their fires are out, and they need to be attended at all times,” Bayside fire chief Bob Himes said. “Part of the prob...
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Kodiak man pleads guilty to illegal use of pesticide
A Kodiak man pleaded guilty to running a pesticide business without the proper certifications. According to a press release from the Alaska Attorney General, Anthony M. Sanchez, 53, pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of commercial application of a pesticide without being a certified pesticide applicator, in Anchorage on Friday. Sanchez was fined $4,000 ($3,500 suspended), and will serve two years of informal ...
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Shirley Janette Beehler
Shirley Janette Beehler, age 77, of Flemington, Mo. passed away on Tuesday night, April 9, 2013, at her home in Flemington. She was born on March 9, 1936, in Parnell, Mo. the daughter of Vea and Izola Arnold. Shirley was united in marriage to Asa Paul Beehler on June 18, 1955, in Fox River Heights, Ill. Shirley worked as a teacher’s aide in St. Charles, Ill. and Kodiak Island, Alaska before becoming a homemaker in...
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Good Samaritan cleans up problem dumping area
Last week a Good Samaritan cleaned up an area that has been a problem dumping ground for trash for the Kodiak Island Borough. Jack Maker, borough code enforcement officer, received a few calls last week about a big pile of appliances that were dumped out at the Monashka Bay Road turnoff just past Pillar Creek Road. When he left to investigate the situation on Thursday afternoon, he was expecting the worst, but whe...
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Get Mayor Selby out of office
To the Editor: Our brainless borough mayor has cost us taxpayers big bucks for his stupidity again. Three weeks ago I wrote the editor and told you people what he was doing with suing an assemblyman and now you can read it in the Kodiak papers of April 2 and 9. Mr. Selby does not do his homework before he opens his big mouth. I know what rules Mr. Stephens has to follow as an attorney, as I did my own attorney wor...
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