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Wait and see on decorum rules
Letter to the Editor. Mr. Stewart makes good points. The expectations of decorum highlighted in the ordinance (re: avoiding ad hominems, questioning motives, etc.) are already a part of Robert’s Rules, which the Assembly adopted, so those prohibitions are superfluous, as I, too, suggested. Which is, admittedly, part of my confusion, too: opponents to the ordinance disagree with this language, but it has already be...
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Local sells 1948 Indian Chief motorcycle
A local Kodiakan recently sold his classic 1948 Indian Chief motorcycle in its original condition.  Byron Pierce, 64, bought the Chief about eight years ago, he said. He brought it to Kodiak after buying it from a guy in Homer who bought it from a guy in California, who was the original owner.  Pierce has only ridden it in and around Kodiak, reserving riding for beautiful days.  “I only rode it when it was 70,” Pi...
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Man stabbed during assault
A man was stabbed in the leg after assaulting another man at St. Herman Harbor early this morning, according to a Kodiak Police Department report. The police received a 911 call at 2:19 a.m., and the caller, Johnan Dechance, 22, said Dillon Hildebrand, 29, had stabbed him. Police responded and found Hildebrand near the public restrooms at the harbor. Hildebrand said the stabbing was in self-defense because Dechanc...
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KEA clears trees to make way for new power line
Kodiak Electric Association has cleared a path for a new power line along Monashka Bay Road, looking ahead to expected greater demand at Pier 3 next year. “It just connects our existing power lines,” KEA president and CEO Darron Scott said. The new line will take some of the load off a line at a Pillar Mountain substation so that more power can go to the Shelikof Street area, Scott said. “It’s planning primarily f...
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Residents attempting to repeal decorum ordinance
Several Kodiakans again spoke against the decorum in debate ordinance that the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly passed at its July 3 meeting. Four people spoke up at the meeting, using the three minutes allotted during public comment time. Three of them had also spoken on the topic at a July 10 work session. “I can understand why this body would pass such an ordinance,” said Aaron Williams. “I don’t believe someone ...
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Post 17 splits doubleheader with Fairbanks
Kodiak Post 17 split an American Legion varsity baseball league doubleheader with Fairbanks 11 Wednesday in Anchorage. Offense was showcased in both games. Kodiak took the opener, 22-11, while Fairbanks stole the second game, 16-6. The split left Kodiak with an 8-6 league record and in fourth-place in the eight-team National Division with 38 points, a point ahead of Kenai. Post 17 trails Chugiak (53 points), Eagle...
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Giantism evolves in Ocean Depth and Cold
I have never heard of Werner Herzog before. However, when I was looking for a fitting quote to start this article with, it was his quote I found best suited: “What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.” I do not usually refer to any ocean creature as a monster, because I think that every life form has evolved to succesfully suit its habitat. I am always fas...
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St. James priest is ‘citizen of the world’
Liz Simmons, St. James the Fisherman Episcopal Church pastor, considers herself a citizen of the world, and since moving to Kodiak, her world has gotten bigger. “My soul feels more alive here than any other place I’ve lived,” she said. “I’m loving the diversity of Kodiak.” She also loves Kodiak’s natural beauty – the wooded trails and the water, which she enjoys even more when she travels in her new kayak. Within ...
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Qualified to lead Alaskans
o the Editor, Recently, an Anchorage columnist dubbed me a “great Alaskan” and said I should be “revered.” He’s wrong about one thing: I should not be revered; I should be elected. I would not be running for governor if I did not believe I am the most qualified person to lead Alaskans as we face tough challenges; challenges exacerbated by our current governor. Most pressing is deficit spending that will deplete ou...
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Confusing analysis
July 16, 2014 In a recent Letter-to-the-Editor, Professor J. Griffin [KoC professor of English] chooses to comment upon the recent Borough Assembly ordinance that restricts public speech at Borough meetings. I find his analysis confusing. First, he apparently accepts the Assembly’s description of the ordinance as the “Decorum in Debate” policy. Really? For as far as I can tell, the title is a deliberate misnomer. ...
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