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Immigrants are job creators, not job takers
To the Editor: Since 1875, the law that prohibited foreign prostitutes and convicts from entering the United States has been broadened to include the illiterate. In more recent years, the laws have been reformed again and again to keep out immigrants and restrict them from working. Americans today tend to believe that immigrants ruin to our society by draining our public school systems, our health care, and our ec...
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Births: May 7
• Lorelai Mae Williams Botz was born at 5:05 a.m. April 30, 2013, to Krysta Williams and Jeremy Botz. She weighed 7 pounds, 6.3 ounces and measured 20.5 inches long. Her parents are originally from Oley, Pa. and Kodiak, and now live in Cordova. Her mother works at the Cordova School District and her father works at the Cordova office of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Also welcoming her to the family is Ad...
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Surprise snow postpones community cleanup
Kodiak’s annual community cleanup day has been postponed one week after island residents woke up to a snowy surprise Saturday morning. Eight tenths of an inch of snow were recorded at Kodiak State Airport between midnight Saturday morning and 8 a.m., one hour before cleanup day was scheduled to kick off at Kodiak High School. Saturday’s snow was unexpected but not abnormal for Kodiak, which sees two tenths of an i...
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Fish Factor: Time for salmon season
It might still feel like winter but Alaska’s 2013 salmon season will officially get underway on May 16, when the first runs of reds and kings are scheduled to arrive at Copper River. The season’s first fish will attract the usual media hoopla — helicopters whisking salmon from the fishing grounds to planes ready to fly them to eager restaurateurs and retailers in Seattle and other regions. New among the salmon gro...
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Garden Gate: More thought on herbs
There are 55 — count them — 55 hoophouses on Kodiak Island. For the first time in the island’s history, residents have a sure-fire way to grow local vegetables that is not directly affected by the whims of the weather. Still, with all the emphasis on garden vegetables (to eat) and flowers (to beautify), herbs often are overlooked and treated as an afterthought. (Unless you're a cook, when they become front-burner ...
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Two accused of scrap metal theft
Two men who allegedly stole more than $5,000 of brass and copper items from Nick’s Auto Wrecking Salvage and Metal Recycling have been arrested by Alaska State Troopers. Timothy Kimmel, 49, and Walter Erickson, 27, were arraigned in Kodiak superior court on April 29 for three counts of second-degree theft apiece. Second-degree theft charges are class C felonies and punishable by up to five years in jail and a $50,...
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Don't forget your life jacket when on the water
To the editor: Lots of Kodiakans are taking advantage of the improving weather by enjoying a stroll or lunch hour along the waterfront. It’s always a great show, with working mariners, wildlife and boat traffic. The wrong note comes from people riding in open skiffs without life jackets, sometimes even sitting on the gunwales. According to Coast Guard statistics, about 80 percent of drowning victims in the United ...
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Prep track: Bears sweep Kodiak Invite
Kodiak’s boys turned in a pair of state-leading marks to win their final tune-up track and field meet before the postseason. Michael Manifo and Levi Thomet each collected three victories to power the Bears to a 37-point victory over West Anchorage at the Kodiak Invitational Saturday at Joe Floyd Track and Field. Marley Wilkins led the Kodiak girls to an easy 82-point triumph over West, while Port Lions, with its t...
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Baranov Museum names new executive director
Tiffany Brunson has been appointed the Baranov Museum’s new executive director. Kodiak Historical Society Board president Nancy Kemp said a committee reviewed six applications they received for the position, two of which were from out of state. “We were looking for administrative abilities and a background in history,” Kemp said. Out of the applicants, Brunson stood out because she was able to step into the interi...
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Tapestry: Bell choir concert rings out for Orthodox Easter
Historically, bells have announced news that soars the height and plumbs the depth of human experience: the birth of a child, the death of elders, the crowning of a sovereign, marriage, war and invasion. In Kodiak, the bells of Holy Resurrection Church clanged through the dark, ash-laden atmosphere calling people to a place of safety following the June 1912 Katmai eruption. Early Sunday, bells will ring in celebra...
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