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Everyone needs to take responsibility for recycling in Kodiak
To the Editor: When I grew up in the 1950s in Kodiak, there were a lot fewer people and I’m pretty sure a lot less garbage per capita. Back in those days, most consumer goods did not come with as much packaging as they do now. Nowadays landfills are designed by engineers to meet requirements intended to protect the environment. Garbage pits are lined to keep pollutants out of the ground water and the runoff (of wh...
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Wilfred (Kumlook) Alexanderoff
Wilfred (Kumlook) Alexanderoff died Friday July 10, 2013. He was born in Old Harbor on June 19, 1923 to Peter and Annie Alexanderoff. He was an avid outdoorsmen, subsistence gatherer and family man. Wilfred enjoyed hunting, fishing, trapping and berrypicking near Old Harbor. As a young man, he hunted Kodiak bear. During the spring, he built commercial seine nets for Columbia Wards Fisheries. In the summer he comme...
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Alaska Airlines hikes fees for Lower 48
Alaska Airlines is flying high, but its customers have become accustomed to fees at something approaching ground level. That will change Oct. 30 as Alaska raises its fees to levels charged by Delta, United Airlines, American Airlines and US Airways. On that date, Alaska will charge passengers $25 for their first and second bags on flights outside Alaska. The fee to change tickets will rise to $125, from $75 for on...
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Parks and Rec adds two leagues
The City of Kodiak Parks and Recreation department is introducing two new leagues this summer — adult softball and 3-on-3 basketball. Softball used to have a big presence on the island but was always organized by the Kodiak Softball Association. That softball league folded several years ago, leaving just Sunday pickup games. New athletic fields/ice rink coordinator Landon Durand is responsible for adding softball ...
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Majors drop another game
Kodiak’s Majors Little League baseball all-star team fell to Peninsula 18-1 Monday in a District I pool play game in Anchorage. Kodiak’s 11-and 12-year-olds stand at 0-2 and have been outscored 44-2 to begin the tournament. Nevin Lee provided all of Kodiak’s offense on Monday. He doubled to left-center in the first inning, then stole third and home to give Kodiak a 1-0 lead. Kodiak’s first lead of the tournament w...
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Alaska Science Forum: Even with lag, Alaska passing peak warm
You may not have noticed it as you were scooping fish out of the Copper River or riding your bike through the tawny light of 10 p.m., but Alaska just made a left turn toward winter. Much of the state will soon reach the average yearly date when the air won’t get any warmer. In Fairbanks, on July 19 the average daily temperature based on about a century of records drops from 63 to 62. Anchorage, because the ocean i...
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Grand Slam Toys and Books has a new owner and location
Kodiak’s local toy store will soon carry books, toddler clothing and cotton candy. New owner Denise Simeonoff plans to expand Grand Slam Toys and Books’ selection of products in its new location on Selig Street, below Total Interiors. Simeonoff said she decided to buy the business in February when she heard previous owners Ron and Gladys Kutchick were selling it. Simeonoff grew up going to the toy store, which the...
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Playbook: July 10
Wednesday, July 10 Baseball: Kodiak Juniors Little League all-stars vs. Dimond-West, 4 p.m. at DW Brotherhood in Anchorage. Thursday, July 11 Baseball: Kodiak Juniors Little League all-stars vs. Soldotna, 4 p.m. at DW Brotherhood in Anchorage. Kodiak Majors Little League all-stars vs. Abbott-O-Rabbit, 4:45 p.m. at AOR Pettit in Anchorage.
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Study: Kodiak cost of living on the rise, data indicates housing prices to blame
The state’s annual survey of Alaska’s cost of living has discovered what’s obvious to anyone who lives in Kodiak: It’s getting more expensive to live here. According to data collected by the Council for Community and Economic Research and published in this month’s issue of Alaska Trends Magazine, Kodiak is only slightly less expensive than Fairbanks. On a point-based scale using 100 as the national average, Kodiak...
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Petro Marine plans new addition to Kodiak waterfront
In September, Petro Marine Services plans to unveil a brand new fuel dock at its Near Island Channel building. First, however, it needs to be put together. On Monday, Petro Marine manager Jaime Flores showed off the new dock, which is resting in St. Herman Harbor and awaiting the crew that will install its plumbing and other features. “Now you’re going from the sixties to the 21st century,” he said. The new dock i...
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