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Big Buskin returns raise question — how many fish is too many?
Sunshine has given way for cloudy skies over Kodiak, but peer into the waters of the Buskin River, and you’ll see the sparkle of reflected sunlight. The reds are still running. According to figures released by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game on Thursday, 10,278 sockeye salmon have been counted by the Buskin River weir so far this year. Before the start of the salmon season, ADF&G set its escapement goal: 5,...
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New survey gauges archipelago’s health needs
An online survey conducted by Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center is asking islanders to talk about Kodiak’s health needs. The survey, done every five years, is a community-wide effort between Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center and other organizations. Questions focus on respondents’ health and whether or not they are able to receive needed services in Kodiak. “Obviously health care is important to everyo...
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Borough names community development director
The new Kodiak Island Borough community development director has been announced and is expected to begin work on July 1. Earlier this week, borough manager Bud Cassidy announced that Robert “Bob” Peterson had signed and returned an offer letter to the borough for the community development director position. The borough assembly had approved the hiring of during a June 6 regular meeting, and was waiting on his sign...
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Fixing small slide leads to big expense
It’s a small problem with a big price tag. Last week, the Kodiak City Council approved a plan to permanently fix a small landslide on Shelikof Street caused by new sidewalk construction. The cost: $600,000. “This was not a catastrophic slide, but it was big enough to get our attention,” city engineer Glenn Melvin told the city council. Before the sidewalk project began, the slide area was held in place by a hard r...
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For a cheap movie, Kodiak is among nation’s best.
As summer movie season arrives, it’s time for the perennial complaints that it costs too much to see a movie. A new survey, however, shows Kodiak has nothing to complain about. Kodiak had the sixth-cheapest movie theater prices among more than 300 cities surveyed by the Council for Community and Economic Research. The results, which covered the first three quarters of 2012, were published Monday on the on the cons...
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Ouzinkie man dies from injuries in ATV accident
A Ouzinkie man has died from injuries suffered in an ATV crash last month. Alaska State Troopers reported that James Broaten, 50, died around 6:50 p.m. Friday. Providence Hospital in Anchorage had been treating him for his injuries. “Injuries were numerous and severe — all of which are (consistent) with an ATV wreck and not wearing a helmet,” Alaska State Troopers spokesperson Megan Peters wrote in an email. On Ma...
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Munro sends off skipper into retirement
Capt. Mark Cawthorn, commanding officer of the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Munro, retired Tuesday after 27 years of service with the Coast Guard. He was relieved of his duties as commanding officer by Capt. Jeff Thomas during a change of command ceremony at the Golden Anchor. Thomas arrived from Coast Guard Headquarters where he served as assistant director for the Office of Emerging Policy. Cawthorn commanded the 378...
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June highs break records for heat
Texans would laugh. Californians would ignore it. In Phoenix, they’d probably throw on a sweater. But who cares what everyone else thinks? By Kodiak standards, this June has been a scorcher. On Tuesday afternoon, the thermometer hit 73 degrees at Kodiak State Airport, breaking the old record high of 72 degrees, set in 1989. The high even approached the higher, unofficial record high set in 1926 at 78 degrees. Tues...
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Getting to know: Capt. Thomas
Capt. Jeff Thomas has spent 35 years traveling the world with the Coast Guard, and now he will do so as commanding officer of the Coast Guard cutter Munro. This is Thomas’ second tour in Alaska and first in Kodiak. During his last Alaska tour, from 1992 to 1994, he served as a deck watch officer on the Coast Guard cutter Sedge, homeported in Homer. “I’m humbled and honored to have the pleasure of serving as comman...
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School year to end earlier for teachers in 2014
The Kodiak Island Borough school district voted unanimously Monday night to approve a school calendar that ends classes before Memorial Day weekend. The number of school days will remain the same in the 2013-2014 school year, but school will be in session the Friday before Spring Break. Students will end classes May 22, and teachers’ final day will be May 23. The change was supported by a survey of teachers, who p...
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